One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce – Post-Purchase Upsell & Cross-Sell Offers, Boost Sales & Increase Profits



One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce plugin allows the merchants to create post-purchase upsell and cross-sell offers. Customers can add these upsell products in just one click to their cart with no hassle of re-entering the payment details. It is a complete solution for building one-click upsell funnels for WooCommerce as it facilitates creating, testing, and maintaining post-purchase funnels.

Our plugin is compatible with Divi Theme and Elementor Page Builder, allowing you to create seamless upsell funnels with advanced designs.

Essentially, you can offer fantastic deals to customers, increasing their satisfaction with their purchase, and ultimately elevating SALES.

Create an endless number of upsell offers using the WooCommerce upsell plugin, and examine a track report for each sales funnel. Additionally, you may use pre-made templates to easily set up and provide upsell for WooCommerce on your online store. Encourage customers to purchase more!

WooCommerce Upsell Demo | Documentation | Contact Us

With One-Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Plugin, You Can:

  • Create unlimited funnels with an unlimited number of WooCommerce upselling and cross-selling offers.
  • Ontvang een uitgebreid tracking rapport voor elke uitverkoop funnel.
  • Houd je upsell funnel gegevens bij op Google Analytics en Facebook Pixel.
  • Creëer een globale funnel die wordt geactiveerd, ongeacht het product of de categorie.
  • Offer an upgrade of the existing product in the cart
  • Show exclusive product upsell offers based on the order email.
  • Display intelligently upsell offers if a customer skips the first funnel for a specific product in the purchase.
  • View and edit your WooCommerce upsell funnels in sandbox mode.
  • Offer upsell products in different ways with 3 pre-defined and fully customizable offer templates.
  • Link your custom WooCommerce upsell offer page in the funnel builder.
  • Gebruik vooraf gedefinieerde shortcodes om aanbiedingspagina-elementen te maken.
  • Maak volledig aanpasbare upsell aanbiedingspagina’s zonder enige codeervaardigheden.
  • Bouw responsive en productspecifieke pagina’s met aanbiedingen.


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1) Onbeperkte funnels met een onbeperkt aantal aanbiedingen: Met de WooCommerce Upsell Plugin kun je onbeperkte verkoopfunnels maken met elk aantal upsell- en cross-sell aanbiedingen. Toon je klanten meerdere aanbiedingen na aankoop in één verkoopfunnel, wat zorgt voor meer impulsieve aankopen, een hogere gemiddelde bestelwaarde en meer omzet voor je winkel.

2) Add the Shipping Price on COD One Click Upsells: You can set the shipping price for the cash-on-delivery payment method for upsell offers. This allows you to cover operational costs for delivering the COD upsell products and maintain your profits.

3) Generate Reports for Upsell Funnel Tracking: The WooCommerce post-purchase upsell plugin renders funnel reports that include trigger frequency, accepted & rejected offers, conversion rates, overall sales, etc. This information emphasizes the preferences of customers for particular funnels. Moreover, using both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, you can also track WooCommerce upsell

4) Global Funnels: Independent WooCommerce Upsells: Create global one click funnels that trigger independently without needing target products. You can use the universal WooCommerce one-click upsell to show offers to your customers every time they purchase in your online store.

5) Smart Offer Upgrade: The Smart Offer Upgrade feature replaces the existing product (customer is buying) with the offer product as soon as they accept the WooCommerce upsell offer. This intelligent feature removes manual work and makes switching to upsell products seamless.

6) Exclusive Offer Feature: The upsell sales funnel builder creates exclusive offers for the customers, which will be shown to customers only once based on the order email. Such one click upsell offers garner higher conversion rates.

7) Test Product Upsell aanbiedingen in sandbox modus: In de sandbox modus wordt de Upsell funnel bouwer alleen geactiveerd voor de beheerder en niet voor live klanten. Dit stelt winkeliers in staat om vrijelijk hun upsell funnel aanbiedingen te bekijken, testen en aanpassen voordat ze live gaan.

8) Page Builder Support to Build Responsive Offer Pages: Build the one-click upsell funnel for WooCommerce with Elementor Page Builder and other top builders available on WordPress. Our plugin allows you to easily create and customize your offer pages without coding knowledge.

9) Shortcodes om nuttige offertepagina elementen te maken: deze WordPress upsell plugin biedt verschillende shortcodes om verschillende aanbiedingspagina elementen te maken. De plugin biedt shortcodes voor Nu kopen, Geen dank, Producttitel, Beschrijving, Korte beschrijving, Afbeelding, Prijs, Variaties, Aanbieding hoeveelheid en Urgentie timer.

10) Ability to Simplify The Buying Process: Streamline your purchase process with additional products that customers can buy with one click checkout, without re-entering their payment details. These 1 click upsell deals minimize churn, improve the shopping experience, and speed up the checkout process.

Visit One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce Documentation and learn more about the features and workings of the plugin.



1) Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce: WooCommerce Upsell is compatible with Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Free and Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro This compatibility allows you to display one-click upsell and cross-sell offers on the checkout page and boost your average order value (AOV) & garner higher sales.

2) Subscriptions For WooCommerce: The WooCommerce Upsell Plugin is compatible with Subscriptions For WooCommerce, which allows the creation of post-purchase offers for WooCommerce subscription products. Thereby, increasing the range of product offerings for your customers and diversifying your post-checkout deals.

3) WooCommerce Currency Switcher: The product upsell plugin is compatible with Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce which enables you to customize the price of your upsell products and their shipping in your preferred currency. With the free version, you can only choose between Dollar and Euro. However, the pro version will allow you to choose any currency in the world.

4) Payment Gateways Compatibilities: The free version of our WooCommerce upsell plugin supports only Cash On Delivery (COD), Bank Transfers, and Cheque Payments. But, we have made our Pro version of the One Click Upsell plugin compatible with a wide range of payment gateways mentioned below –

Also, we can do customization for our users to add other payment gateways.


  • Fully Customizable and highly Converting Sales Funnel Templates
  • Variabele producten
  • Abonnementsproducten
  • Bundled Products
  • Op categorie gebaseerde aanbiedingen
  • Meerdere betalingsgateways
  • Premium ondersteuning
  • Additional Offers

Note: Get One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce Pro

See what Tramabianca is saying about the WooCommerce Upsell Plugin:

We saw an instantaneous increase in their order value after they utilized the One Click Upsell plugin by WP Swings. See WooCommerce Upsell Case Study


Checkout One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce Pro Documentation


If you need support or have questions, kindly use our online chat window here or connect with us then Generate a ticket

If our documentation doesn’t contain the solution to your problem, you can visit the WP Swings Forums Community

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  • Nieuwe funnel maken: maak een nieuwe upsell funnel door op de knop Nieuwe funnel maken te klikken
  • Aanbieding in de funnel toevoegen: voeg een aanbiedingsproduct toe aan je upsell funnel
  • Maak funnel live: sla je funnel op en klik op de schakelknop om deze te publiceren
  • Template-1: Upsell aanbieding pagina template #1
  • Template-2: Upsell aanbieding pagina template #2
  • Template-3: Upsell aanbieding pagina template #3
  • Funnel lijst: bekijk al je funnels op het tab Funnel lijst
  • Shortcodes: de tab Shortcodes biedt je verschillende shortcodes om verschillende elementen toe te voegen
  • Algemene instellingen: algemene instellingen die van kracht worden op alle funnels
  • Upsell-rapport: controleer de prestaties van elke upsell-funnel
  • Upsell-rapport op datum: controleer de upsell-prestaties voor een bepaalde periode
  • Google Analytics tracking: volg upsell-verkopen via Google Analytics
  • FB Pixel tracking: volg upsell-verkopen via Facebook Pixel


Automatische installatie

Automatische installatie is de gemakkelijkste optie omdat WordPress de bestandsoverdrachten zelf afhandelt en je je webbrowser niet hoeft te verlaten. Om een automatische installatie van one click upsell voor WooCommerce uit te voeren, log je in op je WordPress dashboard, navigeer je naar het menu plugins en klik je op nieuwe toevoegen.

Typ in het zoekveld One Click Upsell for WooCommerce en klik op zoek plugins. Zodra je onze One Click Upsell voor WooCommerce plugin hebt gevonden, kun je details bekijken, zoals de punt release, waardering en beschrijving. Het belangrijkste is natuurlijk dat je het kunt installeren door simpelweg op Nu installeren te klikken.

Handmatige installatie

De handmatige installatiemethode omvat het downloaden van onze One Click Upsell for WooCommerce en het uploaden naar je webserver via je favoriete FTP applicatie. De WordPress codex bevat instructies over hoe je dit hier kunt doen.


Automatische updates zouden moeten werken als een charme; maar zoals altijd, zorg ervoor dat je een back-up maakt van je site voor het geval dat.


Ik heb een upsell plugin geïnstalleerd, funnels gemaakt en ook de aanbiedingen toegevoegd, maar toch verschijnt deze niet bij het kopen van de funnel doelen.

If the upsell offers are not showing, make sure the:
1) You’ve enabled the One-Click Upsell funnel plugin. Navigate to Global Settings and enable the plugin if it is disabled.
2) Your funnel is not in Sandbox Mode. If it is, edit the funnel and make it Live, and Save Changes.
3) You are testing for the correct target product or category you’ve set in the funnel builder.
4) The offer page is published.
5) You’re making the payment through one of our supported payment gateways. The offer will not be displayed if you make payments through a payment gateway not supported by our plugin.
6) Make sure you have selected any one of the following templates or made your own custom template and inserted a page link.

Welke typen producten ondersteunt upsell plugin?

Customers can buy one click WooCommerce products of the following types:

Free Version: Only Simple Products.
Premium version: Simple, Variable, Bundled, and Subscription products.

Wat zijn de betaalmethoden die de upsell plugin ondersteunt?

Free Version: Supports only Cash on Delivery.
Premium version: Supports Stripe, Paypal Payments,, Braintree, Square, Paystack, Vipps, Cardcom, and core payment options such as Cash On Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments.

What are the payment methods that the WordPress upsell plugin supports?

Free Version: Supports only Cash on Delivery.
Premium Version: Supports Stripe, Paypal Payments,, Braintree, Square, Paystack, Vipps, Cardcom, Mollie, and core payment options such as Cash On Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments.

Is mijn betaal gateway compatibel met de upsell plugin?

You can see the list of supported payment gateways on our product page. But if your required gateway is not there, You can contact our support team for this.

We zullen de mogelijkheden bekijken en je gateway op je aanvraag compatibel maken met onze plugin. Er is altijd een manier voor iedereen.

How to make a custom offer page for an upsell of my own?

If you want to make a custom offer page for upsell of your own without our pre-defined templates you can do it with the link we have given in the ‘Offer Template’ section. Click on ‘ Click here to Create Custom Template’ and make a new offer as per your website needs. After making that page insert a link in the below box and save.

Note: Make sure you are using page builders which are supported by the WordPress upsell plugin.

Hoe kan ik aangepaste pagina shortcodes gebruiken voor KOOP NU en GEEN BEDANKT?

Voor de shortcode “Nu kopen“:

Je moet dit Nu kopen → [wps_upsell_yes] kopiëren en op een geschikte plaats op je pagina plaatsen.

Beschrijving: deze shortcode retourneert alleen de link, dus deze moet worden gebruikt in de link sectie. Gebruik het in HTML als href=”[wps_upsell_yes]” van een anker tag.

Voor de shortcode “Nee, bedankt“:

Je moet deze Nee, bedankt → [wps_upsell_no] kopiëren en op een geschikte plaats op je pagina plaatsen.

Beschrijving: deze shortcode retourneert alleen de link, dus deze moet in de linksectie worden gebruikt. Gebruik het in HTML als href = ”[wps_upsell_no]” van een ankertag.

Kan ik een pagina met upsell-aanbiedingen ontwerpen als ik geen ontwerper heb?

Yes, you can. WordPress upsell plugin is compatible with some page builders and we have also provided shortcodes for designing your Offer page. You can design yourself and don’t need any designer for that. Simply drag and drop and your page is ready.

Kan ik een upsell-aanbieding laten zien volgens het gedrag van de koper?

Ja. Afhankelijk van het soort product dat een klant heeft gekocht, kun je hem een relevant upsell product aanbieden.

Kan ik mijn klanten na het afrekenen een upgrade aanbieden?

Ja. Stel gewoon het doel- en aanbiedingsproduct in en schakel de Slimme aanbieding upgrade functie in bij de instellingen van de funnel bouwer. Zodra de klant het aanbod accepteert, wordt het doelproduct vervangen door het aanbiedingsproduct.

Wat is het verschil tussen exclusieve aanbieding en Smart Skip als deze al is gekocht?

Exclusieve aanbieding is een funnel functie, deze functie zorgt ervoor dat de funnel aanbieding slechts één keer aan de klanten wordt getoond, of ze deze nu accepteren of afwijzen.

Slim overslaan indien al gekocht is een globale functie. Met deze functie wordt de aanbieding alleen aan de klanten getoond als ze het aanbiedingsproduct niet al normaal of via upsell hebben gekocht.

Ik wil dat mijn Upsell-aanbieding altijd wordt geactiveerd, ongeacht het beoogde product dat mensen kiezen.

Ja, onze upsell WooCommerce plugin heeft een functie om dit te doen. Je hoeft alleen de globale funnel functie in te schakelen en de funnel aanbiedingen worden altijd geactiveerd.

Kan ik de prestaties van mijn Upsell-funnels volgen?

Ja, we hebben Upsel verkopen per funnel statistieken die individuele funnel prestatiestatistieken laten zien, zoals het aantal triggers, het aantal successen, bekeken aanbiedingen, geaccepteerde aanbiedingen, afgewezen aanbiedingen, lopende aanbiedingen, conversieratio en totale verkoop. Met behulp van deze statistieken kun je gemakkelijk achterhalen hoe je Upsell funnels presteren en dienovereenkomstig wijzigingen aanbrengen.

Kan ik meerdere upsell aanbiedingen in één funnel aanbieden?

Yes. The WooCommerce Upsell Plugin lets you add multiple upsell products in a single funnel builder. So, you can offer more than one product after checkout by adding new offers to the funnel. Or you can use a feature named Additional Offers in the pro version.

Welke paginabouwers ondersteunt deze plugin?

Most of the major WordPress page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, Divibuilders, Thrive Architect, and other WordPress page builders are supported for creating attractive upsell offers.

My Question is Not Listed.

Please visit WooCommerce Upsell Knowledge Base


21 juli 2023 1 reactie
Leaving a 5 star rating, because despite all its flaws, this plugin has increased our conversion value and brought in more profit. Can't argue with that! It's also very simple to use, quick to understand, and I like the user interface. I've bought the pro plugin, and it works well enough. If you're going to buy, you should be aware of the following limitations (at the time of writing - July 2023): (And yes - some of these limitations could just be because of the way our site is configured. So your mileage may vary) It doesn't work perfectly with Oxygen Builder.The shortcodes that you use to build your 'special offer' page didn't work for us. Specifically, the shortcodes for the accept/reject buttons weren't functional, and the shortcodes that displayed the product image did not format it correctly.We needed to hire a dev team to write custom shortcodes to resolve this issue. It doesn't work perfectly with the 'WooCommerce Product Bundles' plugin.It can be used to offer a product bundle as an upsell. (So, if your customer buys a product, you can upsell them to a bundle using this plugin). However, it cannot detect when a product bundle has been purchased. This means that if your customer buys a product bundle, you can't offer them a customised upsell offer based on that purchase. It feels a little buggy/unpolished at times.This one is totally subjective, and your experience might be totally different. In our case, this plugin brought with it small errors and conflicts with other plugins. While this is always bound to happen when working in WordPress, I feel like I always need to be watching for errors that this plugin might cause down the line. The support team's English is adequate, but not perfect. So make sure that you communicate very clearly. So, why give a 5-star rating after acknowledging all of these limitations? Simply because it's brought results. At the end of the day, our average conversion value is higher because of this plugin. It's worth the investment.(On the flipside... this means that if there's another plugin that can produce the same results, but with less limitations... I'd switch in a heartbeat) Also, their support team is willing to walk through the issue and fix it with you. They haven't fixed every problem I outlined (they gave up on the Oxygen conflict and Product Bundle conflict... and maybe rightly so), but whenever their plugin breaks, they'll fix it for you. Decent support, for a decent plugin. So, it's a thumbs up from me... just be aware of exactly what you're getting.
28 april 2023 1 reactie
I really recommend this WordPress extension. The support is very responsive, nice and available 7/24.
22 februari 2023 1 reactie
Installed the PRO plugin and it had a fatal error due to a bad Paypal integration code. Resolved the bug after SEVERAL emails with the support team. I had to remove the bad code from multiple files myself. Found another plugin conflict, the WPSwing team is not helpful in resolving issues caused by their plugin. Very poor customer service. Overall I would not recommend this plugin. There are other more stable alternatives that do not conflict and have less problems.
17 februari 2023 1 reactie
I have been looking for a solution to introduce upsell to an online store for a long time. This plugin is excellent. Easy to use and really helps you earn a lot of money.It's a matter of idea and product. Great support. They fixed the plugin for my payment gateway. I recommend it to everyone, because this plugin gives you a chance to earn extra money.
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3.3.0 – Released on 25 August 2023

  • New: Compatibility with Divi Theme
  • New: Added three templates for Divi Theme
  • New: Compatibility with WP[6.3.0] and WC[8.0.2]
  • Fix: Issue fix in case of variation upsell product

3.2.9 – Released on 8 August 2023

  • New: Compatible with WP(6.3) and WC(8.0.0)

3.2.8 – Released on 8 June 2023

  • New: Compatibility with Currency Switcher
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP(6.2.2) and WC(7.7.2)

3.2.7 – Released on 28 April 2023

  • New: Compatible with the latest WP(6.2) and WC(7.6.1)

3.2.6 – Released on 16 March 2023

  • New: Compatible with the latest WP(6.1.1) and WC(7.5.0)

3.2.5 – Released on 02 February 2023

  • Feature: Add the shipping price on COD
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.2.4 – Released on 20 December 2022

  • Enhancement: Show pro features in the free version with an upgraded label [Appearance section].
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.2.3 – Released on 10 November 2022

  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.2.2 – Released on 23 August 2022

  • New: Minor bug fixes
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.2.1 – Released on 30 May 2022

  • New: Minor bug fixes

3.2.0 – Released on 31 March 2022

  • New: Some substantial changes across different areas of the plugin.
  • New: Minor Bug Fixes
  • New: Inbuilt Migrator for existing users to import all plugin data at once.
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.1.3 – Released on 03 Feb 2022

  • New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
  • New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
  • New: Minor Bug fixes
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

3.1.2 – Released on 16 Dec 2021

  • Bug Fixes
  • New: Elementor Widgets with shortcodes
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce (6.0.0)

3.1.1 – Released on 22 Nov 2021

  • Bug Fixes
  • Compatibility with MWB Currency switcher.
  • Compatibility with MWB Currency Switcher Pro.
  • Compatibility with Invoice System for WooCommerce.

3.1.0 – Released on 2 Nov 2021

  • Dependency with Free Plugin
  • Bug fixes
  • Guest Nonce Error Fix
  • Compatibility with New PayPal payments
  • WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Free/Pro

3.0.4 -Released on 31 Aug 2021

  • Verbeterd: Compatibiliteit met nieuwste WP(5.8) en WC(5.6.0)
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.

3.0.3 – Released on 6 April 2021

  • Verbeterd: compatibiliteit met de nieuwste WP(5.7) en WC(5.1.0)
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.

3.0.2 – Released on 19 December 2020

  • Verbeterd: compatibiliteit met de nieuwste WP (5.6) en WC (4.8.0)


  • Verbeterd: betere beveiliging.
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.


  • Nieuw: funnel functies: wereldwijde funnel, exclusieve aanbieding en slimme aanbieding-upgrade.
  • Nieuw: Globale functie – Smart Skip indien al gekocht.
  • Nieuw: aanbiedingsfunctie – afbeelding aanbieden.
  • Nieuw: shortcodes – aanbieding hoeveelheid en urgentie timer.
  • Nieuw: Upsell verkopen – Rapporten en Upsell verkopen per funnel – Statistieken.
  • Nieuw: compatibiliteit met Google Analytics en Facebook Pixel.
  • Verbeterd: waarschuwingsberichten en up-selling actieknoppen lader.
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.


  • Oplossing: Upsell Action Links probleem met Elementor opgelost.
  • Oplossing: tekst domein gewijzigd volgens WordPress normen.


  • Verbeterd: betere beveiliging en prestaties
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.


  • Verbeterd: betere beveiliging en prestaties
  • Verbeterd: betere funnels lijstpagina
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.


  • Nieuw: standaardaanbieding met WordPress nieuwe Live-editor (heractiveer de plugin een keer)
  • Nieuw: ingebouwde offertetemplates
  • Nieuw: Aanbiedingspagina’s bekijken en aanpassen in Sandbox modus
  • Verbeterd: betere en dynamischere shortcodes
  • Verbeterd: betere en soepele beheerdersinterface
  • Overig: problemen en bugs opgelost.


  • bugfix


  • Bugfix


  • Ondersteuning toegevoegd voor WooCommerce standaard productpagina voor funnel aanbiedingen en een paar nieuwe opties in instellingen.


  • Eerste versie