Boost Sales for WooCommerce – Set up Up-Sells & Cross-Sells Popups & Auto Apply Coupon


Boost Sales for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that helps you increase the revenue of every single order by suggesting Up-selling and Cross-selling products to customers.

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Important Notice:

  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce plugin. Working on WooCommerce version 3.x or higher

  • It is released on and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.


  • The up-sell feature helps you to offer related product when customers add a product to the cart by displaying an up-sell pop-up.

  • Up-sell pop-up: whenever a product is added to cart, the plugin will display an up-sell. The pop-up display related product which you recommend customer to buy with the product which just added to cart.

  • Select up-sell products: you can select the up-sell products of each product in plugin’s backend.

  • Up-sell product in the same categories: if you have so many products and it is not comfortable to select up-sell product for each product. You can use the up-sell products in the same categories option. The plugin will display product same categories with the product just has been added to cart in up-sell pop-up.


  • The cross-sell feature helps you to offer customers to buy a bundle product with a better price instead of buying single products.

  • Create cross-sell bundles: create cross-sell bundles by selecting products and set a sale price.

  • Cross-sell pop-up: the cross-sell pop-up appears on the corner single product page. Offer customers the bundle with information about products, original price, sale price and how much customers can save.


The premium version has all the options of the free version


  • Bulk add up-sell: allows you to add up-sell for multiple products at once.

  • Sync up-sell products from WooCommerce: the plugin will list up-sell products which you listed in WooCommerce to display.

  • Hide on Single Product Page: this option allows you to hide the up-sell pop-up on single product pages. The pop-up will appear only on shop/category pages.

  • Hide Out Of Stock Products: out-of-stocks products will be automatically hidden on up-sell pop-up.

  • Hide Products Added to Cart: the products which already in your cart will not be displayed on up-sell pop-up.

  • Go to cart page: automatically redirect to cart page when an up-sell product is added to cart.

  • Recently Viewed Products: the plugin will automatically display recent viewed product on up-sell product.

  • Only Subcategory: with the display products in the lowest subcategory level on up-sell pop-up. This option works with the option “Up-sell product in same categories” enabled.

  • Exclude products to enable upsell: the plugin will not display up-sell pop-up on these products.

  • Exclude products that display in upselling popup: the plugin will not display these products on up-sell pop-up.

  • Sort by: allows you to select the order of up-sell products on up-sell pop-up. By price, by name, random.

  • Hide view more button: select if you want to display the view more button on up-sell product. The button allows the customer to go up-sell product page.

  • AJAX Add To Cart: the plugin works with AJAX add to cart button of WooCommerce.

  • Ajax adds to cart for product on up-sell popup: AJAX adds up-sell products to cart, the pages will not be reloaded.


  • Display in the product page: the cross-sell bundle will be displayed in products instead of a pop-up. You can choose to display under add to cart button, above description tab, under the description tab.

  • Show on Product Page: choose if you want to display the cross-sell on the single product page.

  • Show on Cart page: choose if you want to display the cross-sell on the cart page.

  • Show on Checkout page: choose if you want to display the cross-sell on the checkout page.

  • Description: change the description of the cross-sell bundle.

  • Name: change the cross-sell bundle name.

  • Override products: when the cross-sell bundle is added to cart, the cross-sell product will be removed.

  • Ajax adds to cart for bundle: add the bundle to cart without reloading the page.

  • Hide out-of-stock products: if a product in the bundle is out-of-stock, the bundle will not be displayed.

  • Calculate bundle price: set price rules, then the plugin will automatically calculate bundle price.


  • **The discount bar helps you to make the customer pay more by offering them a discount. By selecting a coupon with a minimum spend requires. The plugin will display on front-end how much customers have added to cart. And how much they need to spend more to receive a discount.

  • Select coupon: select a coupon code which you want to use as the prize of the discount bar.

  • Inform message: inform customers they will receive a discount if they spend a minimum amount.

  • Congrats message: congrats if the customer reaches the minimum spend amount.

  • Auto-redirect to the check out page: automatically redirect to check out page when customers the minimum spend to get discount.


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Plugin Links


  • Cross sells
  • Upsells


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload woo-free-shipping-bar to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



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/** – 2020.08.14*/
– Updated: Compatible with WP 5.5 and WC4.3
– Improved: Product Upsells/Crosssell management page

/** – 2020.04.23*/
– Updated: Class support

/** – 2020.03.23*/
– Updated: Compatible with WP 5.4 and WC4.0
– Updated: Class support

/** – 2020.02.06*/
– Fixed: Missing string translation for “View more”, “Frequently bought with {name_product}”

/** – 2019.11.16*/
– Updated: Compatible with WP 5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8

/** – 2019.10.07*/
– Updated: Premium URL

/** – 2019.05.10*/
– Updated: Change plugin name
– Updated: Change premium version url

/** – 2019.04.03*/
– Updated: Make admin notices dismissible

/1.1.7 – 2019.02.25/
– Fixed: Tab JS in backend
– Updated: Class support

/** – 2018.11.10 **/
– Updated: Class support

/** – 2018.10.17 **/
– Removed: Upgrade notice
– updated: Class support

/** – 2018.10.15 **/
– Removed: Upgrade Notice

/**1.1.6 – 2018.05.18 **/
– Fixed: Button flex on Mobile
– Fixed: Add first cross-sell product
– Fixed: Thumb and Title on upsells

/** – 2018.05.11 **/
– Fixed: Class Support
– Fixed: Overflow of overlay

/**1.1.5 – 2018.05.04 **/
– Fixed: Ajax JS load upsells

/** – 2018.04.11 **/
– Updated: Class support

/**1.1.3 – 2018.03.26 **/
– Added: Upsells with special products
– Changed: Icon and banner

/**1.1.2 – 2018.03.23 **/
– Fixed: JS add to cart on archive page
– Fixed: Max price of product variation on upsell popup

/**1.1.1 – 2018.03.06 **/
– Fixed: Upsell enable option
– Fixed: Description option
– Fixed: Class support

/**1.1.0 – 2018.03.03 **/
– Changed: The same with premium version

/ – 2017.09.26/
– Fixed: Unbind body JS

/ – 2017.08.07/
– Fixed: Limit product display on popup cross-sells and beautify

/ – 2017.07.08/
– Fixed: Only display list product publish on up-sells and cross-sells page.

/1.0.2 – 2017.06.12/
– Updated: Add cross-sells product directly on cross sell page and automatic generate product Bundle
– Fixed: Reset post query
– Fixed: Exactly cross-sells product price on cart page

/**1.0.1 – 2017.05.24 **/
– Fixed: Active pro version