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Multi-Carrier Shippo Shipping Rates & Address Validation for WooCommerce

Multi-Carrier Shippo Shipping Rates & Address Validation for WooCommerce


Shippo Shipping for WooCommerce plugin lets you access the lowest-possible rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.
Display accurate real-time shipping rates at the cart / checkout pages and validate shipping address before the payment.


  • Support of 50+ carriers worldwide
  • Ability to enable for Shipping Zones or globally
  • Live shipping rates at WooCommerce cart & checkout with ability to control at what page rates are requested
  • Min and max rate cost requirement for shipping rate to be displayed during checkout
  • Control max number of live shipping rates that will be displayed in the cart and checkout pages
  • Ability to validate shipping address, before allowing to place an order
  • Ability fetch shipping rate for each product or combine them to get better shipping rates
  • Accommodate your packaging and marketing material with flexible package weight adjustments
  • Charge extra handling fee or implement currency conversion with flexible shipping rate adjustments
  • Include Insurance and Request Signature service
  • Easily find issues by enabling debug mode
  • Speed up your website by caching and re-using previously found rates

PRO Features

  • Create batches and print manifests with Shipping Manifests PRO
  • Use WooCoommerce store or Marketplace / Dokan vendor’s location as the originating address for accurate shipping rates
  • Dimension and weight based packing of the items into configurable boxes
  • Ability to combine parcels to get better shipping rates
  • Display different name for selected shipping services
  • Allow all or only selected shipping services
  • Define product conditions that have to be matched for service to be offered during checkout
  • Configurable purchase postage workflow
  • Buy shipping labels in one click
  • Bulk purchase and download of consolidated shipping labels PDF file for multiple orders at once
  • Create return shipping labels
  • Easy access to tracking history for admins and customers
  • Automatically notify customers about progress of their shipment
  • Automatically complete orders when shipping label is created or shipment has delivered

PRO Version of the plugin


  • 1TeamSoftware does not take any responsibility for what carriers are supported by Shippo service. If unsure, please verify if your carrier is supported directly with Shippo service support before installing this plugin.
  • This plugin offers integration with third-party services (Shippo) that may charge fees for various services including, but not limited to, live shipping rates, address validation, and printing labels. Please be advised that 1TeamSoftware is not responsible for any fees incurred from the use of these integrated services. We encourage all customers to thoroughly review the terms and conditions as well as the fee structure of the respective services prior to use. Your use of these services through our plugin constitutes your acceptance of their terms and any associated fees.


If you have created your own language pack, or have an update for an existing one, you can send gettext PO and MO file to us and we will bundle it.

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  • Integration Shippo Shipping Plugin Settings
  • Setup address from where parcels will be shipped
  • Combine products, include Insurance and Signature service fees in the rate
  • Configure weight adjustments
  • Configure shipping rate adjustments
  • Live shipping rates in the cart


  1. Go to WordPress -> Plugins -> Add New
  2. Hit Upload Plugin button
  3. Hit Choose File button and select zip file with the plugin
  4. Hit Install Now button
  5. Hit Activate link
  6. Installation complete


5 maart 2024
I was having an issue with this plugin (user-error) so I reached out to support. They responded in a couple of hours with a detailed explanation of how to fix the issue. I have gone through plugin developers in the past and had terrible experiences with their support, but these folks were great. Highly recommend!
26 september 2023 3 reacties
I’ve installed this plug in and to get it working was difficult . To get support on the app, their response was we’re experience a high volume ……… I fixed my own issue after spending all weekend and half of the work week troubleshooting on my own. Thanks support!
12 maart 2023 3 reacties
<p>documentation could be a little bit better, but otherwise is a super simple way to be able to charge actual shipping rates from multiple carriers.</p> <p> </p> <p>The free version does not let you auto generate labels, despite not saying that anywhere. They need to be manually entered into shippo.</p>
8 februari 2023 1 reactie
The plugin, overall, does what it promises. We did have some small issues with configuring it, but the support team has been very responsive. They reply the same or next day and always are helpful.
4 augustus 2022 3 reacties
Unless you only use flat rate boxes or never use flat rate boxes, this is not the plugin for you. We wanted to love this plugin but have been sorely disappointed. This plugin was developed without an understanding of modern ecommerce shipping and the design flaws likely apply to all of 1TeamSoftware’s shipping plugins. There is very little documentation to guide set up which would be fine if the plugin was well designed but it’s not. After much back and forth, we got everything properly set up but we started getting complaints from customers that they were getting ridiculous shipping prices at checkout. This wasn’t happening on every order so it took a bit to understand the issue. At times the plugin was selecting a flat rate box when a traditional parcel would provide better pricing and vice versa, selecting a traditional parcel when a flat rate box would provide better pricing. On many orders these discrepancies went unnoticed but in certain scenarios the difference is huge. I’m lucky to have those customers that complained and I was able to accommodate manually but I know that for every customer that took the time to complain there were others who walked away to purchase elsewhere. When we raised this issue with 1TeamSoftware, they confirmed that it is not a bug, just poorly designed and gave us the option to sponsor redesigning their program for them. After recovering from such a ridiculous suggestion we provided evidence of how a competitor plugin properly handles flat rate boxes in parallel (providing the flat rate box option in addition to a regular parcel) which is the natural solution when the goal is to provide the customer with the best shipping options. We also reached out to Shippo in an attempt to better understand the issue and have learned that they (Shippo) do not support live rates. 1TeamSoftware’s method for returning Shippo “live” rates appears to be an unconventional use of Shippo’s services, so that raised a concern for us as well. Throughout the correspondence with 1TeamSoftware they repeatedly said they were confident there was a work around to solve the issue. After much back and forth, it turns out their work around is that we should not offer our customers flat rate boxes. In today’s market, providing shoppers with the best shipping rates is essential to staying competitive. In modern e-commerce, the smallest box is not always the least expensive shipping option but 1TeamSoftware is committed to riding this strategy off the cliff.
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“Multi-Carrier Shippo Shipping Rates & Address Validation for WooCommerce” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Disabled debug by default


  • Added support for woocommerce blocks checkout


  • Updated compatibility


  • Added a warning when enabling address validation


  • Updated compatibility


  • Updated compatibility


  • Verified and updated compatibility


  • Ability to set company as required field during checkout. It might be useful for some carriers that don’t return rates without a company name.
  • Relace all non-english letters in the name of customs items with ?


  • Proxy requests to WooCommerce Objects to gracefully handle possibility that they were not initialized
  • Add vendor / seller ID to rate meta, so Dokan will pick up chosen shipping methods in children orders


  • Instance settings will be loaded only when Shipping Zones are enabled


  • Updated language template file
  • Use Cube Dimensions will only work when Combine All Boxes is enabled, so it won’t affect pre-configured box sizes
  • Display live shipping rates only when live shipping rates is enabled, even when validate address is enabled
  • Improved address validation so it won’t be possible to bypass it
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Improved page detection for Page Condition setting
  • Centralized handling of logging to make sure that all log messages will be recorded when debug mode is enabled
  • Force calculation of the shipping costs on checkout when Page Condition is set to checkout
  • Fixed an issue that plugin was using website currency for live shipping rates even when it isn’t supported


  • Fixed how shipping rates are combined, so only matching rates for all the parcels will be displayed


  • Added more logging message for easier bugging
  • Minor HTML fixes
  • Changed code to use autoloader instead of including files directly
  • Fixed issue that broke plugin when weight adjustment was an empty string
  • Updated language template file


  • Round default min weight / height / length so they won’t generate html5 validation error on save
  • New language template file
  • Fixed header sent warning when validation errors were displayed after plugin settings have been saved


  • Improved choice of rates’ currency. Plugin will attempt to pick either requested currency or one of supported currencies.
  • Added HTML5 min attribute to inputs with steps, like min weight, min height and so on.


  • UTF8 decode names of the products when using them for customs declaration


  • Synchronized shared code changes
  • Added logging of the plugin settings for easier debugging


  • Added min length, width, height
  • Improved default settings so plugin will be easier setup and use out of the box
  • Updated language template


  • Fixed the issue that new debug messages were preventing checkout


  • Enable debug mode by default
  • Ability to choose a condition for what pages live rates will be requested
  • Validate products only when this option is enabled in the settings
  • Error messages will be displayed in the cart for admin users when debug mode is enabled
  • Updated language template


  • Ability to control send request timeout
  • In order reduce PHP memory requirement product validation has been changed to run in the chunks of 10 products at a time


  • Synchronized shared library changes


  • Improved simple and variable product validation when settings are saved
  • Added ability to use CUBE dimensions for the parcel, it can help to save on shipping when using combine parcels feature or don’t have boxes defined


  • Ability to have min and max rate cost requirement for shipping rate to be displayed during checkout
  • Changed rounding to 2 decimal places
  • If package contents is undefined then plugin will fallback to using cart contents
  • Add support for free products
  • New language template file


  • Fixed removal of Boxes and Services
  • Fixed loading of the States in the plugin settings


  • Improved weight and dimension validation of variable products
  • Fixed sorting of the shipping rates displayed in the cart


  • New language template
  • Slight rearrangement of settings
  • Extract website and customer’s email and communicate it to API


  • Changed parcel weight adjustment flow to first multiply weight, then add to weight and then set min weight


  • Fixed Fixed weight adjustment for international shipments


  • Ability to limit number of returned shipping rates
  • Various bug fixes
  • Moved Live Shipping Rates settings into a separate section
  • Updated language template file


  • Do not cache address when it was not validated by Shippo, because Shippo won’t be storing it anyways
  • Renamed Admin settings labels to use statements instead of questions. Also made labels and descriptions easier to understand.
  • Do not cache validation result of the products
  • Moved Settings link before Deactivate link on the plugins page
  • Updated language template file


  • Ability to turn off caching, which is useful for debugging and reseting corrupted cache
  • Changed to have combine boxes enabled by default
  • Added notification when Shipping Zones is getting checked
  • Try to use full customer address for live shipping rates when customer is registered
  • Fixed default phone number to be 10000000000
  • Plugin will validate API settings when settings are saved
  • Plugin will validate that products match dimension/weight requirements when settings are saved
  • Plugin will validate From address
  • Plugin will validate that it has been added to Shipping Zones when Shipping Zones feature is enabled
  • Added versioning for CSS and JS to work around possible caching when they are changed
  • Parcel packer will communicate SKU of the products
  • Improved how destination address is extracted during checkout process, which should improve reliability of live shipping rates


  • Added path to debug log in the settings of the plugin


  • Changed debug to use WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs instead of the messages in the Cart


  • Fixed bug that second address line wasn’t used in return labels


  • Updated Shippo adapter


  • Added links to Free Shipping and Flexible Shipping plugins
  • Fixed PHP compatibility issue


  • Synchronized code base
  • Include language template (.pot) file


  • If address has no name, but has a company name then use it for both name and company fields


  • Trim all address fields because some WooCommerce installs can have randome spaces, so then Shippo API will refuse them


  • Report as incomplete only To address
  • Fixed mass unit for custom items when unit is LBS
  • Use Shipper as a name of the certifying person when name is not provided


  • Fixed php notice when no shipping rates were returned


  • Use customer’s name as a company when company is not set


  • Added instruction that products should have weight and dimensions


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Changed troubleshooting tips to be inline


  • Improved compatibility with Premium version of the plugin
  • Improved handling of cases when Shippo returns errors along with the rates
  • Added troubleshooting tips in the settings of the plugin


  • Improved backward compatibility


  • Bug fixes


  • DHL requires phone number, so depending on the what information we have we will either use customer’s billing phone number of store’s phone number or a fake phone number, so we can get the rates
  • Always pass customer name, so we can get the quotes from all carriers that require it
  • Mark address as residential when address does not have company name set


  • Round customs net weight to precision 3
  • Set certify name either to origin name or company
  • Don’t check if adddress is complete when address validation is off


  • Return rates even when error message is present


  • Fixed that debug messages aren’t comming through


  • Return rates if they are present, even when error message is set by Shippo


  • Initial release.