Woocommerce Partial Shipment


Partially ship an order in woocommerce and display shipment details on view order page/My Account.

Basic Features

🔹 Partially ship an order in woocommerce.
🔹 Set custom order status for partially shipped orders.
🔹 Ship item quantity as per availability.
🔹 Customer can see the shipped items on order detail page.
🔹 Translation ready.


Premium Features

✅ Partially ship order with Tracking Number and Tracking URL.
✅ Send Shipment notification email to customer with Tracking URL and Tracking Number.
✅ Auto send email notification on every new shipment.
✅ Display all shipment details for customers on my accounts section (View Order Page).
✅ Retrieve/Update partially shipped data by Curl request API.
✅ Modify Status label in backend settings.
✅ Quick pro Support.


  • Order screen shipment icons and buttons
  • Woocommerce partial shipment settings
  • View order page
  • Order details page
  • Shipment details in tooltip
  • Shipment details in tooltip order details


  1. Simply install and activate the plugin.
  2. Now you can see Shipment button and icon on order edit page.
  3. you can set item shipment there.
  4. Partial Shipment Settings is under Woocommerce >> Settings >> Partial Shipment tab.


Where can I get support or talk to other users ?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Plugin Forum.

Where can I get support for premium version ?

You can write us directly for premium version help or Contact us, please do not post on wordpress support forum for premium version help.


31 juli 2022
One of the best plugins on our website. A really simple yet helpful plugin. Thank you!
6 april 2020 1 reactie
Hi, i just download this plugin and it’s working fine for me but how can i create custom order status for this like “invoiced”, “hold” etc. or which is already created, currenty only 2 status showing in plugin one is shipped and another is unshipped. please replye
28 november 2018
This plugin has solved a big hole for me, I was thinking of splitting orders and marking them complete. No need now.
11 oktober 2018 1 reactie
After installing the creation of manual orders is admin is not working. You can select a product but it wont add it to you manual created order in admin, it keeps loading but the product is not added.
1 oktober 2018
This is going to be a great plugin. Only missing the possibility to print the shipment, but they’re working on it!!
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3.0 – 23/08/2023

  • Tweak – Compatibility checked.

2.9 – 29/07/2022

  • Tweak – Compatibility checked.

2.8 – 22/05/2022

  • Tweak – minor tweaks.

2.7 – 06/01/2022

  • Fix – Virtual product error is fixed.
  • Fix – Translation string fixed and added in pot file.

2.6 – 18/02/2021

  • Tweak – Check if product or order item is null.

2.5 – 18/02/2021

  • Fix – Fixed error during plugin activation.

2.4 – 13/02/2021

  • Fix – Partially Shipping popup filled with max quantity ordered.
  • Fix – Partially Shipping labels hidden for virtual products ordered.
  • Fix – Filter to change the shipped label.
  • Tweak – compatibility checked with latest version of wc/wp.

2.3 – 31/08/2020

  • Fix – Quantity update issue fixed during manually order item editing.
  • Fix – Item status fixed during manually order item editing.
  • Tweak – compatibility issue fixed.

2.2 – 06/06/2020

  • Fix – Extra product options and custom product field options compatibility issue fixed.
  • Tweak – minor tweaks.

2.1 – 19/05/2020

  • Fix – compatibility issue fixed for ordered item check.
  • Tweak – Improved stored data.

2.0 – 13/05/2020

  • Fix – compatibility issue fixed for latest woocommerce version and php 7.0 and above.
  • Fix – Auto Switch order status based on shipment.
  • Tweak – Auto Ship all products when order marked as completed.
  • Tweak – Setting option to hide label on my order page until items are shipped.

1.9 – 21/11/2019

  • Feature – Multilingual ready / Translation ready.
  • Fix – Order status changed to completed If all the items are marked as shipped.
  • Tweak – Tweaks and tested up to latest version.

1.8 – 03/10/2019

  • Fix – Tweaks and tested up to latest requirement.

1.7 – 05/03/2019

  • Fix – Email Templates overriding fixed from theme.

1.6 – 01/12/2018

  • Feature – Partial Shipment Email action added on order edit screen so store manager can trigger manual email when order is shipped.
  • Feature – Status column added in order list popup.
  • Feature – Popup settings added in partial shipment setting tab.

1.5 – 22/11/2018

  • Feature – Setting added to hide status label just after order generated.

1.4 – 30/08/2018

  • Bug Fix.

1.3 – 30/08/2018

  • Bug Fix.

1.2 – 25/08/2018

  • Bug Fix.
  • UI Update

1.1 – 25/07/2018

  • Bug Fix.

1.0 – 02/05/2018

  • Initial release.