WCFM – WCFM Marketplace integrate Elementor


Elementor for WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM Marketplace) will allow to create your marketplace store page using Elementor with your own design. Easily and Beatifully.

It’s an addon plugin for –
WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

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All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests – so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 6 hours(during business days). If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else.

It is extremely disheartening when trigger happy users downrate a plugin for no fault of the plugin.

Really proud to serve and enhance WooCommerce.

Be with us … Team WC Lovers


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or greater
  • Elementor 2.4 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Elementor for WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our eCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our eCommerce plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.




3 mei 2021
This plugin probably should have been called something more specific. In the description it says ""Elementor for WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM Marketplace) will allow to create your marketplace store page using Elementor with your own design. Easily and Beautifully." Read it carefully. "create your marketplace store page" There's only one page template supplied. You can literally ONLY customise the marketplace store page. Other pages are not supported. e.g. I could build a product catalogue page, but not if I want to incorporate the radius filter. If I utilise the Products Archive element (from the WooCommerce set), I can get the radius filter, but I can't adjust any of it (and it looks weird). I put in a support ticket about this and got the reply: "`Hello, You can’t edit by the Elementor that is a customisation process you want. Thank you" You can do a reasonable job with headers and footers and landing pages etc, (and the store page) but given that you have to buy the pro version of Elementor to do this, which costs $49, don't think you'll be getting a fully functional WCFM integration, like I did, because you're not. Hopefully this will develop into a paid plugin with full functionality to edit in Elementor. But it's definitely not worthy of the name WCFM Marketplace integrate Elementor just yet.
5 mei 2020
I am an elementor pro user and using it as my only tool for making sites. When I saw that WCFM has this addon I chose WCFM marketplace with "blind eyes". Thank you for that addon! Keep it alive!
14 april 2020
Cons: - Doesn't show up for awhile after it's installed; - Doesn't show any discerning characteristics than just using regular Elementor; - No one to answer your questions because they evidently have a 96 hours response time - When they do respond, it's incredibly short and virtually meaningless; - This will complement about four other products that you have to download that have disappointed you even more than this one, so you're "used to it from them" at this point; - COULD BE AMAZING IF THEY RESPONDED AND ACCEPTED YOUR MONEY, JUMPED ON A DEMO AND ACTUALLY HELPED YOU.
14 januari 2020
It works great and the main data is available on the store page! There are some conflicts, but I believe they should be resolved soon. I would like to see an integration with the maps widget available in elementor, to get the location defined on the store page, the map widget is very limited to the sidebar and doesn't have a nice widescreen design. hooks for elementor dynamic integration would be a very good thing, if I want to show the store BIO, I could fetch this information from the fields in WCFM, as well as policies and other data, and integrate it with any text widget dynamically. In the builder of the page, we can not get data from a store as a preview, seems a limitation, I think the stores are users and not CPT this should be the problem, this is not all bad, I'm just leaving a full review. With these issues, the effort to provide an easy experience for non-developers to create their pages deserves 5 stars.
12 januari 2020
I am very happy with this plugin and the other plugins provided by this theme. Customer support is very good and getting better all the time… They listen and add improvements all the time. I am always looking at their software for new additional features.
6 december 2019
We were waiting for this. Amazing how wcfm is growing! Congratulations! Plugin works perfect. Keep adding new features to it
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Updated – 26/09/2021

  • Enhance – WordPress 5.8+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WooCommerce 5.7+ compatibility added


Updated – 26/03/2021

  • Enhance – WordPress 5.7+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WooCommerce 5.1+ compatibility added


Updated – 09/05/2020

  • Enhance – WooCommerce 4.1+ compatibility added
  • Tweak – New template default view changed to Elementor stretched mode


Updated – 28/04/2020

  • Feature – New template option added


Updated – 15/03/2020

  • Enhance – WordPress 5.4+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WooCommerce 4.0+ compatibility added


Updated – 17/02/2020

  • Enhance – Elementor 2.9+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WooCommerce 3.9+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WCFM Core 6.4+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – WCFM Marketplace 3.3+ compatibility added
  • Enhance – Store “Slider” and “Video” banner type compatibility added


Updated – 17/12/2019

  • Enhance – Elementor 2.8 template load compatibility added


Updated – 18/11/2019

  • Enhance – WordPress 5.3 compatibility added
  • Enhance – WooCommerce 3.8 compatibility added
  • Fixed – Store page product search box not working issue resolved


Updated – 22/10/2019

  • Enhance – Store category filter widget compatibility added
  • Enhance – Inquiry “require login” compatibility added
  • Enhance – Follow button ask for login to non-logged in user option added


Updated – 15/10/2019

  • Enhance – WCFM Ultimate (Chat Now and Store Follow Button) compatibility added
  • Fixed – Inquiry button custom style not rendering issue resolved
  • Fixed – Store products rendering issue resolved


Updated – 05/10/2019

  • Enhance – PHP 7.2 compatibility check added


Updated – 05/10/2019

  • Initial version release