VS Link Manager



Met deze lichtgewicht plugin kun je een overzicht tonen met links van de Link Manager.

The Link Manager is part of WordPress but disabled by default. This plugin will activate it again.

To display your link list you can use a block or a shortcode.

You can customize your link list by adding attributes to the block or the shortcode.

With this plugin you can also create a blogroll or link portal in the same way as a link list.

Hoe te gebruiken

After installation go to menu item “Links”. You can add your categories and links here. Links must be assigned to a category.

Add the VS Link Manager block or the shortcode [links] to a page to display your link list.

Standaard instellingen categorieën:

  • 4 kolommen
  • Rangschikken op naam
  • Oplopende volgorde (A-Z)
  • Lege categorieën zijn verborgen

Standaardinstellingen links:

  • Rangschikken op naam
  • Oplopende volgorde (A-Z)
  • Alle links worden getoond


You can customize your link list by adding attributes to the block or the shortcode.

  • Add custom CSS class to link list: class="your-class-here"
  • Wijzig het aantal kolommen: columns="3"
  • Disable the columns: columns="0"
  • Voeg bepaalde categorieën toe: include="1,3,5"
  • Sluit bepaalde categorieën uit: exclude="8,10,12"
  • Toon ook lege categorieën: hide_empty="0"
  • Toon categorie beschrijving: category_description="true"
  • Change the number of links per category: links_per_category="5"
  • Reverse the order of links: order="DESC"
  • Toon links op ID: orderby="ID"
  • Toon links in willekeurige volgorde: orderby="rand"
  • Verberg link titel: hide_link_title="true"
  • Verberg link beschrijving: hide_link_description="true"
  • Change the “no categories are found” text: no_categories_text="your text here"

Voorbeeld: [links include="1,3,5" category_description="true" links_per_category="5"]

When using the block, don’t add the main shortcode tag or the brackets.

Example: include="1,3,5" category_description="true" links_per_category="5"

With the columns attribute you can set the number of columns between 1 and 4.

The link list becomes 2 columns in mobile screens (except when number of columns is set to 1).

You can also disable the columns. This can be handy if you only want to use your own styling.

The columns attribute will be ignored when using the block. Because you can set the columns via the block settings.

With the hide link title attribute you can hide the link title if the link has an image assigned to it. This way you can display the link image only, instead of both.


This plugin activates the Links widget again. Because this widget is part of WordPress, plugin has no control over it.

Have a question?

Please take a look at the FAQ section.


Translations are not included, but the plugin supports WordPress language packs.

More translations are very welcome!

De vertaal map binnen deze plugin is overbodig, maar wordt bewaard ter referentie.


Without the WordPress codex and help from the WordPress community I was not able to develop this plugin, so: thank you!

Veel plezier!


  • Pagina met links (GeneratePress thema)
  • Block (dashboard)
  • Links pagina (dashboard)


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • VS Link Manager


Waar is de instellingen pagina?

Plugin heeft geen instellingen pagina. Gebruik het blok of shortcode met attributen om het te laten werken.

Hoe kan ik de lay-out of kleuren wijzigen?

You can set the number of columns between 1 and 4 or disable the columns. This can be done via the block settings or via an attribute.

If you disable the columns CSS class “vslm-custom” is added to the link list. This can be handy if you only want to use your own styling.

But you should use custom CSS for making other changes.

Kan ik links rangschikken op datum?

Nee, dit is niet mogelijk.

But with the orderby and order attribute you can order links by ID and in descending order. This way newly added links will be displayed first.

Waar vind ik het categorie ID?

Every category URL contains an unique ID. You will find this ID when hovering the category title in your dashboard or when editing the category.

Het is het nummer dat komt na: tag_ID=

Waar vind ik het link ID?

Elke link URL bevat een unieke ID. Je vindt deze ID wanneer je over de link titel hovert in je dashboard of wanneer je de link bewerkt.

It’s the number that comes after: link_ID=

Why is there no semantic versioning?

The version number won’t give you info about the type of update (major, minor, patch). You should check the changelog to see whether or not the update is a major or minor one.

Hoe kan ik een donatie doen?

You like my plugin and want to make a donation? There’s a PayPal donate link at my website. Thank you!

Andere vragen of reacties?

Please open a topic in the WordPress.org support forum for this plugin.


Er zijn geen beoordelingen voor deze plugin.

Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“VS Link Manager” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.


“VS Link Manager” is vertaald in 2 talen. Dank voor de vertalers voor hun bijdragen.

Vertaal “VS Link Manager” naar jouw taal.

Interesse in ontwikkeling?

Bekijk de code, haal de SVN repository op, of abonneer je op het ontwikkellog via RSS.


Version 2.5

  • New: set number of columns via the block settings, instead of using an attribute
  • Changed attribute no_link_categories_text into no_categories_text

Version 2.4

  • Changed several attribute names, to make it more clear for users
  • This means you might have to update your attributes
  • Attribute limit becomes links_per_category
  • Attribute hide_title becomes hide_link_title
  • Attribute hide_description becomes hide_link_description
  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 2.3

  • New: VS Link Manager block
  • Block editor users can now replace their shortcode block with the VS Link Manager block

Version 2.2

  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 2.1

  • Added extra validation for link category query
  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 2.0

  • Bumped the “requires PHP” version to 7.0
  • Bumped the “requires at least” version to 5.0

Version 1.9

  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 1.8

  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 1.7

  • Kleine wijzigingen in code

Version 1.6

  • Removed function load_plugin_textdomain() because redundant
  • Plugin uses the WP language packs for its translation
  • Behouden vertaling map voor referentie
  • Als gevolg van deze wijziging vereist de plugin nu minimaal WP 4.6.

Voor alle versies bekijk de wijzingslog.