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Create stunning, branded carousels with ease. Showcase your products, post types, categories, and images like never before with Ultimate Divi Carousel

Your Divi Website Needs Ultimate Divi Carousel

Looking to increase interactivity & engagement on your website and drive more sales for your business? The “Ultimate Divi Carousel” plugin can help you achieve these goals.

Easily create visually stunning carousels for your WooCommerce products, WordPress post types, taxonomy categories, or images. Customize your carousel’s design to perfectly match your website’s branding with our powerful options, all without needing to know any programming.

Say goodbye to boring, static websites. The “Ultimate Divi Carousel” plugin makes your site more visually appealing and interactive, which means visitors will spend more time exploring your content & hence drive sales.

Ready to level up your website? Get the “Ultimate Divi Carousel” plugin now and see the results for yourself.

WooCommerce Product Carousel Divi Module

Struggling to get your eCommerce site to stand out from the crowd? Your products are top-notch, but they didn’t get the attention they deserve?

With WooCommerce Product Carousel Divi Module, you can now showcase your products in a visually stunning way that captivates your customers. With a variety of filters like “Recent Products,” “Featured Products,” “Sale Products,” and more, you can customize your carousel to fit your specific needs. Plus, with easy-to-use styling options and an intuitive interface, creating a carousel has never been easier.

Detailed Guide: https://wptools.app/how-to/create-woocommerce-product-carousel-in-divi/

Image Carousel Divi Module

Introducing the Image Carousel Divi module – the tool you need to take your images to the next level. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, or someone who wants to showcase their visuals, this module is the perfect solution. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful customization options, you can create a visually stunning carousel in no time.

Imagine your website coming to life with a beautiful carousel of your portfolio, highlighting your team members or displaying your latest work. With the Image Carousel Divi module, your images can take center stage and captivate your audience like never before.

But that’s not all – the carousel module offers a variety of styling options to make sure your carousel perfectly matches your website’s branding and design. And with an intuitive interface, you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a carousel that truly shines.

Don’t settle for a static website that doesn’t showcase your visual content in the best possible light. Invest in the Image Carousel Divi module today and create a carousel that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Gedetailleerde gids: https://wptools.app/how-to/create-image-carousel-in-divi/

Post Type Carousel Divi Module

Struggling to get your blog posts, portfolio items or a custom post type the attention they deserve? You knew they were great, but they weren’t getting the views you wanted!

With the Post Type Carousel Divi Module, you can now showcase your content in a visually stunning way that captivates your audience. The variety of filters available, such as post type, status, order, and order direction etc, allow you to create a custom carousel that perfectly fits your needs and highlights your best work.

And with tons of styling options and an intuitive interface, creating a carousel has never been easier. You can tailor your carousel to match your website’s branding and design, ensuring that it perfectly fits with your overall aesthetic.

Don’t let your content go unnoticed any longer. Make use of Ultimate Divi Carousel Post Type divi module and watch your views and engagement soar to new heights.

Gedetailleerde gids: https://wptools.app/how-to/create-post-type-carousel-in-divi/

Taxonomy Carousel Divi Module

Do you want to showcase your website’s categories in a visually stunning way? Look no further than the Taxonomy Carousel Divi module! With its customizable filters for post type, order, and order direction etc, you can create a custom carousel that perfectly highlights your content.

And with the module’s easy-to-use styling options and intuitive interface, creating a carousel has never been easier.

Imagine visitors being immediately drawn to your website’s categories, thanks to the engaging and interactive carousel. They’ll be more likely to explore your content and spend more time on your site.

Detailed Guide: https://wptools.app/how-to/create-taxonomy-image-carousel-in-divi/

Multilingual Support

We offer internationalization language support! Enjoy using this plugin in your language. We support the following languages

  • German
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Are you looking for language support that’s not currently offered? We’re here to help you meet them. Get in touch with us today and let us know! We’ll work with you to provide the language support you need.

Plugin Hosted On WordPress.org

Plugin hosted on WordPress.org has the following features:

  1. Limited carousel setting options
  2. No style/design setting in divi modules.

Premium plugin

We offer a premium plugin at https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/ultimate-divi-carousel-for-image-post-type-taxonomy-woocommerce/ with the following features as compared to the

  1. All carousel settings options.
  2. Styling/design settings in the divi modules


  • “Image Card Carousel” Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • “WooCommerce Product Carousel” Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • “Post Type Carousel” Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • “Taxonomy Carousel” Divi Module On Visual Builder


How to install the Ultimate Carousel For Divi plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload ultimate-carousel-for-divi folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Does it work with theme Extra ?

Yes, it does.

Do you have a premium version ?

Yes, we do. Please visit https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/ultimate-divi-carousel-for-image-post-type-taxonomy-woocommerce/


5 juni 2022
Disclaimer: I haven’t used the free version, so I can’t really review that. Howevver, the premium version is extremely simple to use, yet a very powerful plugin. Plenty of options and so flexible. I’m really glad I found this plugin. There are a few others that do the same thing. I’ve tried them and this Ultimate Carousel for Divi is the best I’ve found for filtering my custom post types and taxonomies. Really easy to use and get going.
20 februari 2022
I use it on many of my client websites. It works perfectly for what I need. Premium version has additional functionality for those who want it
11 januari 2022
This is just an advertisement for a paid plugin. Without responsiveness it is not usable. I don’t understand why, in this version, it is available in the repository.
29 november 2021 2 reacties
The plugin led me to think it was a 7-day trial, but it doesn’t seem to be. However, the customization options are very limited, at least in the free version. Other plugins give more options.
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  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress 6.5 which caused a critical error.


  • Fixed incorrect discount percent calculations.
  • Added ‘uc_carousel_product_title’ filter for WooCommerce product title.
  • php8.1 compatibility + custom DI
  • WordPress compatibility


  • Freemius upgrade


  • Added i18 internationalization code.
  • Added german, french, spanish, italian, japanese, dutch, swedish and norwegian translations.
  • WordPress 6.2.2 compatibility
  • Freemius upgrade


  • Added “Product Tag” multi-checkbox field to “Woo Product Carousel” divi module’s “Custom Product Filter” settings.


  • Added filter to strip slashes uc_carousel_can_strip_slashes https://gist.github.com/wpt00ls/004acea0a06e7194ee4f06586e346a24


  • Added uc_carousel_nav_button_html filter to change nav button html.


  • Equal height issue. Divi module default css adding margin bottom. Removed it.
  • Bottom navigation arrow css transform adding extra space. Removed.
  • Image carousel. Text wrapper removed to items without title/description and button.


  • Fixed issue with taxonomies query for post type and taxonomy carousel.


  • Composer compatible with php 7.2.0


  • Upgraded freemius to 2.4.3
  • WordPress 5.9.1 compatible


  • Added filters for post type & taxonomy carousel’s image, title, description
  • post type hooks – uc_post_type_item_title, uc_post_type_item_content and uc_post_type_item_image_url
  • taxonomy terms carousel item hooks – uc_term_item_name, uc_term_item_image_url and uc_term_item_description


  • Fixed javascript bug which caused the module to fail on the divi builder


  • Image Card Carousel, Post Type Carousel, Taxonomy Carousel & WooCommerce Product Carousel has settings to make entire content clickable when button is disabled. Additional settings related to it in respective divi modules.


  • Added udc_after_woo_product_title filter
  • When Woo product carousel card button isn’t present, card becomes clickable.


  • Fixed issue with arrow nav color.


  • Added WooCommerce Product Carousel Divi Module
  • Finalized for released on wordpress.org


  • Added Taxonomy Carousel Divi Module


  • Added “Post Type” Carousel Divi Module


  • Added Image Card Carousel Divi Module