Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin


Deze ultieme WordPress Auction plugin zorgt voor een makkelijke en snelle manier om veilingen op je site te installeren.
Eenvoudig en flexibel, Vele functies, zeer configureerbaar. Gemakkelijk te installeren. Goede ondersteuning.

PRO Theme Features

1. Hold Bidding amount on Credit Card
2. Credit Card Automatic Debit
3. Timed Auction Events with Lots
4. Whatsapp Notification
5. Question & Answer
6. Automatic or Proxy Bidding
7. SMS Notification 
8. Soft-Close or Anti-Sniping feature to extend time.
9. Add Silent auctions
10. Variable Increment
11. Buyer's Premium
12. Live Bidding without page refresh
13. WPML and LocoTranslate Compatible
14. Widgets - Expired, Future 
15. Custom Emails
16. Awesome Page Designs

PRO Plugin Features

1. Collect Credit Card and Automatically Debit Winning Amount
2. Users can add auctions
3. Automatic or Proxy Bidding
4. SMS Notification 
5. Soft-Close or Anti-Sniping feature to extend time
6. Automatic and Manual Relisting of Expired Auction
7. Add Auction for Future Dates.
8. Add Silent auctions
9. Variable Increment
10. Buyer's Premium
11. Reverse Bidding Engine
12. Bulk Import
13. Live Bidding without page refresh
14. Delete User Bids
15. Support Virtual Products
16. WPML and LocoTranslate Compatible
17. Widgets - Expired, Future 
18. Custom Emails
19. Many Shortcodes & Filters 

Gratis plugin (core) functies

1. Registered User can place bids 
2. Ajax Admin panel for better management.
3. Add standard auctions for bidding
4. Buy Now option with paypal
5. Upload multiple product images
6. Show auctions in your timezone        
7. Paypal ready payment settings
8. Set Reserve price for your product
9. Set Bid incremental value for auctions
10. Ability to edit, delete & end live auctions
11. Re-activate Expired auctions
12. Email notifications to bidders for placing bids
13. Email notification to Admin for all activity
14. Email Sent for Payment Alerts
15. Outbid Email sent to all bidders who has been outbid.
16. Count Down Timer for auctions.
17. Lightbox feature to display auction images
18. Ability to Cancel last bid 
and Much more...

Gratis plugin display functies

1. Auction feed Page which shows excertps of live auctions
2. Pagination feature for feed page
3. Auction Detail page via wordpress custom post
4. Comments section for each auction page
5. Send Private Message section for each auction page
6. Tested with multiple WordPress theme



Maak een back-up van je wordpress database voordat je Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin installeert/verwijdert/activeert/deactivert/upgrade.

Handmatige installatie

  1. Upload de map ultimate-auction naar de /wp-content/plugins/ folder

  2. Activeer de plug-in via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Ga naar het Instellingen tabblad van de plugin en voer de “betalingsinstellingen” en “algemene instellingen” in.

  4. Nadat je je instellingen hebt ingesteld, kun je naar het tabblad ‘Veiling toevoegen’ gaan om je veiling toe te voegen.

  5. Nadat je veilingen hebt toegevoegd, ga je naar “Pagina’s” in je beheerdersdashboard en voeg je een nieuwe pagina toe.

  6. Voer deze tekst “[wdm_auction_listing]” in als shortcode binnen deze nieuwe pagina en publiceer het.

  7. Als je een standaard WordPress thema hebt geïnstalleerd, wordt de pagina die je hebt gepubliceerd (in stap 6) toegankelijk via de bovenste menubalk. OPMERKING: Voor aangepaste thema’s zal je de pagina op de bovenste menubalk moeten toevoegen.

Deze pagina is verantwoordelijk voor het weergeven van alle live veilingen. Als je op deze pagina op een specifieke veiling klikt, zal het een specifieke veilingpagina openen waar je bezoekers biedingen kunnen plaatsen en alle acties uitvoeren die verband houden met deze veiling.


Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin Forum.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

This plugin has its own U.I which we have tested with few generic popular WordPress themes. It should work with majority WordPress supported theme, but may require some styling to make it match nicely.

Where can I request new features, eCommerce themes and extensions?

You can write to us: nitesh@auctionplugin.net.

What shortcodes are available for this plugin

  1. Shortcode to display auction listing


    [wdm_auction_listing sortby=”title/date” order=”asc/desc”]

    [wdm_auction_listing type=”expired” sortby=”title/date” order=”asc/desc”]

What Hooks are available for this plugin

1) If you are going to add some custom text before “Bidding Form”,this hook should help you.


Example of usage this hook

add_action( 'ultimate_woocommerce_auction_before_bid_form', 'here_your_function_name');
function here_your_function_name() 
    echo 'Some custom text here';   

What Filters are available for this plugin

1) Bid Button Text


How to use this filter?
Answer : Copy paste in your functions.php file of theme as per your requirement.

add_filter('wdm_ultimate_auction_bid_button_text', 'your_function_name' );
    function your_function_name(){
        return __('Button Text', 'text domain');

add_filter(‘wdm_ultimate_auction_bid_button_text’, ‘change_button_text’ );
function change_button_text(){
return __(‘Submit Bid’, ‘abc’);


4 december 2023
The plugin is very good, but I still can’t set up a dark theme like it is on my site. If you pay attention to this, please make an announcement in a black or yellow window so that it can be noticed, since I do not see the need for other updates. Arigato.
2 juli 2023
It seems this version of the plugin is abandoned for the woocommerce auction plugin. The paypal integration here doesn't seem to function correctly.
17 december 2022
I had a little problem with the functionality of the plugin that was quickly resolved. Unbeatable customer service. 10/10.
3 maart 2022
Support was very helpful, thanks again! They took their time to understand my issue and evetually have solved it. We all know that this is not the standard. Therefore I'm really happy and will recommend Ultimate Auction! The plugin itself is easy to use and does what it promises. So overall a great experience for me.
20 maart 2021
It's enough simple to use without programming skill, but a very big issue is all the time you lose in order to add another auction. Why the button (clone this auction) is not available yet? As example, if the 98/99%% of the auction data are the same, included logo etc, and I've just to replace the time/duration of the auction, or just the title, so, why we can't use just a clone-the-auction's button or duplicate-this-auction's button? It's really boring to create a new auction from scratch! Anyway, this plugin is very good, Thanks SO much for your replay
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  1. Fix

    We have fixed the error of PHP 8.2


  1. Fix

    We have fixed the error of PHP 8.2


  1. New Feature

    We have implemented a new layout for the auction list page and auction detail page. The new layout appears by default on both pages. We have given the option to change the layout for auction pages. So, the admin can set the old layout or new layout from the auction settings.

  2. Fix

    We have fixed the translation issue into the Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin. Now, the auction plugin can be translated into any language.


  1. Fix

    Auction plugin conflicts with the Twenty Twenty-Two and Twenty Twenty-Three WordPress theme. Due to that the timer and place bid functionality was not working. We have fixed this issue.


  1. Fix

    We have fixed the issue related to the opening price. When the bidder tries to place a bid value of less than the opening price, the plugin will display an alert “Please enter a bid amount greater than or equal to the opening price”.


  1. Fix

  2. When admin tries to create auction without adding the value for buy now, it will display the error for “Uncaught Error : round(): Argument #1 ($num) must be of type int|float”. We have fixed this issue.

  3. “Unsupported operand types: string + string” error comes with the PHP8. We have fixed it.


  1. Improvement – We have added changes in the footer to show the “Powered By Ultimate Auction” text.


  1. Fix – “Unsupported operand types: string + string” error comes with the PHP8. We have fixed it.


  1. Fix – “Cancel Last Bid” on Manage auctions page was not working. We have fixed this issue.


  1. Fix – Format specifier error with PHP8 was showing in following places. These have been fixed:
    (a) format specifier error comes in pagination on frontend(auction listing page).
    (b) Admin dashboard -> Ultimate Auction -> settings -> PayPal.
    (c) In email-template.php template file – Because this the winning email with PayPal payment, link was not sent properly.


  1. Fix – When the text was translated to language which had single quotes then such text were causing Javascript errors. We have fixed this issue.


  1. Fix – Timezone Issue – We have changed the underlying function to see that the expiration happens properly based on the timezone set inside General Setting.


  1. Fix – When the admin selects any time-zone from the WordPress setting, the plugin displays the appropriate start time and end time for the auction product. Changing the time zone will not make a difference to the countdown timer.


  1. Improvement – We have updated the points to set “Paypal Auto Return” url and it is now in accordance with the latest Paypal dashboard.


  1. Fix – Added a flag which will check if the emails are sent and would restrict multiple emails.

  2. Fix – Subject field of the email can now have Apostrophe.


  1. Fix – Plugin was affecting the design of WP Admin Dashboard. This has been fixed.


  1. Fix – We have added two separate options for banner image: Dismiss and “Cross” button. Dismiss will remove it permanently and “Cross” button will temporarily hide it until the dashboard is reloaded.


  1. Improvement – We have updated our plugin with security standards of WordPress to avoid any CSRF/XSS issues.


  1. New Feature – New parameter added in auction listing shortcode. Please check above FAQ section for its example.

  2. New Feature – New filter added to change text for bid button. Please check above FAQ section for its example.


  • New Feature – New shortcode for listing expired auction has been added. Shortcode is [wdm_auction_listing type=’expired’]


  • Fix – If Admin has selected “Without login user can bid” then Visitor can bid multiple times specifying name and email


  • New Feature – Plugin is now compatible with LocoTranslate plugin.
  • Fix – Bidding was not working on Iphone’s chrome and safari browser.
  • Fix – Added Tanzanian shilling currency.


  • Fix – Localhost url supported to upload image or video at add auction.
  • Opgelost: plugin bijgewerkt om de laatste WP versie 4.9.4 te ondersteunen. Verouderde functies zijn verwijderd en waarschuwingen/berichten zijn hersteld.


  • Nieuwe functie – Responsive UI voor veiling pagina’s.


  • Fix – Add auction wasn’t working properly when Ultimate Auction -> Settings -> Auction -> Allow users to bid -> “Only if they are logged in” was configured. This has been fixed.


  • Fix – Dutch Translation Files updated by Alex


  • Fix – Plugin would only show comments which are approved by admin.


  • Fix – False Error while adding auction about empty title and description has been fixed.


  • Oplossing – Toegevoegd UAE’s valuta ondersteuning
  • Opgelost – probleem met het probleem van het Zuid-Afrikaans valutasymbool opgelost
  • Opgelost – probleem met meerdere e-mails opgelost.


  • Fix – Missing file “see-more-bidder.php” has been checked in to fix Manage auction section


  • New Feature – Auction feeder and dedicated pages are made responsive.
  • Nieuwe functie – nu bieden wordt behouden als niet ingelogde persoon wordt omgeleid naar inloggen.
  • Fix – Localhost upload problem
  • Fix – Usernames are now hyperlinked to show their emails inside Manage auction section.


  • Nieuwe functie – als de veiling wordt verwijderd, worden ook de afbeeldingen verwijderd.
  • Nieuwe functie – veiling beheren -> verlopen veiling -> in de kolom Betaling wordt nu de betalingsmethode gemarkeerd voor een betere leesbaarheid.
  • Fix – Description text would appear without HTML code.
  • Fix – New layout for Settings tab and separate Payments tab to mention payment related details.


  • Fix – Plugin comments conflicts with theme/site comments.
  • Fix – Javascript code has been moved out in separate directory as it was previously posing problem with few wordpress themes.


  • Fix – Warning message appearing under manage auction.


  • Fix – Auction owner cannot place bid on his own auction
  • Fix – Feed page overlap issue for few WP themes.
  • Fix – Timer is now localized to be converted to local language.
  • Fix – Popup message saying “ʺyou can be winner if you amount is close to buy nowʺ is now rectified to show at correct time.


  • Code Update to support Proxy Bidding Addon. One needs to buy Proxy Bidding Addon for free plugin or PRO version for it.
  • Code Update to support Automatic Time Extension to avoid snipping. One needs to buy Proxy Bidding Addon for free plugin or PRO version for it.
  • Fix – Feed Page Image is now displayed by scaling it ratio wise which does not squeeze or blur the image.
  • Fix – Default Image when no images are loaded.
  • Fix – Lightbox Image container is fixed for no images. Earlier empty container was shown.


  • Fix – Email Notification is not working for some wordpress site.
  • Opgelost – Paypal-link is niet geschikt voor e-mailclients zoals Outlook.


  • Support for new Search feature – Plugin will integrate with Categories Addon to display categories and search box.
  • Auction short description field – New field added inside “Add Auction” form. This field is responsible in displaying auction excerpts (1 or 2 lines about auction) on feed page. Prior to this,
  • All prices on front end would display decimal values upto 2 places.
  • Bug – Fix provided for HTML Editor for auction description to accept new line characters.
  • Bug – Email Sent via plugin would have sender name as website name.


  • Plugin ondersteunt nu Category Addon – als je een categorie functie wilt, moet je Category Addon kopen.
  • Aftel klok toegevoegd voor veilingen
  • Kruimelpad toegevoegd voor speciale veilingen
  • Nu bieden knop toegevoegd aan de feed pagina
  • Lightbox feature to display auction images


  • HTML-editor toegevoegd voor product beschrijvingsveld.
  • Bulk verwijderfunctie is toegevoegd aan het beheermenu van de veiling.
  • Feed page Shortcode Issue resolved: Use your own text below and above shortcode.
  • Resolved plugin conflicts: Renamed common variables which causes issues with other loosely coded plugins.
  • Bug opgelost met betrekking tot eindveilingen, wanneer 2 bieders strijden om veiling tot het laatste moment.


  • Outbid Email which sends emails to all existing bidders that you have been outbid
  • Code to integrate with Shipping Cost Addon. This lets you add shipping cost in auctions.


  • Decimal Pricing is now possible.
    To make this work: Update your plugin to 1.0.3 & then deactivate & re-activate the plugin.


  • Paginatie bug opgelost


  • Nieuwe functie toegevoegd waar alleen geregistreerde gebruikers biedingen kunnen plaatsen
  • Grote CRLF bug opgelost


Alpha Launch