Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce


The simple in using a dynamic pricing plugin for WooCommerce allows you to create flexible pricing rules. Quantity-based, Role-based, Category based, and many more.

Quantity-based pricing lets you set different prices for different quantities of a product.

Role-based functionality lets you have different pricing for different user roles or specific customers including quantity-based pricing.

Minimum order quantity lets you allow to set minimum pieces to purchase per product.

The easiest to set up and most powerful wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.
Clean interface, keen functionality, and extendable source code.

Set up flexible pricing rules (quantity-based pricing, role-based pricing, minimum order quantity), display pricing policy (a pricing table, pricing blocks, or pricing options) on the product page, and drive more sales by offering a discount for bulk!


  • Stel een specifieke prijs vast voor een bepaalde hoeveelheid product/productvariatie
  • Maak prijsregels om kortingen te geven voor productcategorieën of productreeksen en beperk de regel voor specifieke rollen, klanten
  • Display pricing table / pricing blocks / pricing options / tooltip on the product page (supports different places)
  • Aanpassing (titels, kleuren, posities en vele andere)
  • Import/Export (WPAllImport supported)
  • Many other little useful features

Premium functies:

  • Percentage discounts for quantity-based rules
  • MOQ (minimum order quantity) per product or category
  • Rolgebaseerde prijsstelling (inclusief rolspecifieke gestaffelde prijsstelling)
  • Show totals on the product page
  • Set discounts in bulk for product categories
  • Clickable pricing options/ table rows / pricing blocks
  • Toon de laagste prijs of reeks prijzen in de productencatalogus
  • Toon de gedifferentieerde prijs in de winkelwagen als een korting met de oorspronkelijke prijs doorgeStripet
  • Show cart item upsells (motivates users to purchase more to get a discount)
  • Toon de totale prijs op de productpagina in plaats van de normale prijs
  • Ingebouwde cache voor de prijsreeksen voor de beste prestaties

Integration with 3rd-party plugins:

  • WP All Import
  • Elementor
  • WPML
  • Product Bundles for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • WOOCS (WooCommerce Currency Switcher)
  • WCPA (WooCommerce Custom Product Addons)
  • Aelia Multicurrency
  • WooCommerce Deposits
  • Mix&Match for WooCommerce

Check out our site to get more information about the Tiered Pricing Table


  • Pricing table on product page
  • Pricing blocks on the product page
  • Pricing options on the product page
  • Totals on the product page
  • Tiered Pricing for simple products
  • Tiered Pricing for variable products
  • Role-based tiered pricing \ regular and sale prices
  • Cross products pricing rules
  • Winkelwagen en kassa
  • Catalogus prijzen
  • Integraties
  • Side features


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/tier-price-table directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het scherm ‘Plugins’ in WordPress
  3. Use the WooCommerce->Settings Name screen to configure the plugin

After installing the plugin set up your own settings


How the import format looks like?


For example:
“10:20,20:18” – in this case 20$ at 10 pieces, $18 at 20 pieces or more.
The same format is for the percentage-based rules:

Please note that you have to use a dot as a decimal separator because a comma is used to separate the pricing rules.

You can change the rules separator (in case you use a comma as a decimal separator) using the “tiered_pricing_table/rules_separator” hook.

Can I offer discounts across a variable product?

Ja, dat kan.
De optie “alle variaties samenvatten” in de instellingen van de plugin zal alle variaties als één product beschouwen en een korting berekenen op basis van elke variatie in de winkelwagen.

Can I set up discounts for a product category, or even for every product in my store

Yes, you can.
You can create a global pricing rule (WooCommerce → Pricing rules) and configure it for product categories, user roles, etc.

Can I show the pricing table/pricing blocks/pricing options using a shortcode

Yes, you can. There is the [tiered-pricing-table] available with a bunch of settings.

Can I show the pricing table/pricing blocks/pricing options via Elementor

Yes, you can. Look for the “Tiered Pricing Table” widget.

Kan ik gestaffelde prijzen toepassen voor handmatige (door de beheerder gemaakte) bestellingen?

Ja, dat kan. Er is een optie in de “geavanceerde” sectie van de instelling om gedifferentieerde prijzen voor door beheerder gemaakte bestellingen in te schakelen


7 maart 2023
I can report that it is best service at woocommerce plugins developer. The developer really took their time here and quickly solved the problem. To recommend
3 maart 2023
The plugin works perfectly, and does what it's supposed to do. Plus, it is compatible with elementor, which is great. I've had a couple of issues that needed assistance, and the support team has solved them in the shortest delay. I totally recommend it!
9 februari 2023
I've looked at this plugin for a while and just recently started using it. It works fantastic and it's great that you are able to add the tiers through the API directly to the products. I had some minor issues with compatibility on variant products but after contacting support they fix the issue right away no questions asked. I truly recommend this plugin.
4 januari 2023
Having previously used another quantity discounts plugin, I stumbled across this one when I wanted to upgrade to PHP 8 for a recent ecommerce project and the previous one didn't work. It does everything you could want. My only added feature request as submitted to the team would be to allow for setting fixed quantity discounts on categories that all products could inherit. Currently it only allows % discount if set on categories. Works very nicely & will definitely be using again on my next project!
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  • New: Cache: performance increased for large variable products
  • New: Advanced settings for products: select default variation, mark products that does not use tiered pricing.
  • New: Quantity measurement fields in the settings
  • Fix: Fix role based rules for manual orders
  • Fix: Fix taxes for manual orders


  • New: Freemius SDK updated to 2.5.5
  • New: Support “woocommerce_price_trim_zeros” hook
  • New: Support role-based rules for manual orders
  • New: New hook to override the rules separator during the import
  • Fix: WCPA integration


  • Fix: critical MOQ issue with variable products


  • Fix: Legacy hooks infinity loop
  • Fix: MOQ custom add to cart handlers
  • New: Extended WPML config
  • New: New hook for formatting variation prices


  • Fix: Show tiered pricing via shortcode/elementor widget even if the global display option is disabled.
  • Fix: Saving percentage tiered pricing rules for variation
  • New: Show parent category for selected category
  • New: Added more legacy hooks
  • New: Make MOQ validation string translatable


  • Fix: Tooltip layout
  • Fix: Discount calculations on tiered pricing layouts
  • Fix: Do not run frontend script on product that does not have tiered pricing
  • Nieuw: legacy hooks


  • New: Supports {price_excluding_tax} and {price_including_tax} price suffix variables
  • Nieuw: toont afgeprijsde totaalprijs met oorspronkelijk totaal doorgestreept
  • Nieuw: cache voor prijsmanager
  • New: Trial button
  • Fix: move to tiered_pricing_table/price/pricing_rule hook


  • Nieuw: winkelwagen upsell
  • Opgelost: CSS problemen
  • Opgelost: typefouten


  • New: Notice with global rules on tiered pricing tab
  • Fix: issue with global pricing rules
  • Fix: price without taxes issue
  • Opgelost: typefouten


  • New: new way to display the tiered pricing – options
  • Nieuw: gestaffelde prijstemplate kan per product worden geselecteerd
  • New: little enhancements
  • Fix: Firefox JS issue
  • Fix: hidden “quick-edit” for products


  • Fix: Default variation table
  • Oplossing: Handmatige bestellingen zijn standaard actief (niet in staat het ordertotaal te wijzigen voor door de beheer gemaakte bestellingen)


  • New: Refactoring the plugin structure
  • Nieuw: herstructurering van het front-end script
  • New: Global Tiered Pricing rules
  • New: Tiered Pricing Blocks
  • New: Elementor integration
  • New: Settings redesign (added sections, many new settings, refactoring settings script)
  • New: Discount column for fixed rules
  • New: Tiered Pricing shortcode
  • New: Tiered Pricing coupons management
  • Nieuw: WOOCS-integratie
  • Fix: Double pricing suffix on simple products
  • Opgelost: kleine bugs


  • Fix: Premium upgrading
  • Opgelost: WCPA integratie


  • New: Aelia Multicurrency Integration
  • Nieuw: WCPA-integratie
  • New: WooCommerce Bundles Integration
  • Nieuw: rolgebaseerde regels voor API
  • New: support role-based rules in WooCommerce Import
  • Nieuw: nieuwe Hooks
  • Opgelost: catalogus prijzen
  • Bugs fixes & minor improvements


  • Nieuw: REST API
  • Nieuw: WordPress 6.0 ondersteuning
  • New: WooCommerce 6.6 support
  • Bugs fixes & minor improvements


  • New: static quantities for the pricing table
  • New: Pricing cache for variable products
  • New: WP All Import: “tiered pricing” import option
  • Fix: Bugs fixes & minor improvements


  • Veiligheidsoplossing
  • Opgelost: WooCommerce Subscription variabele producten ondersteunen
  • Kleine verbeteringen


  • Opgelost: kleine bugs
  • WPML uitgebreide ondersteuning


  • Freemius update
  • Fouten oplossingen
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved role-based pricing
  • WPML ondersteuning


  • Freemius update
  • Fouten oplossingen
  • Kleine verbeteringen


  • Role-based pricing for the premium version
  • Bug oplossingen
  • Kleine verbeteringen


  • Add-on oplossingen
  • Prijs voorvoegsel oplossing
  • Kleine verbeteringen


  • WooCommerce 4 variations fix


  • Opgeloste problemen
  • Category tiers in premium version


  • Opgeloste ajax problemen
  • Fix assets issues


  • Opgeloste belastingen kwestie
  • Mogelijkheid toegevoegd om de gedifferentieerde prijs te berekenen op basis van alle variaties
  • Added ability to set bulk rules for variable product
  • Added support minimum quantity in the PREMIUM version
  • Added summary table in PREMIUM version
  • kleine verbeteringen
  • Fixes for the popular themes


  • Opgeloste opbeoordeling


  • Fix the jQuery issue


  • Opgeloste kritieke bug


  • Fouten opgelost
  • Hooks toegevoegd


  • Fouten opgelost
  • Added total price feature


  • Added Import\Export tiered pricing
  • Clickable quantity rows (Premium)
  • Fix with some themes
  • Los het probleem met de mini winkelwagen op


  • Oplossingen
  • Proefmodus


  • Oplossingen
  • Premium variable catalog prices


  • Ondersteuning WooCommerce belastingen
  • Do not show the table head if column texts are blank
  • Opgelost updater
  • Kleine problemen opgelost


  • Fix JS calculation prices
  • Remove the table from variation tier tables


  • Opgeloste fouten
  • JS updating prices on the product page
  • Tooltip grens
  • Premium versie


  • Fix bug with comma as thousand separators.
  • Kleine updates