Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

TAO Schedule Update


Een eenvoudige WordPress plugin om inhoud updates in te plannen


These days WordPress is scarcely used as a pure blog. Most of the time it is used as a full blown CMS with many additional requirements. Especially the publishing workflow for posts and pages as well as their changes becomes demanding. Using plugins like visual composer or advaced custom fields with their flexbox addon it becomes common to build huge startpages, subsites and langpages using a simple, understandable visual editor insted of bolting them together using custom post types. If this is a good and DRY way to go is not to discuss here 🙂

A Problem arises as soon as you try updating such a complex single page at a specific date in the future – there is no easy way so schedule changes to already published wordpress pages inside the wordpress core functionality. Existing plugins that try to tackle this problem are often far from feature complete and try to re-use the revision system. The experience we made with our customers showed, that the revisions approach is hard to grasp for less technical users and also rather error prone.

Dit zijn de hoofdredenen voor ons voor het maken van onze eigen oplossing.


TAO Scheduled change is a really small plugin. It only does one thing, but tries to do this the right way: Take a copy of an arbitrary post/page/cpt, change it and make it replace the original post at a given date and time in the future.


This is just a little side project I am maintaining as time permits. If you find bugs or want to help in any capacity please visit the github repo:


  • De plugin in actie


  1. Upload de plugin map in de /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Geen derde stap nodig.


23 oktober 2021
I love this plugin. There are times when I need updates to happen when I’m off the clock, and TAO Schedule Update makes it relatively easy to do that. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. The problem now is that it hasn’t been updated since 2018. The developer still appears to exist, but has moved on to bigger & better things. It would be wonderful if someone out there took up the mantle and made a new update-scheduler plugin. There doesn’t seem to be any other options that I can find.
17 november 2020
I’d love to see WordPress’ official revisions, scheduled publish dates, draft management, etc. be extended to allow for scheduled updates to already-published content. Until that comes to be, this is definitely the next best thing that does what you’d want it to. Bonus that it’s listed on GitHub for community support, suggestions, fixes, etc. I’d think this plugin would get much more use & adoption if the listing was given a few refinements (the public plugin name isn’t all that friendly, doesn’t have an icon or banner, could use a few more screenshots [the animation is nice, though], etc.) That doesn’t really reflect the usefulness or quality of the plugin. Think it makes for why something so potentially useful for so many sites doesn’t have as many active sites using it at the moment.
15 mei 2020
I still can’t believe WordPress doesn’t have this sort of workflow! I have tried multiple plugins(about 5ish) but none of them worked and were over-packed with features and confusing, I just wanted to schedule new content updates without bringing the current published page down! Now I know this plugin is slightly abandoned and does not work with WP 5.0, but another DEV forked over this plugin and updated so it works on the newest WordPress and works with page-builders like elementor: He gives credit to the original plugin author. The plugin is practically identical besides some text changes so check it out if you want to continue using this sort of workflow. The biggest improvement could be to the UI. When scheduling a content update, would be nice after you hit publish for some notification that your post update has been scheduled.
6 maart 2020
The plugin is excellent, but I need to be updated. a good new feature is to allow post types to be updated as well
26 januari 2019
This does exactly what I was looking for – a plugin that can easily schedule daily updates to an existing post. The recursive option makes it even better. Perfection!
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  • fix timezone issue in datepicker (thanks to joaquinjsb)
  • add spanish translation (thanks to Manuel5cc and Julian Castro)
  • fix typo in english text


  • hotfix datum waarschuwing


  • fix date formatting in datepicker
  • php7.2 compatibility (removed create_function)
  • expand TAO_ScheduleUpdate\create_publishing_post action to also include the original post’s ID
  • add TAO_ScheduleUpdate\before_publish_post action
  • add TAO_ScheduleUpdate\publish_post_date filter
  • Fix error message in admin backend not working properly (thanks to LeniM)


  • fix posts not being publicly visible when options flag was set


  • fix timepicker stylesheet issue on https


  • fix display of date in listview


  • fix publishing fail


  • opties pagina toegevoegd
  • added recursive scheduling (enable this via the options page)
  • code cleanup, unified comment styles, code formatting


  • fix issue where releasedate would not display for post types that do not support authorship
  • fix issue where other plugins register posttypes after tao-schedule-update initializes


  • fix issue where gmt post dates where not updated correctly (thanks to CheeseDurger)


  • add action TAO_ScheduleUpdate\create_publishing_post (thanks to ollietreend)
  • Japanse taal toegevoegd (met dank aan yokotak0527)


  • fix bug where kses filters would run on automatically published posts
  • add check for empty array in copy_meta_and_terms function.


  • fix bug where publishing a post overrides other content
  • fix potential breakeage when cloning a post without meta infos


  • directly go to edit screen after creating a scheduled post
  • terms are now also copied over to the new post
  • fixed bug where multiple meta keys with the same name were not correctly copied back to the original post
  • removed possibility to schedule updates for posts in trash


  • TAO_ScheduleUpdate::create_publishing_post now returns the created posts’s ID


  • fix scheduled posts appearing in search
  • fix problems with l10n textdomain


  • PHP 5.3 Support


  • Leesmij update


  • The Initial Release