Pods Beaver Themer Add-On

Integration with Beaver Builder Themer (https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com/beaver-themer/). Provides a UI for mapping Field Connections with Pods.

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Pods SEO

Integreert met WordPress SEO Analyse voor extra velden en Pods Geavanceerde Inhouds Typen met WordPress…

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Pods Alternative Cache

Pods Alternative Cache is a file-based or database-based caching solution for hosts that have limitations…

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Pods AJAX Views

Utilize AJAX cache generation and loading for Pods Views. If a view takes too long…

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Pods Auto-Display

Automatically displays Pods custom fields below custom post content.

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Pods Stream Connector

Integrates with the WordPress Stream plugin to track changes to Pods and content

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The Future Posts

Display future (scheduled) posts in responsive grids using shortcodes. Works with PODS, Advanced Custom Fields,…

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Advanced Pods Bulk Action

Advanced Pods Bulk Action allow marking bulk items on several pages and uses POST instead…

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Pods Widgets

This plugin creates a multi-instance widget for inserting pod data into your sidebar. Requires the…

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Pods Toolbar

A small utility that allows for faster navigation to create and edit Pods, manage components,…

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