Advanced Permalinks

Allows multiple permalink structures and category-specific permalinks without needing redirects.

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ACF Permalinks

Plugin allows to use ACF values in permalink structure by adding %field_fieldname%, for posts, pages…

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Link Finder

Find and repair broken links throughout your website.

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Url Rewrite Analyzer

See clearly and understand how WordPress rewrite rules work within a simple and clean interface

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Cyrillic Permalinks

Automatically transliterates Cyrillic letters in post and page permalinks to their Latin phonetic equivalent. Multi-language.

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The Permalinker

Use short codes to dynamically link to your WordPress pages and posts. All you need…

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List Children

Use an HTML comment to list links of the current page's children or siblings.

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Plugin Name: RO Slugs

Cleans up over 30 problematic characters from your slugs that the original wordpress does not…

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WP Hashed IDs

This plugin adds a new permalink tag %hashed_id% which represents the encrypted

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Custom Base Terms

Modifique las estructuras personalizadas en las URLs para autor, búsqueda, comentarios, página y feed.

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WCS Custom Permalinks Hotfix

After upgrading to WordPress 3.1.x, many installations suffer broken permalinks for categories and tags. This…

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sCategory Permalink

Plugin allows to select category which will be used to generate permalink on post edit…

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Pinyin Slug

The Chinese PinYin Slug Wordpress plugin convert Chinese UTF-8 character into English PinYin character from…

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