Simple Membership

Simple membership plugin adds membership functionality to your site. Protect members only content using content…

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Groups is an efficient and powerful solution, providing group-based user membership management, group-based capabilities and…

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Events Made Easy

Beheer en toon evenementen, lidmaatschappen, terugkerende evenementen, locaties en kaarten, vrijwilligers, widgets, RSVP-, ICAL- en…

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Intelligent popups and landing pages to fully manage email signups, newsletters, subscriptions, donations, and memberships.

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Simple Membership Menu

Simple membership Menu, permits to configure visibility on menu items, following Simple Membership available roles.

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Dashing Memberships

Add Simple Membership Features to LearnDash E-Learning Sites to Without the Complexity

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Membership Lock

Membership Lock down lets you easily lock all post content including attached images, video, docs,…

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