FP LinkedIn Profile

Bring your LinkedIn profiles to your site to help users discover common professional connections. This…

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leenk.me empowers you to publicize your WordPress content to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts…

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Good old Share

Puts Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social share buttons of your choice above…

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LinkedIn InShare button

Automatically add InShare buttons to your posts. It works for single pages and loops and…

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LinkedIn Lite

Display your LinkedIn profile in a page, post or the sidebar of your blog. Has…

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Share Center Pro

Adds asynchronous (won't slow your site down) sharing buttons for Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…

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Social Share Buttons

Social Share is fully loaded with social media options, allows you to add Social buttons…

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Scrape and Debug

Simplify page debugging via Facebook Sharing Debugger, LinkedIn Post Inspector, Google's Structured Data Testing Tool…

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LinkedIn SC

Parses your linkedIn resume and allows you to display it using Shortcodes.

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Social Sidebar

A popout menu for your website, simple to install and setup, shows social networking icons…

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Import users from vcard file format. Works with populair websites such as linkedin and gmail.

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