Lorem User Generator

Like Lorem Ipsum, but for users. A straightforward way to add randomly generated users to…

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Allows administrators to globally disable XML-RPC, new emoji functionality in WordPress 4.2, wp generator, wlwmanifest,…

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AH No Version Number

Removes the WordPress meta generator tag and any version number from the source code and…

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Sample Data Generator

This plugin generate sample html content in WordPress editor. This plugin use LoremIpsum.net API, http://loripsum.net/api…

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WP Best Practices

standards, practices Requires at least: 2.0.2 Tested up to: 3.9.1 Stable tag: 1.5.3 This plugin…

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LX Password Generator

LX Password Generator is simple yet nifty password generation form to be placed in any…

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QR code generator

This plugin will display a QR code of the actually loaded page in your sidebar.

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Postem Ipsum

Genereate random posts, users, taxonomies, etc, for your site. Special for site designers to test…

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Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is a WordPress Plugin which will allow you to Generate your Barcodes in…

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