BNE Testimonials

Display testimonials and reviews on any page or widget area as list or slider. Upgrade…

Kerry Kline 3.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 6.0.2 4 maanden geleden bijgewerkt

Arconix Flexslider

A multi-purpose responsive slider that supports custom post types and responsive themes.

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Addon Package for Elementor

Addon Package for Elementor. Includes FlexSlider (Carousel, Basic) + WooCommerce Slider (Products & Categories)

Michael Leithold 100+ actieve installaties Getest met 5.5.10 2 jaren geleden bijgewerkt

WP Flexslider Shortcodes

Ermöglicht das erstellen von Slider und Galerien von WooThemes(Flex Slider 2) direkt als Shortcode-Eingabe ohne…

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Flexslider Manager

Add a hero slideshow to any sidebar and display it with Tyler Smith's Flexslider. To…

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Simple responsive shortcode slideshow based on popular FlexSlider with powerful css3 animations on title and…

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Page slideshow

With Page Slideshow you can create individual, responsive and sortable slideshows. Uses performance-friendly CSS3 transitions.

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Post Magic Slider

A simple, lightweight WordPress plugin gives you the ability to simply make flexslider in your…

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TC flexslider

TC flexslider is an easy plugin to display Responsive Slider on your website.

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