WebTotem Security

WebTotem is a SaaS which provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring your website in…

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Based on the success of the most popular firewall for Joomla!, RSFirewall! is now available…

RSJoomla! 1.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 5.7.3 4 maanden geleden bijgewerkt


Network monitor for WordPress. Connection overview for monitoring and controlling outgoing data traffic.

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Spam Master

Real-Time Firewall and anti-spam, anti-bot, anti-crawler, anti-flood protection from millions of known spam threats, emails,…

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Malware Scanner

Malware scanner provides Anti malware security, Scans & Detects malware like Trojans, Backdoors, Brute force…

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Secure your WordPress of WPScan Prevent hackers using WPScan to find vulnerabilities in your site,…

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This plugin blocks detected attackers or displays them a captcha to check they are not…

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WP Cloudflare Guard

Connecting WordPress with Cloudflare firewall, protect your WordPress site at DNS level. Automatically create firewall…

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