TG Copy Protection

Copy protect contents by disabling mouse and keyboard commands, or by emptying copied text, or…

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Extends the feed at copyright, a digital fingerprint, IP of feed-reader, comments, related posts! Search…

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Simple Feed Copyright

Adds copyright notice at end of articles in full text RSS feeds, with back links…

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Copyright Shortcode

Use the shortcode [copyright] to insert the copyright symbol, the year, and your name. Ideal…

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Image Copytrack

Copytrack detects where your images has been used on the web and assist you in…

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Append Content

Ever wanted to add a snippet of text below the content of your posts/pages?

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WP Copyright

Enforces copyright discipline by blurring all uploaded images as long as the associated copyright info… 80+ actieve installaties Getest met 4.9.24 5 jaar geleden bijgewerkt

Auto Copyright

Automatically generates a copyright notice based on the first and last post published in the…

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