Tag pagina’s


Voeg tags toe aan een pagina net als je zou doen bij een bericht

Deze plugin voegt de ‘post_tag’ taxonomie toe aan een pagina. Dit activeert de Tags box in een nieuwe of te bewerken pagina. Om getagte pagina´s weer te geven in het tag archief of in een feed, wordt er gebruik gemaakt van de ‘pre_get_posts’ hook. Door deze hook wordt de post_type query parameter op ‘any’ gezet.

Deze plugin heeft geen instellingen en veranderd niks in de database. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van hooks. Het zou ook goed moeten werken met multisite-installaties.

If this plugin meets your expectations and you use it commercially
please consider a donation to one of these organisations or your country’s equivalents:



Label-icoon dat getoond wordt in de WordPress plugin repository en te vinden is in /assets/icon*
Uit de serie ‘Flat Shadows’ van Shannon E Thomas

Bedankt Shannon E Thomas en to[icon] voor het delen van jullie werk!

WordPress plugin repository kopafbeelding in de map /assets:
‘Crew Baggage Tag’

Afkomstig uit de Leslie Grimes Moser fotoserie. Moser was een steward bij Capitol Airlines.
Bron: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Bedankt, San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive & Flickr Commons – flickr.com/commons


  • A screenshot of the (older) WordPress backend Pages section with the Tags metabox marked red.
  • A screenshot of the WordPress backend Pages section using the Gutenberg block editor with the Tags (document properties) marked red


  1. Upload de tag-pages map in de /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Voltooid


Tags are not displayed?

If you don’t see the tags of tagged Pages, make sure your theme supports displaying tags for Pages.
This plugin does nothing to make tags appear on your website. Tag Pages makes it possible to add tags to your Pages in the WordPress database.
It is your theme’s responsibility to display tags (if any) on your website. Make sure the theme you are using supports displaying tags on Pages.

Is Gutenberg supported?

Yes, the Gutenberg block editor is supported from version 1.0.2 and upwards.
NB: The Classic Editor plugin is also supported.

Is this plugin actively being developed?

Yes and no. Let me explain:
I consider this plugin to be feature complete and unless bugs are found there will be no development on this plugin. In other words this plugin is in maintenance mode and will be maintained for the foreseeable future.
Due to other obligations I’m not always able to keep up with WordPress version’s and updating this readme’s ‘Tested up to’ version number.
However, unless WordPress significantly changes the way taxonomies work (and breaking backwards compatibility in the process) this plugin should continue to work fine even though the ‘Tested up to’ might be of a lower version number.
As always, when in doubt, test it 🙂 (and when it does give you issues, feel free to leave a comment).


3 februari 2021
Happily recommend this plugin, it works fine on latest WP (currently 5.6) and with latest Divi (4.8.2). You can add it more than once to say near the top and bottom footer of the page too.
16 maart 2018
It's a very simple and handy plugin. In case it saves someone's time to figure out, if you want to show tags on pages, you just edit page.php located in your theme folder and add: the_tags(); wherever you like.
24 september 2017
Adds Tags taxonomy to Pages (just like in posts). Very useful for sorting and displaying different page types.
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1.0.2 – feb 4, 2020

  • No changes in the code (so the version is the same), just added a clarification on the status of this plugin in the readme.

1.0.2 – Feb 2, 2019


  • Gutenberg does not show tags on page create/edit screen

1.0.1 – June 21, 2016


  • Niet mogelijk bulk-bewerkingen toe te passen in wp-admin als de berichten gefilterd zijn op tag.