Swoop: Password-Free Authentication


The Swoop WordPress plugin is a simple and secure password-free authentication service. Imagine a world where your users are free to securely come and go from anywhere on your website without a password. We are passionate about the freedom that comes with eliminating passwords and believe you will be too once you download and install Swoop: Password-Free Authentication.

What is Swoop?

Swoop: Password-Free Authentication is a 3rd party service that calls out to the following password free authentication service](https://auth.swoop.email/). For more information on Swoops terms of service and privacy policy please visit our legal page.

Who Is Swoop For?

Stop right there. It’s for you. Swoop is for anyone who wants to simply and securely eliminate passwords from their website. If you’re reading this description, you probably have a WordPress website and, at a minimum, you should install the Swoop plugin to secure the administration of your site.

But why stop there? Swoop is perfect for eliminating passwords from your user registration and login process entirely. That’s what Swoop is here to help with. Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen others find success with Swoop.

  • WordPress Website Developers: Make your life easier by installing Swoop on each of your websites so you can securely access each web property with one click. (You can thank us later. We’ve got more work to do to eliminate passwords forever.)

  • Digital Marketers: Sales is going to love you after installing Swoop. Provide verified emails that you know work with every registration.

  • Conversion Rate Optimizers: Reduce registration form abandonment rates by eliminating a “required” password field.

  • Product Designers: Incorporate Swoop into your registration and login process for a friction-free experience. Less steps. More secure. More access.

  • Bloggers: Register your visitors with ease and provide a frictionless paywall that anyone would want to get behind.

  • CISO: Passwords are insecure. That’s why our patented technology is being used by some of the most well-known technology companies.

  • Customer Success & Support Managers: Never reset a password again. Eliminate low-value/high-cost call center calls, emails and chats, and enable the resources you have to focus on high-value activities that can really help your customers succeed.

Why Swoop?

Passwords are antiquated and insecure. At this point, we’ve all had our passwords hijacked by hackers. So what are we left with? Continue to recycle a series of passwords we can easily remember? Use a password vault to store unique passwords for each website? Or, we can eliminate the password problem entirely with Swoop.

But wait, there’s more! Swoop also helps you:


  • Increasing customer acquisition can be challenging. With Swoop, you’ll increase visitor conversion by eliminating passwords from your registration process.


  • No more bots. Swoop only accepts verified user email accounts, producing higher-quality signups and submissions to help you to know who your users are.


  • Patented authentication protocol leverages a combination of DKIM, SPF and and our own special sauce to ensure the integrity of each authentication request.

  • Swoop replaces the centralized storage of passwords with digital signatures and decentralized authentication.

  • With no passwords to get hacked or compromised, organizations dramatically reduce their liability caused by data breaches and phishing scams.


  • 1-click authorization makes secure authorization a breeze for returning users.

  • With Swoop configured on your site, you’ll never reset a password again.

How It Works:

  1. Download, install and configure the plugin in about 5 minutes.

  2. We automatically add the “Swoop In with email” button to your WP admin login page. This is great for internal/external access to administer your WordPress site. But don’t stop there …

  3. Coming Soon: Add the “Swoop In with email” button anywhere you want with a short code.

  4. You can also add the Swoop service to any call to action by following the instructions in our developer documentation.

  5. The “Swoop In with email” button calls out to the Swoop authentication service to enable password-free access to your WordPress account and website.

Swoop’s authentication service offers two different first-time authorization options.

  1. Magic Link: Swoop will email a Magic Link that provides security-packed password-free authentication.
  1. Magic Message: Similar to the Magic Link but with even fewer steps and no typing. Swoop users will send the magic authentication email instead of receiving an email with a Magic Link.

After initial authorization, Swoop will securely cookie users enabling 1-click authorization, which is where the real magic begins. Next time you return to a website with Swoop authentication service installed, your users are already authenticated (pending site-specific authorization policies that require additional authentication for re-entry) and instantly authenticated to your website or service.


For plugin and product support, please use the support forum or email support@swoopnow.com. Additional documentation can also be found on our developer documentation website.

We look forward to working with you.


  • Swoop Service: Swoop In with email button used on WordPress Login
  • Swoop Service: Magic Link or Magic Message authentication options
  • Swoop Service: Quick Login authentication


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/swoop directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Settings->Swoop: Password-Free Authentication screen to configure the plugin.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for registering for / connecting with your Swoop account.


14 mei 2020
I use Swoop across the 3 WordPress websites I manage and we've loved the passwordless login functionality its added to our websites. The easy "magic link" login process is perfect for me and my busy team -- It's more secure and easier than a password. Highly recommend!
13 mei 2020
This plugin was quick to install/configure. Ill be using it across all of my client sites for sure. I think the setup process could be improved a la OAuth, but otherwise pretty solid.
11 mei 2020
I was struggling searching for a login process that was similar to Medium's sign in with email magic link (client request). This plugin worked well for that process. No complaints from my client at least!
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