Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

WP Simple Pay Lite Companion


The plugin is an add-on for WP Simple Pay Lite which allows you to insert pre-written shortcode examples directly into your post and pages.

Instead of spending time messing with your own shortcodes, you can simply insert and customize ours to meet your needs.

“Stripe Checkout is an embeddable payment form for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works within your site—customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction.”

Plugin Requirements

This plugin requires the WP Simple Pay Lite plugin.Get WP Simple Pay Lite

Available in WP Simple Pay Pro Companion Only

There is also a Pro version of Companion that works with WP Simple Pay Pro and contains the following shortcode support.

  • User Entered Amounts – Allow customers enter what they want to pay.
  • Coupon Codes – Setup discount codes in your Stripe dashboard for customers to apply to their total.
  • Custom Fields – Record additional data along with each Stripe payment.
  • Subscriptions – Let customers pay and sign up for your Stripe recurring plans.

See Pricing & Demos

Documentation & Getting Started

Shortcode Documentation

Easily toggle between test and live mode until you’re ready.

If you want your customers to receive email receipts, make sure you enable this setting in your Stripe dashboard.

Learn More About WP Simple Pay Pro Companion

Feature Requests and Updates


  • Available in your Page editor
  • Choose from several scenario based examples
  • Identify your changes. (Cost in this example)
  • Customize to mer your needs
  • Viola! Your done in minutes


There are three ways to install this plugin.

1. Admin Search

  1. NOTE: Make sure that you have the WP Simple Pay Lite plugin installed.
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add.
  3. Search for Stripe Checkout Companion.
  4. Find the plugin that’s labeled WP Simple Pay Lite Companion.
  5. Look for the author name Kyle Brown on the plugin.
  6. Click to install.
  7. Activeer de plugin.
  8. A new submenu item Companion will appear beneath the WP Simple Pay Lite menu.

2. Download & Upload

  1. Download the plugin (a zip file) on the right column of this page.
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add.
  3. Select the tab “Upload”.
  4. Upload the .zip file you just downloaded.
  5. Activeer de plugin.
  6. A new submenu item Companion will appear beneath the WP Simple Pay Lite menu.

3. FTP Upload

  1. Download the plugin (.zip file) on the right column of this page.
  2. Unzip the zip file contents.
  3. Upload the simple stripe checkout companion folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
  4. De plugin activeren via het ‘Plugin’ menu in WordPress.
  5. A new submenu item Companion will appear beneath the WP Simple Pay Lite menu.


24 juli 2017 1 reactie
We've tried both 2.5.x and 3.x versions of this product. To get either version to work with our Wordpress theme (a standard theme with some revisions to it), it required a custom workaround. A few weeks after building a custom workaround for the 2.5.x version, the 3.x version was released, replacing the 2.5.x version with a new/separate installation. This failed again, but requires a currently-unknown workaround to resolve. However, the only reason for the low rating is this: if you run into any issues at all attempting to install the product, expect no support whatsoever from the author.
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  • Tested with WordPress 5.0.2 – Gutenberg (12/24/2018)


  • Tested with WordPress 4.9.7 (7/6/2018)


  • Tested with WordPress 4.8 (7/7/2017)


  • Tested with WordPress 4.7 (12/8/2016)


  • Tested with 4.6 (8/23/2016)


  • Tested with 4.5.2 (5/8/2016)


  • Added news links
  • Tested with 4.4.2 (3/19/2016)


  • Tested with 4.4 (12/13/2015)


  • Corrected missing Stripe icon issue by storing locally.
  • Corrected console errors in admin when SSL is used.
  • Added tabbed menu and info.
  • Updated shortcodes to include new examples.


  • Updated shortcodes to include new examples.


  • Tested with WordPress 4.3


  • Renamed / Rebranded
  • Removed broken “settings” link
  • Fixed broken Companion logo in WP editor


  • Added links; help and upgrade


  • Tested with 4.2.


  • Eerste release.