Deze plugin is meer dan 2 jaar niet meer bijgewerkt. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Spam Free WordPress


Spam Free WordPress works well to block spam from most blogs, but some blogs that are targeted by spammers, need a much more powerful solution like Simple Comments.

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Get Much More Powerful Form Protection from Simple Comments

Spam Free WordPress is a weak free spam protection plugin. Upgrade to Simple Comments for extremely powerful spambot and hackbot protection.

Simple Comments Provides 99.9% – 100% Spambot and Hackbot Protection for the Following Forms

Please note: Simple Comments is a different plugin from Spam Free WordPress. The description below is for Simple Comments.

  • WordPress Comment form (Spambot protection)
  • Gravity Forms (Spambot protection)
  • Contact Form 7 (Spambot protection)
  • WordPress login form (Hackbot protection)
  • WordPress user registration form (Hackbot protection)
  • WooCommerce Product Review form (Spambot protection)
  • WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form (Spambot protection)
  • WooCommerce 2.1 Login Form (Hackbot protection is only available from Simple Comments)
  • WooCommerce 2.1 Registration Form (Spambot protection is only available from Simple Comments)
  • AffiliateWP (Spambot and Hackbot protection)

Simple Comments Security Features

  • SEO Hacking Protection
  • Redirection Hacking Protection
  • DDOS Protection
  • XSS Protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • XML RPC Service Attack Protection

Learn More About Simple Comments, and read the customer reviews.

About the Author

Todd Lahman is a WordPress and WooCommerce Developer.

Languages Supported

  • Engels
  • German – (de_DE)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • French – fr_FR)
  • Hebrew – (he_IL)
  • Japanese – (ja)
  • Chinese – (zh_CN)
  • Hong Kong – (zh_HK)
  • Taiwan – (zh_TW)
  • Swedish – Svenska (sv_SE)
  • Norwegian – (norsk)


  • Spam protection is invisible to the reader. Available in Simple Comments only.

  • Spam Free WordPress in action.


  1. Plugins >> Add new
  2. Type in Spam Free WordPress then click Search Plugins
  3. Installeren

Upgrade to Simple Comments. 10% Off with Coupon Code WPSFW.


Simple Comments can resolve many issues that Spam Free WordPress cannot. Simple Comments also has commercial grade spambot and hackbot protection. Experimenting with free plugins can be time consuming, but Simple Comments is available when you realize you need powerful spam protection.

There is no support for this free plugin, but there is support for Simple Comments.


There is no support for this free plugin, but there is support for Simple Comments.

Upgrade to Simple Comments. 10% Off with Coupon Code WPSFW.


Do NOT install or update!!!

Todd Lahman spams himself with the latest update with a header that forces to buy a licence. This header also blocks access to your admin page login! I can try what ever I want … no removal possible!!!

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  • Added esc_attr() to checkboxes for good measure.


  • Readme update.
  • CSS changes.


  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Added Simple Comments coupon.


  • Added back image files for proper comment form styling.
  • Refreshed database settings. Old settings were causing some upgrades to stop working properly.
  • Cleaned up some code.


  • Changed offer hook.


  • Removed obsolete checkbox.


  • Removed free license offer from the plugin.


  • Fix: Thesis now uses the WP comment_form function, which caused security checks to duplicate and fail.
  • Fix: Main options were not saved properly the first time, requiring a second save changes.
  • Fix: Made comment list and comment form CSS appear more universal on different themes. Still not perfect.
  • Fix: Corrected CSS conflict with Suffusion theme, which prevented text input on comment form fields in Firefox.
  • Enhancement: Expanded tech support information.


  • Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() message fixed.


  • Swedish translation added.
  • Norwegian translation added.
  • Built-in WordPress Nonce security made optional since it breaks on some blog installations.
  • Updated error messages to match Nonce changes.


  • Built a default comment list and comment form theme for the automatically generated comment form option.
  • Added WordPress AJAX nonce security check.
  • Disabled WordPress nonce referer check since it was broken on many blogs causing the plugin to fail.
  • Fixed jQuery incompatibility that would cause the plugin to fail on some blogs that loaded two different versions of jQuery.
  • Made Old Password Fields invisible for those with broken themes that can’t utilize the more secure AJAX authentication.
  • Made error messages more specific, and informative.
  • Italian translation added.


  • jQuery AJAX call now fires only once, instead of several times.


  • Added option to use old legacy dual password fields, that were used in version 1.5.1, for edge cases with themes or plugins that prevent AJAX from working as expected.


  • Rewrote jQuery AJAX call to see if it helps edge cases with theme and plugin conflict issues.


  • Automatic jQuery detection to load proper version did not work with improperly written themes that load versions of jQuery older than 1.7.
  • Implemented new jQuery compatibility logic to try to work around improperly written themes that load versions of jQuery older than 1.7.
  • Fixed question mark icon position.
  • Added option to automatically delete comments marked as spam via cron job.
  • Added option to automatically delete comments marked as unapproved via cron job.
  • Added option to automatically delete comments marked as trackbacks or pingbacks via cron job.
  • Updated theme check to use WordPress 3.4 function if it exists


  • Fixed: Fatal error line 73.


  • Free License Key required for plugin support, and to activate advanced plugin features.
  • JavaScript now loads in the footer.
  • Removed ping closed notice.
  • Removed remote blocklist option.
  • Removed share link option that was used to promote plugin.
  • Removed password form options since they are no longer needed.
  • Upgraded all database options.
  • Settings page rewritten completely to use the Settings API.
  • Simplified the settings page.
  • All spam security now works in the background.
  • CSS + jQuery Tooltips added to free the settings page from clutter.
  • Settings page is now CSS responsive.

  • Option to display message, or an ad, above comment text area now displays even if Automatically Generate Comment Form is set to Off.
  • Check for, and enforce, a minimum version of jQuery
  • Removed option to use old jQuery scripts from plugin and database

  • HTML5 “required” form field web browser validation check for name and email only active if “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” is selected on the Discussion screen.

  • Fixed very old versions of JetPack causing a fatal error when Spam Free WordPress activated, or vice versa.
  • Added HTML5 “required” form field web browser validation check for name, email, and comment textarea.

  • HTML5 removed from automatically generated comment form. Some current web browsers like Chrome 21.0.1180.75 m mangled the form. Will add later.

  • Fixed comment form not being generated automatically for every theme.
  • Added HTML5 types for email and url form fields to allow modern web browsers to do RFC-compliant form field validation in the browser when the form is submitted. These new form field types will also cause the iPhone to alter the on-screen keyboard to match the form field.
  • Added HTML5 required form field web browser check for email and comment textarea.


  • Set Use Old jQuery Scripts as the default setting to assist poorly written themes that load old versions of jQuery
  • Fix – Created legacy reference to old function that was removed with no reference in 1.7.7
  • wp_enqueue_script URL for jQuery scripts with SFW version number rather than filetime, since W3 Total Cache will otherwise break the URL – Thanks Steve


  • Automatically loads jQuery scripts compatible with WordPress 3.3 or less that loads a version of jQuery before 1.7.
  • Added option to load older jQuery scripts when WordPress is 3.3 or greater, but poorly written theme loads a version of jQuery older than 1.7.


  • Added the option to secure the comment form with an invisible password, a clickable password field, or a click password button.


  • Fixed automatic comment form generation not turning off due to code error
  • Added full Thematic comment form support
  • Added full Genesis comment form support
  • Added full PageLines comment form support
  • Added full Graphene comment form support
  • Added full Atahualpa comment form support
  • Added full Suffusion comment form support
  • Added full Picture Perfect comment form support
  • Thesis only allows password and no tags message on comment form
  • Replaced German translation – Thanks Marco
  • Turn mouse cursor into a pointer when over password field – Thanks Joe


  • Removed password button
  • Password field automatically generates password when clicked
  • Added notice for non-JavaScript readers to turn it on to leave a comment
  • Added readonly attribute to password field – Thanks Thomas


  • Automatically disable JetPack Comments module since it takes over the comment form, and won’t play nice with other plugins
  • Automatically cleanup Post Meta Custom Fields since transients are now used
  • German translation updated – Thanks Thomas
  • Earlier versions have been removed


  • Corrected jQuery file loading twice


  • Automatic cache flush of W3TC and WP Super Cache when settings updated and on install
  • Password fields replaced with a one-click AJAX button and password field
  • Comment form is now automatically generated
  • Same hooks available to other plugins and themes as are in the comment_form function
  • Added autocomplete comment form for Chrome 15 and above
  • Passwords are now stored as transients to scale to extremely high traffic blogs
  • AJAX now used to obtain client IP address to bypass cached pages
  • Added backlink to rejected comment error page
  • Made rejected comment error message more friendly
  • Added option to display message, or an ad, above comment text area
  • Nonce field added to comment form
  • Language translations added
  • Added German translation
  • Added French translation
  • Added Hebrew translation
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Added Chinese translation
  • Added Hong Kong translation
  • Added Taiwan translation


  • Added option to open or close pingbacks
  • Pingbacks are closed automatically when plugin installed


  • Updated install routine to preserve existing settings


  • Pingbacks now closed automatically by default
  • Translation support coming soon …


  • More secure SQL query
  • Minor admin page change
  • WordPress version 3.1 or above now required


  • add_option function caused activation error
  • had to use update_option to fix


  • Arrrg. Forgot to bump the version.


  • Upgrade procedure didn’t work as expected first time


  • Added disable pingback/trackback
  • Added disable user registration
  • Added settings link to plugin row menu
  • Added remove url form field
  • Added remove comment author clickable link
  • Admin page has a new look
  • Fixed donation link
  • Added uninstall to cleanup database on deletion
  • Made invalid or empty password error more clear
  • Added automatic theme support for popular themes
  • Minor code changes


  • Fix for number_format error
  • Ability to turn blocklists on or off
  • Easier Admin page
  • Backend improvements


  • Number localization fix.


  • Added global remote blocklist after code rewrite
  • Added more plugin security features
  • Added plugin to close pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Cleaned up code and admin page a bit


  • Initial release. In development since September 2007.
  • Global remote blocklist left out pending code rewrite.