Snow Monkey Forms


The Snow Monkey Forms is a mail form plugin for the block editor.


Form fields

  • Text
  • email
  • Tel
  • URL
  • File
  • Textarea
  • Select
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins → Add New.
  2. Type “Snow Monkey Forms into the Search and hit Enter.
  3. Locate the Snow Monkey Editor plugin in the list of search results and click Install Now.
  4. Once installed, click the Activate link.
  5. Snow Monkey Forms → Add New.
  6. Add “Item” block into the input page field.
  7. Add any form fields into a “Item” block.
  8. Save the form settings.
  9. Add “Snow Monkey Form” block into a post and page.


Can the Snow Monkey Forms be used with any theme?

Yes! You can use the Snow Monkey Forms with any theme, but we recommend using our Snow Monkey theme for the best presentation.


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  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/validator/error_message.


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.8. 5.7 is not supported.
  • Add maxlength to textarea block.
  • Add label setting for item block.
  • Fix bug that rows of textarea block is not updated.
  • Fix bug that class of form block is not updated.


  • Update sass-basis


  • Fixed a bug that the screen was not displayed at the correct position when the screen transitioned on iOS.
  • Add message for saved on reCAPTCHA settings page.


  • Fixed a bug that the screen was not displayed at the correct position when the screen transitioned on iOS.


  • Changed snow_monkey_forms/control/attributes to allow setting the initial values for select and textarea.


  • Fixed bug that [object HTMLDivElement] was displayed during screen transition and forms were not displayed.


  • Add Snow_Monkey\Plugin\Forms\App\Model\Setting as the 3rd argument to snow_monkey_forms/complete/message.
  • Add Snow_Monkey\Plugin\Forms\App\Model\Setting as the 3rd argument to snow_monkey_forms/system_error/message.
  • Fixed a bug in which select boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes sometimes malfunctioned when the choices were numeric.


  • Fixed a bug in which sending failed if reCAPTCHA was not set.


  • Add reCAPTCHA v3 settings.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/spam/validate.
  • Add action hook snow_monkey_forms/form/append.
  • Fixed a bug that the function to move to the top of the form when a button is pressed the screen transitions did not work in safari.
  • Fixed a bug where the label setting of the Send button was not reflected.
  • Fixed a bug that required checks did not work correctly when value was empty in the select box.


  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/control/attributes.
  • Change block icons color.
  • Fix bug that placeholder of textarea is not refrected.


  • Add confirm/back/send button label settings.
  • Change focus point.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented radio buttons from being displayed vertically.


  • WordPress 5.6 compatibility.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented sending with IE and Safari.


  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/complete/message.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/system_error/message.
  • Fixed a bug where the button loading icon would not disappear when form validation occurred.


  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes, radio buttons, and select boxes would sometimes not render correctly if there were duplicate items.


  • Fixed a bug that the Add Block button does not appear on the selected item block.
  • Fixed a bug that global inserter in the item block was not grouped.


  • Requires WordPress 5.5
  • Remove jQuery


  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/custom_mail_tag.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/administrator_mailer/skip.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/administrator_mailer/is_sended.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/auto_reply_mailer/skip.
  • Add filter hook snow_monkey_forms/auto_reply_mailer/is_sended.


  • Fixed a bug that PHP classes autoload sometimes failed.


  • Change controller name “Error” to “Invalid”.
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.beforesubmit ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.beforesubmit')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.back ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.back')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.confirm ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.confirm')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.complete ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.complete')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.invalid ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.invalid')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.systemerror ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.systemerror')
  • Add custom DOM Event: smf.submit ex. document.querySelector('.snow-monkey-form').addEventListener('smf.submit')


  • [Checkboxes] Add direction setting.
  • [Radio buttons] Add direction setting.
  • [Checkboxes] Default direction, vertical on smartphone size, horizontal on larger size.
  • [Radio buttons] Default direction, vertical on smartphone size, horizontal on larger size.


  • Optimized the display process of error message when sending fails.


  • Fixed a bug that form cannot be submitted in CGI version PHP environment.


  • Fixed a bug that email field cannot be inserted.


  • Update icons. These icons reated by mimitips


  • Update each blocks icons.
  • Add “Display label column” setting to item block.


  • Add item description setting.
  • Add from/sender settings to administrator email settings.
  • Add action hook snow_monkey_forms/auto_reply_mailer/after_send.
  • Add action hook snow_monkey_forms/administrator_mailer/after_send.
  • Rename filter hook snow_monkey_forms_saved_file_survival_time to snow_monkey_forms/saved_files/survival_time.
  • Move email settings document panel to input page settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the input page settings panel did not open when the inspector was closed.
  • Fixed a bug that child blocks are displayed in the inserter of the complete page settings.


  • Fix activate process error
  • Fix uninstall process error


  • CSS updates.
  • Add uninstall process.


  • Some updates.


  • Initial release.