SlideDeck: Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin


SlideDeck is a powerful, easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin. With SlideDeck, you can create beautiful, responsive sliders without writing a single line of code.

Create Responsive Sliders

Create fully-responsive sliders for your WordPress website, that look beautiful and work equally well on all devices. Desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Full Width Slider

Make your slider full-width to showcase your content. All your full-width sliders easily adapt to all screen resolutions and sizes.

Touch Swipe Slider

Give your website’s mobile device users an option to swipe slides using simple touch navigation.

50+ Beautiful Slider Transitions

Choose from 50+ slide transition options to give your slider a unique style that matches your brand and website.

Custom Colors & Typography

Customize every element of your slider, including colors, fonts, and font sizes.

Custom Slide Navigation Styles

Dot, arrows, or touch — choose a slide navigation style that matches your website’s design language.

Create A Slider With Almost Anything

With SlideDeck, you can create almost any type of slider — image slider, video slider, WordPress post/page slider (pro), WooCommerce product slider (pro), testimonial slider (pro), or even a custom post type slider (pro).

Content Source Options

Build a slider using content on your WordPress website, or pull content from social media websites, Youtube, Vimeo, etc (pro).

30+ Pre-made Design Templates (pro)

Pre-made design templates to help you get started quickly. Start with a template, then customize it to your liking.

More Features

  • Show the slider anywhere on your WordPress website, using an easy to use shortcode.
  • Easily create an SEO friendly WordPress slider and publish on your website within minutes.
  • Fully responsive slider makes your site look stunning, no matter the size of your screen or device.
  • Cross-browser support for all major desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
  • Touch swipe slider to change slides with the touch of your finger.
  • Resize and crop images to a size you specify using the slideshow plugin.
  • Create and re-order WordPress slider using drag and drop.
  • Describe slide with title, captions, alt text, links and call to action buttons.
  • Display image slider with carousel effect slideshow.
  • Ability to add unlimited slides for each responsive slider.


Need help? Our developers will be happy to help you with anything related to the SlideDeck plugin.

Pro Features

  • Create sliders for WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Create sliders for WooCommerce products.
  • Dynamically pull content from your social media channels and display them in slider format.
  • Create stunning video sliders using Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Choose from 50+ smooth transition effects, whichever best suits your WordPress slideshow.
  • Display high definition full-width responsive sliders on your website.
  • Slider plugin is compatible with any theme – Elegant themes, CyberChimps, Themeforest, WooThemes, etc.
  • Custom code your own slider using the HTML editor.
  • Create a mixed content slider that has images, videos, and text content in it.
  • Use thumbnail navigation to view previous and next slides.
  • Import/export sliders
  • 30+ ready-to-use design lenses to match your website’s style.
  • 30+ ready-to-use Templates


WordPress 5.0+, PHP7 and higher

Important Links:


  • The SlideDeck manage view.
  • The editing interface showing the current deck and the top of the lens selection area.
  • One of the many settings pages available to you. You can tweak dozens of settings for each SlideDeck.
  • Example - YouTube videos from TEDtalksDirector using the Tool Kit Lens.


  1. Upload the slidedeck folder and all its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a new SlideDeck from the “SlideDeck » Manage” menu in the control panel sidebar
  4. Insert a SlideDeck in your post or page by clicking on the “Embed a SlideDeck” button above the rich text editor in the post/page view.

You can also place a SlideDeck in your template or theme via the PHP command “do_shortcode()”. Just pass the ID of the SlideDeck you want to render. For example:
“< ? php echo do_shortcode( “[SlideDeck id=2803]” ); ? >“

Where 2803 is the SlideDeck’s ID. You can also see this code snippet when you save a new SlideDeck for the first time.


29 mei 2019
I took a look and could not figure out what to do after a few minutes so shrugged and walked away. The interface did not include an easy way to add a slider or a slide. Maybe it is just a new approach but I could not figure it out.
14 april 2019
After paying $40 for the extra addins, I find they do not work properly. There maybe some small hiccups but the Facebook ID and Youtube ID also do not work and there are problems with scaling and cropping and features cut off in the final product. I really hope the developer fixes the problems. If the company is not supporting this product they need to get their webpage down and stop taking money from people. If the company can fix the issues, I'll do a new review with more stars. But until then, it's 1 star from me!
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Fix: Fixed compatibility issues with latest WordPress 5.6
Fix: Fixed Auto adjust slide height issue for Image slider.


Update: Added to upgrade to pro link on plugin page.


Fix: Fixed vulnerability issue for analytics within the plugin.


Update: Added plugin feedback analytics form.
Update: Made compatible with WordPress 5.4.2.
Fix: Fixed minor bugs and links in the plugin.


Bug Fix: fullwidth – frontend rendering issue.


Bug Fix: Tool kit lens – frontend fullwidth rendering, navigation arrow style, and navigation hover issue.
Bug Fix: Proto and Fashion lens – frontend rendering issue.
Bug Fix: Fashion lens navigation issue.
Bug Fix: Broken links.
Update: Improved compatibility with Pro Addons.
Update: Made compatible with WordPress 5.3.2.


Bug Fix: Broken links.


Bug Fix: Dashboard issues fixed.
Bug Fix: Corrected image URLs and added images from the plugin directory
Bug Fix: Updated docs link
Bug Fix: Added new support link
Bug Fix: Wrong image and link


Made compatible with lens Infinity.


Bug Fix: Broken Support URL.
Bug Fix: Broken source images.

= 5.3.1=
Fixed error for the auto-update


Added Autoplay feature for HTML video slider
Made compatible to new lens Carousel


Made compatible with WordPress 4.9.7


Bug Fix: Sources thumbnail not getting displayed issue fixed


Restructured to enable it to support single pro-product addon(earlier mega bundle)


Minor dashboard changes


Bug Fix: Removed inline CSS issue with SlideDeck.
Bug Fix: Fixed Gravatar only option in source configuration for WP Users.


Feature Enhancement: Added new dynamic source – WP Users
Bug Fix: Back cover alignment issue fixed.
Bug Fix: SlideDeck Save modal issue fixed.
Bug Fix: Tool-kit Lens – Fixed front-end issue for navigation arrows.
Bug Fix: Polarad Lens – Fixed responsive issue for navigation arrows.


Bug Fix: Edit slide issue fixed for lens – Transitionpro.
Bug Fix: Updated Dashboard.


Feature Enhancement: Added 10 new templates.
Feature Enahncement: Added ability for admin to send service request.


Feature Enhancement: Added new lens – Pixel.
Bug Fix: Fixed UI issues for Image scaling.


Feature Enhancement: Added 5 new templates.


Feature Enhancement: Added 6 new templates.
Bug Fix: Import/Export Addon – Fixed import/export issue.
Bug Fix: Layerpro Lens – Fixed UI and upload issue for PNG images.
Bug Fix: Polarad Lens – Fixed UI issues for image layers.
Bug Fix: WooCommerce Source – Fixed UI issues for product price display.


Feature Enhancement: Added Getting Started Instructions to the Dashboard.
Bug Fix: Improved Dashboard UI.


Feature Enhancement: Changelog added for all extensions.
Updated Dashboard.


Feature Enhancement: Released a new template – Corporate.


Bug Fix: Fixed issues related to Transition – Slide.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue related to install and activate SlideDeck extensions.


Feature Enhancement: Released new template – Magazine.
Bug Fix: Fixed UI issues for adding new slide for Lenses (Layerpro, Parallax, Tiled, Transitionpro).


Bug Fix: Tumblr feed url updated.
Minor dashboard updates.


Bug Fix: Fixed the Fashion lens title spacing issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed the Half Moon Lens Video Caption issue.
Bug Fix: Improved Dashboard – Added Help Links.


Updated Dashboard


Bug Fix: Dashboard issues fixed.


Bug Fix: Minor dashboard issues fixed.


Feature Enhancement: Added new lens ‘Transitionpro’ with 30+ new slide transitions.


Feature Enhancement: Added free addons.


Feature Enhancement: Added support for lenses as an extensions.
Feature Enhancement: Improved Dashboard.


Feature Enhancement: Added Support for Video Slides.
Feature Enhancement: Added Support for Custom CSS.


Initial Release.