Easy Image Optimizer

Easily speed up your website to better connect with your visitors. Properly compress and size/scale images. Includes lazy load and WebP auto-convert.

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WP SmartCrop

WP SmartCrop will crop your images on-the-fly to match your CSS, keeping the main focal point in view.

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Swifty Image Widget

Super simple but powerful widget that allows adding single or multiple images to your widget positions, using native media uploader.

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Just Image Optimizer

Just Image Optimizer uses Google Page Speed Insights API to compress image files, improve performance and boost your SEO rank.

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Square Thumbnails

A plugin for creating square thumbnails from images, without cropping them. It is very useful for for products images in woocommerce.

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Regenerate Thumbnails HTML

Update the HTML of the images contained in the post from one image size to another. Useful when switching between sizes and themes.

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th23 Upload

Resize images on upload to defined maximum dimensions, saving space and bandwidth. Watermark images automatically upon upload or manually via Media Li …

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Bulk Resize Media

Bulk Resize Media automatically resizes huge image uploads and makes sure the maximum upload size is respected for all uploaded images.

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Image Hotspot

Image hotspot helps you control how WordPress generates the various image size in your site.

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