BBCode Widget Titles

Allows for the use of BBCode in styling widget titles. Supports [b], [i], [u], [s], [url=], and [color=].

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Ultimate Metabox Tabs

Ultimate Metabox Tabs allows for keeping your post/page and ACF options user friendly for your client with the use of tabs.

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Plugin which lets you to show posts in stylish, legible pop-up window, like in Safari.

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Diablo 3 Tooltip

A smart way to make use of Blizzards Diablo 3 Item Overlays. Smart JS include only when needed + Shortcodes.

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Featured Posts Slideshow

Featured Posts Slideshow is a wonderfull Wordpress Javascript Slideshow. It displays as many Post's images as you want.

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WP Slideshow

WP Slideshow – The most costumizable and stylable Slideshow Plugin for Wordpress. Duration, Speed and Styling – You can configure by yourself.

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