Comment Overload

Alert commenters when they begin writing too many paragraphs.

Kailey Lampert Minder dan 10 actieve installaties Getest met 4.6.23 6 jaren geleden bijgewerkt

Busy Server

When the server load is higher than specified, show an error message instead of loading the page.

Lubos Svoboda Minder dan 10 actieve installaties Getest met 3.9.36 8 jaren geleden bijgewerkt

Product Filter by WooBeWoo

Filter producten op categorieën, kenmerken, prijzen en meer. 100% Elementor compatibiliteit. Shoppers vinden gemakkelijk producten met WooCommerce Product Filt …

WooBeWoo 30.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 6.0.1 2 weken geleden bijgewerkt

Catch Web Tools

A top-notch modular plugin that can greatly enhance the capabilities of a WordPress website with its powerful features.

Catch Plugins 20.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 5.9.3 4 maanden geleden bijgewerkt

BP Template Overloader

This plugin is designed to simplify, improve and make the management of BuddyPress Template Overloads more accessible.

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Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa

Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa – allows you to convert your site materials into Yandex News format with turbo pages support.

Teplitsa 6.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 5.7.6 1 jaar geleden bijgewerkt

WP Cloud

Give to Your users a personal space with WP Cloud, the most advanced plugin to turn WordPress into a cloud platform!

Marco Milesi 200+ actieve installaties Getest met 6.0.1 2 maanden geleden bijgewerkt

Gallery in columns

Fix css which transforms the WordPress\'s gallery without cropped option into beautiful gallery in column

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WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

WPeMatico is autoblogging in the blink of an eye! On complete autopilot WPeMatico gets new contents regularly for your site!

Etruel Developments LLC 20.000+ actieve installaties Getest met 6.0.1 4 weken geleden bijgewerkt

Keep Backup Daily

Keep Backup Daily backup your wordpress database and email to you daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly according to the settings.

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