JSON Based Animation for Elementor

Elementor addon to use creative layout to your site with smaller json file using Lottie animations.

> JSON Based Animation

Check below demo pages …

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Lordicon Animated Icons

IMPORTANT: If you update the plugin from 1.X version to 2.X version, it will automatically break all previously embedded icons added with older versio …

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R Animated Icon Plugin

The Plugin helps you to add the SVG animation using the Lottie Files. This animations can be easily integrated with any themes and builders.

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XPAC Lottie Interactive Animations

A powerful tool to add impressive light-weight animations to your website with a Wordpress native site editor, optimized for performance and Full Site …

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SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle gives you all the elements you need to build modern, responsive, and engaging website pages.

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Herzog Dupont for YOOtheme Pro

Herzog Dupont for YOOtheme Pro is een extensie voor de YOOtheme Pro pagina bouwer die meer elementen aan de elementen bibliotheek toevoegt.

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