WordPress SEO Content Cloaker

Generate new shortcodes that use RDNS to obfuscate content for GoogleBot and the User Agent Method to obfuscate content for SEO Crawlers

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Email JavaScript Cloak

A simple plugin to use JavaScript to cloak email addresses in your WordPress content (posts & pages).

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Improvely for WooCommerce

Improvely shows you the traffic source of every sale on your site, plus protects your PPC ads from click fraud.

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My Affiliate Link

A plugin that creates shortcodes for use with any affiliate cloaking service or plugin. Formats affiliate links so they aren't indexed by the sea …

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Console Log Cloaking

The Console Log Cloaking plugin allows site administrators to block the display of console messages for users and visitors.

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ShoutCodes Lite

The fastest & powerful affiliate link management plugin. Create branded cloaked URL for your domain name.

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Keitaro Tracker Integration

This plugin integrates WP website with Keitaro tracker.

– Create offer links in the posts
– Perform cloaking in it's set in the ca …

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Coupon Plugin

A WordPress Coupon Plugin that creates a coupon and deal box for the affiliate marketers and bloggers. One can show a coupon with a shortcode.

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