CP Contact Form with PayPal

PayPal integration for contact forms, payment forms, order forms. Adds a contact form and connect it to a PayPal payment. Created by an Official PayPa …

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WP Commerce

WP Commerce is developed using latest technologies, vuejs, pure javascript, PHP 7.x.

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Contact Form Email

Contact form with visual form builder. Contact form that sends the data to email, to a database list and to CSV / Excel files.

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BePro Listings Real Estate

Real Estate & Property Directory plugin that works with any theme. Ideal solution for Property Managers & Agents

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Orioly Book Now Plugin

Orioly Book Now plugin helps you connects your WordPress website with your Orioly account and gives you an instant online booking option in a few minu …

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Planaday API

Toon het cursusaanbod vanuit Planaday op jouw website met deze WordPress-plugin
Dit kan middels een lijst, op cursussoort of alle cursussen en in vers …

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