Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Revenue Generator



The Revenue Generator plugin is a content monetization solution for your WordPress page. Our flexible paywall enables you to request contributions from your followers or sell individual pieces of content, timed access, or recurring subscriptions to your site.

Our unique ‘pay later’ model takes the upfront friction out of the transaction and allows your users to access content instantly by agreeing to pay for it later.

You can offer content priced as low as $0.05 and audiences can purchase that content with just a click or two – without having to provide payment until they reach a $5 threshold on their tab. At this point, we ask them to pay and have found that about 85% of users will do so.

Although we recommend using the ‘pay later’ model of the paywall because of the results mentioned above, you are, of course, free to choose the ‘pay now’ model if it better suits your needs. Read more about the difference between ‘pay later’ and ‘pay now’.

The Revenue Generator plugin is easy to implement and offers a user interface that gives you complete control over your paywall and pricing.

Our core features include:

  • Single post sales
  • Timed access
  • Subscriptions
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Contributions
  • Pay later option
  • Pay now option

We will handle:

  • Transaction validation
  • Chargebacks and disputes
  • Tracking
  • Purchase aggregation
  • Invoicing
  • Data sharing


  • The Revenue Generator helps you create Paywalls and Contributions with a near-frictionless user experience.
  • The Revenue Generator onboarding walkthrough guides you through the process to ensure that your initial setup is as smooth as possible.
  • Use our in-line editor to configure your paywall while previewing it on an article so that you know exactly what your followers will see.
  • The Revenue Generator takes the guesswork out of pricing your content by setting default recommended prices based on your user base and providing Dynamic Pricing for individual article prices.
  • On the Paywall Dashboard, you can view all your paywalls in one place to easily manage your site.
  • Once you’ve configured your paywall and clicked “Publish,” it is seamlessly applied to your site.
  • With the Revenue Generator, you can also easily request contributions from your followers.
  • Simply copy and paste the contributions shortcode onto your site for a frictionless contribution experience.


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2.4.0 ( 8 July 2021 )

  • Introducing a new Footer layout option allowing to set the contribution as a floating footer on every page.
  • Updated contribution builder UI for easier and more intuitive navigation and editing.
  • Updated contribution dashboard with badges indicating the layout type of each contribution.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed submitting a contribution with an empty custom amount resulting in JS error.
  • Various UI/UX improvements to contributions on front-end.

2.3.1 ( 15 Jun 2021 )

  • Fixed issue causing a contribution to be unresponsive after coming back from SSO auth.

2.3.0 ( 26 May 2021 )

  • Refactored welcome screens to React.
  • Fixed issue with builder styles propagating to all admin screens.

2.2.1 ( 17 May 2021 )

  • Fixed missing assets in React app.

2.2.0 ( 17 May 2021 )

  • Updated Button contribution type to close modal automatically after successful contribution.
  • Updated default contribution amounts.
  • Updated the builder to redirect back to dashboard after contribution is saved.
  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
  • Fixed issue that prevented to contribute a custom amount.
  • Refactored contribution dashboard to React.
  • Various improvements to styles.

2.1.1 ( 4 May 2021 )

  • Fixed and updated missing dependencies.

2.1.0 ( 4 May 2021 )

  • Updated logo and branding.
  • Refactored contribution builder into React.
  • Updated “Thank you” message behavior to stay on after successful contribution.
  • Fixed thank you message not showing up in Bar contribution type.
  • Fixed multiple redirects error when contributing on AMP enabled page.

2.0.2 ( 16 February 2021 )

  • Fixed payment processing in AMP version of contribution flow.

2.0.1 ( 4 February 2021 )

  • Fixed issue with contributions on page cache enabled hosts.

2.0.0 ( 1 February 2021 )

  • New for contributions-only merchants: on-page purchase and payment experience powered by all new Laterpay platform.
  • Added support for custom post types in paywalls.
  • Improved timing and behavior of tutorials.
  • Fixed account connect modal not closing automatically after connecting the account.

1.4.0 ( 19 November 2020 )

  • New Contribution builder featuring two new layout types – Bar and Button.
  • New fresh look for Welcome screen and tutorials.
  • Updated contributions to be compatible with AMP pages.

1.3.2 ( 4 November 2020 )

  • Fixed double teaser content in the unlocked article.

1.3.1 ( 22 October 2020 )

  • Fixed the issue that prevented admins from connecting their Laterpay account when adding a contribution box.

1.3.0 ( 14 October 2020 )

  • Added a preview of active paywall as well as a link to add or edit a paywall to the Edit Post/Page screen.
  • Added dynamic updates to title and description of paywall purchase option when its settings are changed.
  • Improved visuals of information and warning modals.

1.2.0 ( 23 September 2020 )

  • Added option to delete contribution requests.
  • Added option to delete paywalls.
  • Updated look and feel of dropdowns and autocomplete fields in admin UI.
  • Fixed animations in tutorials to smoothen navigation between steps.

1.1.0 ( 7 September 2020 )

  • Updated Paywall functionality to allow for the selection of multiple individual posts or categories.
  • Updated Contributions shortcode so that a contribution offering can be updated without requiring changes to the shortcode.
  • Updated Laterpay logo.

1.0.1 ( 20 July 2020 )

  • Added Settings menu option.
  • Minor styling Improvements.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Fixes paywall priority issue when there are more than one paywall on same post.

1.0.0 ( 30 June 2020 )

  • Initial Release.