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Publisher Analytics provides a comprehensive real-time analytics service tailored for publishers and media entities. Once you register for Publisher Analytics, this plugin seamlessly integrates the necessary analytics scripts into your WordPress site. You’ll gain access to powerful features such as A/B testing for articles, insights into trending topics among competitors, and detailed analytics on your site’s performance.

Third-Party Services

This plugin relies on the Publisher Analytics service to function. By using this plugin, you agree to the Privacy Policy.


  • Dashboard Overview

  • Real-time User Behavior

  • Historical Metrics Panel

  • Trending Topics Panel

  • A/B Test Feature


  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  2. After registration at Publisher Analytics, you will receive an ‘accountCode’ and ‘userId’ via email. These are essential for linking your WordPress site to your Publisher Analytics account.

  3. Under Settings > Publisher Analytics, enter your ‘accountCode’ and ‘userId’.

  4. Configure the settings to tailor the analytics to your needs. Ensure your timezone is set correctly in WordPress settings to accurately track and display event times.


What is Publisher Analytics?

Publisher Analytics is a robust tool designed to help publishers maximize their online engagement. Our platform allows easy implementation of A/B tests, provides insights into trending topics within your industry, and offers a deep dive into user behavior on your site.

What can I do with Publisher Analytics?

  • Perform A/B testing on different article headlines or content to determine what resonates best with your audience.

  • Monitor trending topics among competitors to keep your content cutting edge.

  • Analyze detailed analytics to improve user engagement, duration on site, and ultimately, revenue.

Will this plugin affect my site’s performance?

Absolutely not. Publisher Analytics’ scripts are asynchronous, loading only after everything else on your page has, ensuring no impact on your site’s initial loading times.


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  • Initial release with full features including real-time analytics, A/B testing setup, competitor tracking, and comprehensive engagement insights


  • added automatic integration for the theme Newspaper by Tagdiv


  • Newspaper theme bugfix getting data-npaw-url elements. added reference “a[rel=’bookmark’]”

Enjoy enhanced insights and optimized content strategies with Publisher Analytics!