Pronamic Pay


Pronamic Pay is de beste plugin om betalingen te ontvangen op je website met ondersteuning voor betaalmethoden zoals iDEAL (Nederland), Bancontact (België), Sofort (Europa) en creditcard. Maak eenvoudig een configuratie aan met de gegevens voor je account van één van de ondersteunde betaalproviders en voeg een betaalmethode toe in één van de ondersteunde e-commerce plugins. Met meer dan 200.000 downloads heeft de plugin zich bewezen als een betrouwbare WordPress-oplossing voor je betalingen.

Belangrijkste voordelen

  • Ondersteunt veel verschillende betalingsproviders.
  • Naadloze integratie met populaire e-commerce en formulieren plugins.
  • Automatisch bijwerken van de betalingsstatus voor bestellingen in WordPress.
  • Beheer (meerdere) betalingsprovider configuraties met gemak.
  • Voortdurend bijgewerkt om de nieuwste e-commerce plugins te ondersteunen.
  • Vereiste beveiligingscertificaten worden automatisch aangemaakt.
  • Werkt met alle populaire WordPress e-commerce plugins.
  • Ondersteuning voor terugkerende betalingen via Mollie.
  • Betrouwbare betalingsoplossing, met meer dan 200,000 downloads.

Ondersteunde WordPress e-commerce plugins

Ondersteunde betaalproviders

  • ABN AMRO – iDEAL Zelfbouw
  • Adyen (vereist Pro licentie)
  • Buckaroo – HTML
  • Deutsche Bank – iDEAL Expert
  • DigiWallet
  • EMS – e-Commerce
  • iDEAL Simulator – iDEAL Professional / Advanced / Zelfbouw
  • ING – iDEAL Basic
  • ING – iDEAL Advanced
  • ING – iDEAL Advanced (nieuw platform)
  • Mollie
  • MultiSafepay – Connect
  • Ingenico/Ogone – OrderStandard
  • Rabobank – OmniKassa 2.0
  • Rabobank – iDEAL Professional
  • TargetPay – iDEAL



  • Betalingsgateway configuraties
  • Bewerk configuratie
  • Ingebouwde betaalformulieren
  • Bewerk betaalformulier
  • Voorbeeld betaalformulier
  • Betalingen
  • Abonnementen
  • Rapporten
  • Instellingen
  • Gravity Forms - Formulier editor
  • Gravity Forms - Betalingsfeed editor
  • Gravity Forms - Voorbeeld betaalformulier
  • WooCommerce - Afreken instellingen
  • WooCommerce - Afrekenen
  • WooCommerce - Afrekenen met credit card
  • s2Member - Betaalknop generator
  • Aan de slag


Deze plugin heeft 4 blokken.

  • Payment Form
  • Fundraising Progress Bar
  • Fundraising Progress Circle
  • Fundraising Progress



De Pronamic Pay plugin breidt WordPress-extensies uit met betaalmethoden zoals iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort en creditcards. Om de betaalmethoden aan te bieden aan de bezoekers van je WordPress site, heb je ook een van deze e-commerce- of formulier builder-extensies nodig.

Automatische installatie

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Pronamic Pay, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Pronamic Pay” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Handmatige installatie

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this.


Automatische updates zouden als een zonnetje moeten werken; zoals altijd, zorg ervoor dat je een back-up van je site maakt voor het geval dat.


16 februari 2024 1 reactie
Great no-code solution for accepting recurring payments with Mollie by GravityForms. Had some issue's so contacted support. The support provided me with a solution and even gave me very helpfull tips and pointers! Definitely worth a 5 star rating! Thank you Pronamic!
11 september 2023 1 reactie
Know the ins and out of Memberpress in connection to paymentprovider Mollie in the Netherlands with regulair updates.
13 september 2022 1 reactie
I had a problem and send an email to support. In less then a hour I got a reply. After replying to the answer and asking another question I got a new answer in 15 minutes. The answers were informative and helpful. It helped me solve my problems. One of the best support I have experienced.
16 februari 2022 1 reactie
I reported a not so easy issue (with Ninja Forms integration) which they solved. They kept me informed of the progress. Thanks!
23 november 2021
They have fast and accurate support. (+ the plugin works well overall.) There are also things to look for at the earliest opportunity: 1- There are some bugs in the coding that we mentioned in the email support and wp forums and we hope to get an update for it soon. (Due to the sensitivity of the payment, these cases should be examined much more carefully) 2- It's not cool to put the following notice on all admin pages! It's better to display it only in your panel. Pronamic Pay — You have not entered a valid support license key. Please get your key at or login to check your license status.
24 september 2021
Very smooth! Easy to install. And the best part is compatible with Adyen! Dashboard is amazing. I recommend!
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“Pronamic Pay” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.


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  • Mollie → Added support for card token. 2941dee
  • Mollie/WooCommerce → Added support for Mollie card field/component in WooCommerce legacy checkout. #40


  • Contact Form 7 → Improved the support for Contact Form 7 checkbox fields used for the amount to be paid (pronamic_pay_amount tag option), multiple checked options/amounts are now added up. (ba1322a)
  • Gravity Forms → Optimize performance by reusing instances of PayFeed from memory. (fa89eab)
  • Mollie → The HTTP timeout option is increased when connecting to Mollie via WP-Cron, WP-CLI or the Action Scheduler library. pronamic/wp-pay-core#170


  • Gravity Forms → Fixed deleting feeds through PaymentAddOn::delete_feeds(). (89f88b7)
  • Mollie → Fixed wp_register_script and wp_register_style are called incorrectly (41bfb35)
  • WooCommerce → Fixed “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wc_get_order()” in source text if WooCommerce is not active. (c4ccf37)


  • Worldline (formerly Ingenico/Ogone) → Removed DirectLink integration. (51047d6)


  • Changed automattic/jetpack-autoloader from v2.12.0 to v2.12.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed pronamic/wp-mollie from v1.4.0 to v1.5.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed woocommerce/action-scheduler from 3.7.1 to 3.7.1.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/contact-form-7 from v3.4.0 to v3.5.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/gravityforms from v4.5.8 to v4.6.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/ninjaforms from v3.2.4 to v3.3.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/restrict-content-pro from v4.4.1 to v4.4.2.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/woocommerce from v4.7.0 to v4.7.1.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-gateways/mollie from v4.8.1 to v4.9.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-gateways/ogone from v4.6.0 to v4.6.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay/core from v4.14.3 to v4.15.0.
    Release notes:

Full set of changes: 9.6.4...9.7.0



  • Removed ‘Ingenico – DirectLink’ integration (pronamic/wp-pronamic-pay-ingenico/15). (5322ba9)


  • Changed woocommerce/action-scheduler from 3.6.4 to 3.7.1.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/contact-form-7 from v3.3.2 to v3.4.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/formidable-forms from v4.4.1 to v4.4.2.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/memberpress from v4.7.10 to v4.7.11.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/woocommerce from v4.6.3 to v4.7.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-gateways/ogone from v4.5.4 to v4.6.0.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay-gateways/omnikassa-2 from v4.5.2 to v4.5.3.
    Release notes:
  • Changed wp-pay/core from v4.14.2 to v4.14.3.
    Release notes:

Full set of changes: 9.6.3...9.6.4



  • Fixed fatal error in Formidable Forms bank select field.


  • WooCommerce tested up to 8.2.2. (c7bb73c)
  • Formidable Forms tested up to 6.5.4. (cdcd068)
  • WordPress tested up to 6.4. (78ba625)


  • Changed wp-pay-extensions/formidable-forms from v4.4.0 to v4.4.1.
    Release notes:

Full set of changes: 9.6.2...9.6.3



  • Fixed setting Mollie sequence type. (163)



  • Changed wp-pay/core from v4.14.1 to v4.14.2.
    Release notes:

Full set of changes: 9.6.1...9.6.2



  • Changed wp-pay-gateways/omnikassa-2 from v4.5.1 to v4.5.2.
    Release notes:

Full set of changes: 9.6.0...9.6.1

See changelog for all versions.