Platy Syncer Woocommerce to Etsy


Platy Syncer for Etsy is a lightweight syncer between Woccommerce and Etsy. It is designed to be simple and effective.

Platy Syncer for Etsy is quick to set up and easy to use. No need to move outside of the product table page. Platy Syncer works by opening a popup and allowing you to immediately start syncing.

Platy Syncer for Etsy is an innovative plugin that is different than other WordPress plugins control experience. Platy Syncer settings are managed completely without the need for reloading the page. This makes for a smooth control experience.

Platy Syncer free version has no trial time and has all features unlocked. It is suitable for most lightweight stores.

To learn more about the capabilities of Platy Syncer for Etsy – read on.


Product syncing: Sync and update simple and variable products.
Product images: Sync product images.
Template support: Title formatting, market attributes, tags, materials, and price manipulation! Upto 2 templates on the free version.
Connections: Map between Woocommerce categories to Etsy categories and sections, Map Woocommerce shipping classes to Etsy shipping templates. Upto 5 connections on the free version.
Stock management. Sync with shop stock or fixed quantity.
Per product data – set individual product data through the Woocommerce product edit screen.
Product table control: Sync directly through the Woocommerce product table, no need to go to a different page!
Select all products: Supports selecting all products from the Woocommerce product table.
Product filtering: Filter by previously synced items as well as currently unsynced items.
Multiple shop support – as many shops as you’d like.
Draft Mode (Recommended) – We recommend always using draft mode. Once you are happy with the draft activate your products through the Etsy interface.
Developer friendly – modify products, inventory, and images.

Pro Features

Unlimted Templates – as many templates as you need.
Unlimted connections – as many connections as you want.
Etsy Product Links – Allows you to put links to your Etsy products from Woocommerce products pages.
Order Syncing – Sync orders from Etsy to your Woocommerce order table manually or automatically.
Variation Images – Sync variation images (check the help page for more info on this).
Fine Tune Syncing – Fine Tune your syncing for specific property syncing.
Auto Stock Syncing – 2-way auto stock syncing.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started:
1) Setup your shop in the Shops page.
2) In Platy Syncer, under connections, setup a default Etsy category.
3) In Platy Syncer, under connections, setup a default Etsy shipping template. If you dont have a shipping template, set one up on etsy.
4) In Platy Syncer, setup a template.
5) Start syncing!


  • Platy Syncer enables you to create templates for you products.
  • Platy Syncer enables you to easily manage categories, sections and shipping templates - by using "Connections".
  • Platy Syncer works directly through the Woocomerce product table, with a simple-to-use interface.


3 april 2022
This is by far the best Etsy sync plugin we've used, and we've tried many! The user interface is very modern, intuitive and easy to use, all features work flawlessly and syncing the products or updating them is super easy and quick. The support answers very quickly as well. We even requested a new feature that was implemented within a week! We can wholeheartedly recommend this plugin for anyone who wants easy and effective syncing between Woocommerce and Etsy!
19 maart 2022
I've used all the other runabouts in the last years for my etsy-connection, but none of them could cope with this plugin. It has ALL the features that you need, most notably the hourly order sinc (bi-directional stock wise!) and price-changes for your listing on etsy to handle the absurd etsy-fees. would rate 6 stars if possible...
7 februari 2022
Very, very very fast support for all my questions. Ideas are taken up and implemented if appropriate. Updates are provided very quickly. I am very thrilled.
6 januari 2022
We have been using this module for several month now and it works as intended. Developer is actively adding features and maintaining the plugin. Support has been fast and effective.
30 november 2021
I have 1600 listings on eBay with all of them having variations. These have been imported into Woocommerce and i wanted a way of getting them onto Etsy. This plugin is easy to set up if you follow the instruction (10 times easier than the eBay plugin or the impossible amazon plugins I use). This has made my job really easy especially if you create templates. I select the listings I want put onto Etsy, run the export tool, select the best-premade template and press the send button. after a minute I go into Etsy and tidy the listing up a bit. I looked at the few Etsy plugins that do this but all seemed to fail once variations were used but this plugin has no troubles with these. I had some minor issues with the plugin and these have been sorted by the developer quickly. Once stock syncing is available, which the developer is working on (pro version) this will be a plugin that will be worth its weight in gold. I have the pro version and the low cost, and the sales I have got because of this means it paid for itself in a couple of days. Easy to use, works well...What more can I say.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Platy Syncer Woocommerce to Etsy” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Fix: Better order sync logs.
  • Fix: Stock syncing ignores pending orders.


  • Fix: Fix for undefined varaible selected tid.
  • Fix: Order sync queries Etsy for at least the last day.


  • Fix: better logging for communication errors.


  • Fix: Fixed images in incosistent order error.
  • Fix: Fixed duplicate product syncing from sync button on edit page.
  • Feat: Added logs to image syncing.
  • Feat: Added Etsy link to sync button in product edit page.


  • Fix: The sync button on product edit should not appear before shop is validated.


  • Feature: Added sync button on product edit page.
  • Feature: Added SKU to order items.
  • Feature: Added status bar for auto syncing problem detection.
  • Fix: Order items Woo links point to edit page.


  • Pro Feature: Added advanced description modifiers.
  • Feature: Added links to Woo products on order page.


  • Fix: matching product varaitions by SKU as well.


  • Fix: Order syncing product linking issue.


  • Fix: Fixed issue causing auto order syncing to silently fail.


  • Fix: Countries in order syncing are taken by ISO code for better integration with Woocommerce.
  • Fix: Order syncing includes shipping method chosen by customer.
  • Fix: Stock sync link to logs fixed on help page.
  • Feature: added optional max quantity limit for stock syncing.
  • Fetaure: added input fields for variation exclusion.


  • Fix: fixed crash when order syncing to shop with global tax enabled.


  • Added hourly order syncing option.


  • fixed no such function str_start_with crash.


  • fixed help not appearing


  • added promotion admin notice.


  • 2-way Auto stock syncing feature added for pro version
  • Product linking feature added to allow for existing shops onboarding.


  • Bug fix – Support for variations on all attributes in case of different attribute name/labels.


  • Bug fix – Support for variations on all attributes.
  • Bug fix – Variation images bug fix.


  • Bug fix – 2020-2022 in the when made field bug fix.


  • Dont sync duplicate images.
  • Fixed errors from third party namespace collisions.
  • Out of stock on variations occur only when ALL variations are out of stock.
  • New lines are not removed in the description.
  • More informative syncing errors.


  • Fine tuned conversion between html and text descriptions.
  • Fixed multiple shops bug.


  • Better handling of product description html conversion to text.


  • Fixed pro link not working on the syncer.
  • Fixed undefined variable on go pro api.
  • Added _product_id meta for better integration on order sync.


  • New pro feature: Variation Images (please read the help section about this feature).
  • New pro feature: Fine Tune Syncing enables you to sync specific product fields.


  • Variable products quantities and skus may vary
  • Fixed public etsy link blocking other descriptions.


  • Warnings and notices should not appear for WP_DEBUG.
  • New Pro feature: Put Etsy product links on your Woocomerce product pages.


  • Fixed warnings from empty indexes.
  • Fixed plugin update error which doesnt allow successful authentication.


  • Updated to Etsy latest API.


  • Minor template bug fix.


  • Critical activation bug fixed.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8.1
  • Tested up to Woocomerce 5.7.1
  • Fixed bug: long template descriptions are now possible.


  • Fixed setup bug.


  • Plugin now requires api keys set by the user.


  • Now with order syncing


  • Whole new look for platy syncer
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed out of memory bug from getting Etsy categories


  • minor fixes


  • fixed crash from


  • Added support for multiple languages. The default is taken from the site language.
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.6
  • Added better keyword title enhancements such as removing duplicate words from title and title capitalizing.


  • Added sku modifier to title and description
  • SKUs now appear for simple products.


  • Added unique title words option
  • Added title word capitalizing.


  • Initial release.