Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

PixCaptcha Image Captcha for Gravity Forms


This plugin require the Gravity Forms Plugin. Don’t have Gravity forms? You can purchase it at

Add usable CAPTCHAs to your Forms

Pix-Captcha is a unique image-identification CAPTCHA that effectively protects your website from Internet abuse– in this case, your Gravity Forms from spam submissions. If you have already used the built in text CAPTCHA of Gravity Forms, you know that reading the text and figuring out the cryptic words can be quite difficult. Pix-Captcha replaces the existing CAPTCHA with easy to recognize images. Image recognition is easy for humans, but still quite difficult for computers, making submitting forms easy and secure.

Check out to get a set of keys, and try it out on your Gravity Forms today!

* Add Pix-Captcha to any and all of your forms.
* Customize Pix-Captcha per form.
* Customizations include: grid layout, image size, theme color, image noise level and type, and the option to display our logo.

If you already have the Picatcha plugin for WordPress, you can reuse the keys for this plugin too.

Known Issues:
* Currently, there is a slight incompatibility with the Picatcha Plugin for WordPress. If you enable PixCaptcha for Gravity Forms, then enable Picatcha for WordPress, there is a conflict with a common library. The PixCaptcha for Gravity Forms picatchalib has been patched. If you enable Picatcha for WordPress then enable Pix-Captcha for Gravity forms, it will work. This should only affect Picatcha for WordPress versions 1.3 and earlier.
* Displaying two forms (with Pix-Captcha in both) on the same page will cause only one Pix-Captcha to render. We’re looking into this. The Regular text CAPTCHA does this too.


  • Pix-Captcha on a form with a 5x2 grid, green theme color.

  • Picatcha Settings in the Forms menu. Enter your keys on this settings screen

  • Pix-Captcha settings in the Gravity Forms form editor.


To install for Gravity Forms on WordPress:

  1. Make sure that you have Gravity Forms for WordPress installed.
  2. Install the picatcha_gforms plugin in your standard way (or up load to your /wp-content/plugins directory).
  3. Get your Picatcha keys (Public and Private, if you do not already have a set) here
  4. Under the Forms menu (on your WordPress dashboard) chose ‘Picatcha’ (See screenshot 2).
  5. Enter your Public and Private keys into the two boxes, click Save.
  6. When editing your forms, you can select Pix-Captcha from the advanced fields menu. An image representing the image CAPTCHA will appear in your form. You can click on it to edit the visual settings, like the grid layout, color, image noise, etc.
  7. Save or update your form!


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