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PeerBoard gives your community a home they’ll love. This WordPress forum plugin brings everything you need to build a truly branded online community, connect with your customers, and grow without a single tech headache.

Get full access to all of your member info, contacts and stats without any restrictions.

Instead of a traditional forum, PeerBoard makes it easy to stay up to date with a single Facebook-like feed. Run PeerBoard on your own custom domain/subdomain or use an alias on our domain. Quickly transfer or add existing members through a simple email invite.

PeerBoard’s modern look and feel makes it a sight to behold and delight to use for every single user.


  • Rich user profiles: Let your members get recognized with taglines, rich bios, avatars and more
  • No code integration: Embed into your WordPress website
  • Private or public: Control your community’s visibility, access rights and registration options
  • Real-time threads: Facilitate valuable in-depth conversations with multi-level discussions
  • Intelligent feed: Our algorithm shoots the highest value posts to the top, based on engagement and recency
  • And much more: Real-time updates, a versatile admin panel and a full suite of powerful features


  • Product communities: Open the doors for your customers to share, discuss, and provide valuable feedback for your product. You’ll have a direct ear to what’s most important to them.
  • Professional communities: Ready to unlock a super-power of community generated content? PeerBoard takes Crowdsourcing and UGC from mere buzzwords to your secret weapon for growing your engagement.
  • Other scenarios: An ideal fit for gaming, hobbies, and any niche that has a dedicated user base. If there’s knowledge to be shared, PeerBoard is the perfect place to share it on.


  • Connect with your customers – Stand out from the competition by talking, helping, and building personal and lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Retain your members long-term – Foster the kind of valuable networks and strong connections between your members that keep them coming back.
  • Improve SEO with UGC content – Create a place where your users can share their own posts and read other people\’s content. This will lead to Increased dwell time, one of the factors that influences your website ranking on Google.


  • Newsfeed style. Instead of a traditional forum, PeerBoard makes it easy to stay up to date with a single Facebook-like feed.
  • Real-time conversations. PeerBoard updates forum pages in real time so that users can enjoy a deeper level of discussion.
  • Modern forum software. PeerBoard’s modern look and feel make it a sight to behold and delight to use for every single user.
  • Complete white label. Add custom colors, logos, categories, and topics to deliver a fully branded experience for every user.
  • No-code integration. Embed PeerBoard as a fully customizable page in your WordPress configuration in 10 minutes.
  • Robust user profiles. Allow users to create bios, receive badges, and build a history that identifies them to other members.
  • Easy email invite. Quickly transfer or add existing members through a simple email invite.
  • Rich editor. Allow users to create long-form content by including photos, videos, and formatted content.
  • Private or public. Control your community’s visibility, access rights and registration options.


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to PeerBoard > Settings and set required fields


Q: Do I need to know any coding to use this plugin?

No, we have built PeerBoard to be super easy to use and does not require you to manually build shortcodes or have any coding knowledge.

Q: Where can I see a demo?

There’s a live demo here.

Q: Is PeerBoard mobile responsive?

Yes. PeerBoard is designed to adjust nicely to any screen, including phones, tablets and desktops.

Q: How do I get support?

If you have trouble with PeerBoard plugin, you can get help on the support forums here or just drop us an email at

Q: I have a different question than listed here.

Check out our support forums here or send us an email at


2 juni 2021
I am actually a little frustrated with how close this came to my needs. Easy to use, clean interface, loads of options, perfectly tailored. If I were running my own site with a user board, this would instantly be a solution for me. Unfortunately, I am adminning a site for a nonprofit that can't afford any perks right now, so I had to uninstall it. Seriously, though, soon as I need a social site, this is my first port of call.
12 mei 2021
PeerBoard is a great solution by itself, but it's even better integrated with WordPress. I love that my community can be easily accessed on my WP site using just one login, and that if anything were to happen to my website, my PeerBoard community is safe! Highly recommended.
12 mei 2021
i use peerboard on my site and works perfectly. The support is amazing, i've used it during my first installation and together have discovered some little bug suddenly fixed. Top!
11 mei 2021
I'm using PeerBoard on my WordPress for 6 months and so far so good. There is many ways to integrate it with WordPress and I finally chose to run Peerboard and wordpress side by side without the plugin (I use the API to create users). I don't have to worry about wordpress issues and Peerbaord is reliable and easy to customize. I use it to build a community and also to replace my newsletter. My users "subscribe" to the community feed with a simple form and they can be involved in the community if they want to. To me, it's clearly the best move I've made to grow my site.
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= 0.7.5 – 2021-04-16
* Minor fixes

0.7.4 – 2021-04-07

  • Minor login fixes

0.7.3 – 2021-03-29

  • Push plugin version to peerboard

0.7.2 – 2021-03-13

  • Minor fixes

0.7.1 – 2021-03-12

  • Social logins fixed

0.7.0 – 2021-02-25

  • Login and logout reworked

0.6.9 – 2021-02-17

  • Minor bugfixes

0.6.8 – 2021-02-16

  • Fixed session related bugs

0.6.7 – 2021-02-15

  • Path prefix change now leads to peerboard page slug change

0.6.6 – 2021-02-11

  • Remove “hide header” option
  • Update plugin screenshots descriptions

0.6.5 – 2021-01-24

  • Fix: login out from wordpress now leads to peerboard logout

0.6.4 – 2021-01-24

  • Fix: plugin reactivation now uses old community instead of creating new one