ONVO Pay es una solución integrada de pagos en línea que ayuda a los comercios a vender más y mejor, mientras optimiza la experiencia de compra de los clientes.

Sus principales características son:

  • Habilita pagos por tarjetas de crédito y débito, así como transferencias bancarias (SINPE y SINPE Móvil).
  • No genera redireccionamiento ni requiere comprobantes.
  • Cuenta con la certificación PCI DSS, la normativa internacional de seguridad que deben cumplir todas las entidades que almacenan, procesan o transmiten datos de tarjetas.
  • Los clientes pueden elegir guardar su información de pago para compras futuras de un solo clic.
  • Toda la data transaccional se integra en un panel de fácil navegación, diseñado acorde con las mejores prácticas de usabilidad y experiencia de usuario.


  • The settings panel used to configure the gateway.
  • Normal checkout with ONVO Pay.
  • Checkout ONVO Pay options.


Modern way

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “ONVOpay”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Go to the onvopay.com to get the secret and public keys.
  5. Click on onvopay settings or go to WooCommerce settings > payments > click on onvopay.
  6. Paste the API Keys in the respective fields.
  7. Start collecting payments.

Old way

  1. Upload onvopay to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the onvopay.com to get the secret and public keys.
  4. Click on onvopay settings or go to WooCommerce settings > payments > click on onvopay.
  5. Paste the API Keys in the respective fields.
  6. Start collecting payments.


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  • Enhancement: Handle \WC_Data_Exception
  • Enhancement: Handle errors on renewals
  • Enhancement: Update JS event to show/hide spinner
  • Enhancement: Use order’s intent id if alredy set
  • Enhancement: disable #place_order btn during payment processing
  • Fix: Avoid creating of multiple intent for the same cart
  • Dev: Allow null params
  • Dev: Validate if order already has an intent id
  • Dev: Extract ONVO metadata functions
  • Dev: Define ONVO constants
  • Dev: Update debug functions context to include version


  • Enhancement: Add support for order-pay checkout page (Deposits, Order payment page)
  • Enhancement: Handle requires_confirmation, requires_payment_method, refunded, and canceled intent statuses
  • Dev: Save payment intent in Order when payment is completed


  • Dev: extend Intent object, add Builder
  • Fix: Fix reference to undefined property in Intent response
  • Enhancement: Add order note with ONVO details on processed payment


  • Fix: allow free orders
  • Fix: call set_id after $onvo_product_id is validated
  • Fix: add more specific selectors to avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Fix: Create payment-intents only for non-zero orders
  • Fix: validate if $price_id is not empty


  • Initial release.


  • error infinite loop fix


  • display errors from js to wp
  • set order failure when an error happen


  • fix JS issue


  • Update payment intent if the cart total changes


  • Fix subscription builder class error, missing function param


  • Fix a error when a subscription product is created for first time
  • Fix a PHP8 compatibility issue


  • Update descriptions


  • Trigger payment events on checkout page only
  • Adding error handling for non supported currencies
  • Adding error message when a non supported currency is in place


  • Find for order_ready mute error by matching text insted of using classes
  • Cast package dimensions from string to float
  • Do not trigger payment events on thank you pge


  • Woocommerce subscriptions enabled


  • ONVO one-click shopper autofill


  • Add mssing files to fix fatal error


  • Fix a general error


  • Including unversioned files


  • Updates subscription implementations leaving subs behavior to WC. Instead of creating a sub on ONVO, new intents will be created for the renewals.
  • Do not create an Onvo customer during guest checkouts


  • Adding missing file


  • Support multidomain (internal usage)
  • Add spinner loading
  • Update default copy
  • Plugin config: add debug mode option
  • Plugin config: add spiner color and opacity fields