NO admin premium NAGS


Simply stop the abusive admin nags from All in One SEO plugin and as well from YOAST Seo! Plus: Add your own CSS to the Admin Area.

Stopping the Admin Premium Ads for free

This simple Plugin, will clean most of the abusive admin Spam from the “All in One SEO” – Plugin. And NOW as well from the “YOAST SEO Plugin”
AIOSEO ist a great plugin, and we love it. BUT it is enough to mention it once that there are premium versions.
And there IS NO REASON to block functions, like e.g. the editing of Category Descriptions.
So this will clean things a little for us.

What the plugin does

  1. Clean the wp-admin bar from advertising AND useless links to functions that are not free, and therefor utterly useless links
  2. Reinig de AIOSEO configuratiepagina’s of Yoast SEO pagina’s van premium advertenties en tabbladen die naar nutteloze instellingen leiden, die niet beschikbaar zijn in de gratis versie
  3. Verwijder de vreemde advertentie op de categoriepagina
  4. Reinig het pagina/bericht editorscherm van talloze premium advertenties waardoor de editor er bijna uitziet als een reclamebord
  5. Option to load your own CSS into the WP Admin Area. The cutom admin CSS input runs with CodeMirror for an easier handling of the CSS input ( line numbers, color highlight, autocomplete).

Important: If you see new spam, PLEASE let us know!
We do write updates once we know, that new spam occurs!

de versie na 2.7 werkt nu ook met YOAST SEO.

Add your custom css, to clean even more

You can add your own CSS to block other nags on the settings page. We intend to develop this part further with snippets for the most annoying plugin naggers out there.

If you like that approach,
please get involved and send uns your snippets. Via email or on the WordPress support page 🙂


  • Settings page
  • Add your own CSS to the WP admin area
  • Category page with advertising before
  • Cleaned category page
  • Before- Admin bar menu with numerous advertising links
  • After – Clean menu
  • All in one SEO-beheerdersdashboard voorheen
  • After – removed ads from the view
  • WP-Dashbord met Premium Spam
  • Schoon WP-dashboard


To use as a normal plugin in WordPress single install and multisite.

  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress admin interface, or upload the folder /no-aioseop-nags/ to /wp-content/plugins/ using ftp.
  2. Activate the plugin via WordPress admin interface. If it is a multisite, network activate it.
  3. If you want to add own admin css or deactivate the the blocking without deactivating the plugin itself.
    Go to WordPress Admin > Appearance > No All in one SEO Notifications… OR use the settings link on the main the plugins page

Note: individual css added through this plugin will be deleted upon uninstall.


Hoe de aangepaste CSS optie gebruiken?

Just add your CSS into the field and hit save. This can be used to add your custom WP admin CSS, e.g. to change fonts, colors etc. OR to block other advertising, update, rate.. ads. Or you can use for example it to hide menu items.

Who is this plugin for?

Het is gemaakt voor beheerders, site eigenaren, blog eigenaren die gewoon niet overal in hun backend premium spam willen zien.

Can I do this without the plugin?

Sure, at least most of it! You could use your function.php and add / enque these admin styles and the de-registration of the AOSEOP script, that blocks you to save category descriptions from there.
Drop me a line, and I will send you the CSS / function.

Kan ik dit gebruiken voor Yoast SEO?

Ja, sinds Versie 2.8 blokkeren we ook de YOAST Seo Premium spam.

Kan ik dit gebruiken om b.v. advertenties van JetPack en anderen blokkeren?

Of course you can: with the custom CSS settings. You might want to use CSS comments there so as not to later get confused with the number of lines in your own CSS. For easier handling, we have integrated CodeMirror from version 3.3 to have line numbering, autocomplete, color highlighting and more features for your CSS code.

Ik heb iets anders nodig. Kan ik je inhuren?

Yes. Please get in touch via email ( with a brief description of your requirement and budget for the project and we will start something else together.

This plugin is simple, but I want to show my appreciation?

Well, go for it! You can either make a donation or leave a rating to motivate me to keep working on the plugin.


5 april 2022
Last drop was when AIOSEO blocked categories list in WP admin with their blurred “buy pro” block. Breaking WP functionality and demanding premium is just too much. Thanks guys.
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  • Date: 3.April.2024
  • Bugfix: “is_plugin_active” was causing PHP errors in some installations
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 4.May.2023
  • Added CodeMirror to the custom admin css
  • Renaming no “NO admin premium NAGS – please”, beacuse the AIOSEO was causing confusion with YOAST users
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 28.April.2023
  • blocking multiple new spam ideas on AISOE after their recent update
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 24.April.2023
  • minor bug fixes
  • updated translation
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 16.April.2023
  • fixes problems due to incomplete plugin upload
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 16.April.2023
  • minor fixes causing php errors
  • minor fixes assuring YOAST span is blocked as well on the frontend
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 13.March.2023
  • updated settings page
  • added German language support, translation
  • minor bug fixes due to the new YOAST funtions
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 12.March.2023
  • added YOAST Seo blocking of premium ads
  • updated settings page
  • minor bug fixes
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 6.March.2023
  • removed new search statistics spam
  • removed openAI api spam
  • updated settings page
  • minor bug fixes
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 21.August.2022
  • removed new spam
  • removed misleading spam links on the post an page editor
  • re-enabled General Settings > Webmaster Tools and removed the spam
  • added new sub-menu link to the AIOSEO settings
  • added new sub-menu link to WP admin bar for disabling the menu
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 2.April.2022
  • removed new spam
  • removed misleading spam links on the post an page editor
  • re-enabled General Settings > Webmaster Tools and removed the spam
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 31.January.2022
  • removed new spam link in admin bar
  • added new option to disable the the seo menu in the admin-bar
  • minor bugfixes caused by the recent wordpress update
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 30.December.2021
  • added new option to disable the the seo menu in the admin-bar
  • added check wether AIOSEO is installed
  • updated language file
  • minor bugfixes caused by the recent update
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 29.December.2021
  • Added new function to enable custom css without using the blocking function enabled
  • minor bugfixes (php errors)
  • added blocking of the advertising “redirection” manager link
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 20.December.2021
  • Added new functions to allow adding of own css to the wp admin area
  • Added new plugin settings page
  • Added spam-classes to be blocked
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 16.March.2021
  • Added spam-classes to be blocked
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 16.July.2020
  • Added Screenshots
  • Updated Readme.txt


  • Date: 10.July.2020
  • First release of the plugin.