Netgíró Payment Gateway for Woocommerce


When you use our free WooCommerce plugin as a Netgíró provider you can accept instant payments in your online stores.

Netgíró helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales. We have been offering Icelandic consumers a solution for simple and secure payments since 2012. The Icelandic market widely supports Netgíró online and offline, with thousands of consumers using it daily.

With Netgíró being a secure and convenient payment solution, we offer customers to pay right away or pay an invoice at the beginning of a new month. Spreading payments or taking a loan is also an option, whatever suits the customer.

Maximize your revenue by offering your customers the option of using Netgíró as a payment method. Netgíró offers a simple and convenient solution if customers wish to spread payments for larger purchases for up to 24 months (some restrictions may apply based on the total amount). They can use Netgíró as a payment method and spread the payments by themselves in the app or customer pages, even after they pay.

Want to increase sales? Make your customers aware that they can pay with Netgíró on your checkout pages. You’ll increase your number of customers and Netgíró takes the risk of any possible defaults. You always get paid in full, no matter what type of payment customers choose.

Join the network of 2,000 retailers in Iceland who are using Netgíró as a payment method in their online and brick and mortar shops. Please note that this plugin is exclusive to Iceland, since Netgíró is currently not available in other markets.

We wish you many successful sales!


When you install our free Woocommerce plugin for WordPress, you can easily offer your customers the option of using Netgíró’s quick and secure payment solution, whether they are using it on desktop or mobile. We use the iFrame and POST integration and the process of installation is rather simple:
1. Upload the Netgíró WooCommerce plugin through the WordPress plugin manager.
2. Configure the plugin with your Application ID and Secret key from your account on


What are the benefits of offering Netgíró?

By offering Netgíró as a payment method, you can increase the number of customers who can pay just with their mobile phone or online checkout. Since Netgíró increases consumer safety and simplifies their purchasing processes, purchases become easier, more regular and paid on time. That will increase sales and interest in your business.

How can my company offer Netgíró?

Register on our page: A sales manager will then contact you and, if needed, arrange an additional meeting to help you with the details.


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  • Tested up to WordPress version 6.2.2 and WooCommerce version 7.2.2


  • Tested up to WordPress version 5.9.3 and WooCommerce version 6.5.1


  • Added callback for payment confirmation


  • Fix failure message


  • Read plugin version number dynamically


  • Add WooCommerce version check feature


  • Our Woocommerce plugins use the iFrame and POST integration