MiMi – AI engines for site


All-in-one AI solution for any WordPress site. The MiMi – AI engines for site plugin provides the latest AI technologies for your website including AI search (semantic search), AI chatbot, product recommendations, dynamic pricing, automated workflows, and much more.

Major features in MiMi – AI engines for site include:

  • 🔍 AI search (semantic search): MiMi redefines the search experience by replacing the standard search box with semantic search capabilities by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.
  • 💬 AI chatbot: The MiMi AI engines can automatically learn & update knowledge from your site to provide an AI chatbot. So, the site can answer questions from visitors automatically.
  • 📦 Product recommendations: This feature works well with WooCommerce. The MiMi machine learning algorithms can learn from your site products and visitors’ behavior to bring recommender systems to your site.
  • 🤖 Virtual Assistants: Empower your website with intelligent assistants in customer services, sales, and marketing optimization through the advanced AI capabilities of MiMi.
  • 🏷️ Dynamic Pricing: MiMi’s AI algorithm serves as a virtual sales assistant, assisting websites in making flexible and tailored pricing decisions for each customer based on their behavior.
  • ✅ Automations: Eliminate manual tasks. MiMi empowers website owners to establish automated workflows for customer service, marketing, sales, and various other activities.

Third party resources we use:

After activating this plugin, we use MiMi’s APIs to call AI-related services that require GPUs resource that the WordPress website does not meet the requirements. The MiMi’s APIs includes AI services such as semantic search, chatbots, and product recommendations. Please read the MiMi API service terms of use and privacy policy


  • MiMi – Init data
  • MiMi – AI chatbot
  • MiMi – AI search (semantic search)
  • MiMi – AI product recommendations
  • MiMi – Themes & styles setting
  • MiMi – Search setting
  • MiMi – Product recommendations setting
  • MiMi – Chatbot setting
  • MiMi – Conversations
  • MiMi – Search forms


How to install the MiMi – AI engines for site Plugin

Please follow the steps for installation:

VIA WordPress

  1. After your download log into your WordPress admin interface
  2. After login click on Plugins from the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Add new
  4. Click on Upload
  5. Browse to the directory you downloaded the plugin to and click Install Now
  6. After WordPress has finished unpacking the file click on Activate Plugin
  7. After the plugin has been activated you will notice a new menu item on the left-hand navigation labeled MiMi AI.
  8. Done. Start exploring the world’s best WordPress AI plugin!


  1. After your download, unzip BookingPress from your download .zip
  2. Open your FTP client
  3. Browse to /your_wp_instalation/wp-content/plugins/ on your hosting server
  4. Upload mimi into this directory
  5. Go to your WordPress admin panel
  6. Go to plugins and activate MiMi
  7. After the plugin has been activated you will notice a new menu item on the left-hand navigation labeled MiMi.
  8. Done. Start exploring the world’s best WordPress AI plugin!


Do I need a Large Language Model to work with MiMi?

Absolute no. The MiMi plugin provides a complete solution for your site without any other LLMs integrated and you don’t have to pay for third parties. MiMi also has an optional setting, in case you want the chatbot to increase response speed and accuracy, you can integrate it with OpenAI in the settings section.

Do I need a GPU or AI server to work with MiMi?

Absolute no. MiMi is an All-in-one solution and you don’t have to do anything related to the AI mechanism behind it.

Do I need to provide training data for the AI to work?

No! The MiMi plugin will automatically parse your site’s content to train the AI model.

Do I need to have coding skills to use MiMi?

There is no need to learn any coding skills for operating the MiMi. Just install and explore!

Can I try the demo version before installing it?

Yes, please visit the Demo site from here to have a look.

I have a feature idea. What’s the best way to tell you about it?

We care about your feature ideas and what you have to say. If you have any ideas or bugs while using MiMi, you can do it here.


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  • Initial release
  • Includes: Semantic search, AI chatbot, product recommendations, conversations, and contacts management.