Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

SMu Manual DoFollow


This plugin will set all Trackbacks and Pingbacks automatically to DoFollow Links.

The user comments will get after X comments from a unique mailaddress automatically DoFollow status. All other comments have NoFollow, except the Admin enable manually the DoFollow Status. The status which is set manual (if DoFollow or NoFollow) will overrides the automatical process. So, you have the control if someone gets sooner the DoFollow status, or never maybe. Of corse, the automatism can be disabled to do the hole work manually.

You get an support automatism, that you don’t need to check daily, but have the full control power.

Additonal this plugin validated all DoFollow URLs and will notice if there are broken links. Broken Links are very bad the Rank in the Search Engines (SEO).

Home Page of the Plugin: IT Blögg – WordPress Manual DoFollow Plugin

If you have a wish for new functions, please contact me.


  • Overview where you can select which Commenter gets DoFollow/NoFollow/Auto
  • The new admin menu item for the plugin
  • Configure Options of the Plugin
  • Optional: Cronjobs can be added for URL Validator
  • List of all DoFollow Links and URL Validator with multiple Options (revalidate, delete & edit URL and also notify user)


  1. Upload manual_dofollow.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the Plugin on the Settings page
  4. Add if wished a Cronjob for the URL Validator


Need this plugin a lot of performance?

This plugin has 2 diffrent functions.
The First, two diffrent Link functions: the automatically and manually-set status.
First, the Plugin checks if there is a manual-set status, which needs nothing on performance, because its connect to a very small database which contains small data.

If there is no manuall set status, the automatism is checking the comments table for the amount of comments of the user. If you have a very large number of comments, you can feel a very small decrease. But if you really have more than ~20’000 entries, you will choose a Cache Plugin anyway.

The Secound is the URL Validater. This can made manually, via Cronjob or automatically over wp-cron.
The manually needs a little bit of time but will not decrease performance for the readers, also the cronjob.
The best way for big blogs with a hugh amount of links is the cronjob.

This Plugin can be used with any Cache Plugin which caches the database querys and objects. As example the W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache Plugin.

Is there a database modification?

Yes, there is are 2 new tablse added in the wordpress database with the name wp_man_dofollow and wp_man_dofollow2. This Databases contains the information about manual set DoFollow/NoFollow Users and the time/status when the link is checked the last time.
The first table wp_man_dofollow content is a mailadress and an ENUM(yes,no) value.
The secound table wp_man_dofollow2 contains the URL, Status and Lastcheck time.

Both databases doesn’t need a lot of space and performance to generate the needed functions.

Are there any known bugs?

No, otherwise I would fix it 🙂
Please test the Plugin and report every bug or feature request to me on IT Blögg – WordPress Manual DoFollow Plugin


10 februari 2020
Deactivating by bulk activity apply causes error message from WP: “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”
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  • ‘Use of undefined constant’ PHP Notice fixed


  • $wpdb->escape() replaced with sql_esc()


  • js colorpicker removed


  • Update to remove the warning of no updates 😉


  • Replaced depricated functions


  • Changelog now visible by the Plugin List for Updates


  • Support for some Frameworks added


  • Hook improvement for NoFollow replacement


  • New Translation added for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). Thanks to Dhany


  • PHP 5.3 ready


  • Bugfix in the Template about “invalid data submitted” on comment submit
  • precomment hook: filter changed to action (WP 3.1)
  • Small correction to not check how old article are, if no URL is submitted


  • Bugfix about DoFollow Users and Links will show now all Entries (including Automatism). Thanks to Patrick


  • Possible to show now that the own Blog is DoFollow with a Text Message under the Comment Form


  • Trackbacks and Pingbacks can now be set to all DoFollow or all NoFollow


  • Changelog added directly in the plugin including Feedback URL
  • Readme compatibility enhanced


  • Commenter Name was visible by disabled automatism got fixed


  • Small correction about missspelling (german language).
  • Fixed the problem that Trackbacks and Pingbacks had no URL when an article was older then 30 days
  • Fixed rel="external" replacement by DoFollow


  • Added Protection that URL field will not saved when commenter adds the field again manually with tools, or the field is not hidden from template.
  • Added possibility to open all Links in new window with target="_blank" (Non W3C/XHTML Conform) or Java onclick=",'_blank');return false;" (W3C/XHTML Conform)


  • Option added to hide URL field by comments on old articles (after 30 days). Thanks to Tanja and Marc.


  • Small correction about missspelling (german language). Thanks to Daniel


  • Buttons added in comment page for DoFollow or NoFollow


  • All Links can be edited manually over the plugin
  • Admin can inform User when he gets DoFollow Status manually
  • Small correction about missspelling
  • Replaced some Textlinks with Icons (space-saving)


  • Selectable which User will be shown on the main page
  • All DoFollow, NoFollow comments from a User can be listed (Popup)
  • Path in PO languages file corrected


  • All DoFollow comments from a User can be listed
  • Autofix for Dead URLs implemented
  • Dead URLs Fix for Safe Mode On


  • WP Cron delete function fixed for 3.x
  • WP-Cron complete deleted temporary (unstable and PHP errors)


  • WP Cron deactivated because of instability of cron
  • Cron delete function extists since WP 3.x not anymore


  • Implementation of manually single URL Validation with visible response


  • Bugfix in WP Cron Implementation if no Settings are made allready
  • Creation of Table Code Improovments
  • JS Bugfix about wrong URL


  • Implementation of URL Validator
  • Cronjob an WP Cron (BETA) added for automatical URL Validator
  • Added DB Table for URL Validator
  • Small DB corrections


  • Hotfix for the wrong path by the images
  • Comments filter comment_text added


  • Plugin Count corrected for Comments without Links
  • Hotfix for the wrong path by the js


  • Options page added for more flexability
  • Automatation of DoFollow can be activated/deactivated
  • Automatation of DoFollow after X comment is now configurable
  • Cache will be auto empty on new settings
  • Direct link to Settings in the plugin list added


  • Colors added for more visibility and Admin comfort
  • Deinstallation Hook added
  • Autoupdate of DB fixes implemented
  • Compatibility fix for long mail addresses


  • Comments added to the sourcecode
  • trackback and pingback don’t need a db query anymore


  • Auto DoFollow Status after 3rd Comment
  • Manual DoFollow/NoFollow overrides Auto
  • DB Index added for high performance (database)


  • Language enabled (EN / DE)
  • Published on


  • Admin Menu added
  • Comments filter get_comment_author_link added