Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

KJM Admin Notices


KJM Admin Notices helps you communicate with your other website users by providing a complete way of managing and displaying nice admin notices inside the WP admin panel.


  • Create, manage and display to admin users nice custom dismissible notices.
  • Designed in a will to improve communication between admins and others users and roles.
  • Each notice can be styled based on the 4 built-in WordPress notices : info (blue), success (green), warning (yellow), error (red).
  • Choose to which roles you want to display / send notice.
  • Notices are dismissible by the user, on a per user basis.
  • Assign tags, category, author, publish date to your notice.
  • Shortcodes : 3 handy shortocdes available as placeholders into the title or the body message : [kjm_website_domain], [kjm_display_name] and [kjm_admin_login].
  • Email notifications : Send notices by email to your users. Send copy to the admin.
  • Scheduled Notices publication : plan your announcements in advance and publish them later.
  • You can even enable WordPress comments on your notices to turn this into a collaborative system!
  • Designed in a will to improve website management and updates by providing a kind of website maintenance log.
  • Save general system information along with notice : WordPress version, active plugins and versions, theme and version, child-theme and version.


  • Admin Notices display.
  • Settings page.
  • Edit Notice page.
  • Post type list page.


  1. Upload kjm-admin-notices to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Settings -> KJM Admin Notices’ to review the available global options.
  4. Start creating your notices by going to ‘Manage KJM Admin Notices’ and have fun!


Installed plugin but I don’t see how I can use it?

Don’t forget to go to ‘Settings -> KJM Admin Notices’ and activate both ‘KJM Admin Notices’ and ‘Notice Post Type’. Once done, you will be able to add notices. Since v1.0.8, this option is checked by default after the first install.

Admin Notices don’t get sent by email?

First, make sure the ‘Send Email’ option is on. Same thing on your notice edit screen, make sure the ‘Send Email’ option is checked. Also make sure you checked relevant roles in ‘ Show Notice to Roles’. Since version 1.0.8, notices are sent on the first time the notice is published. You will see a big gray button in the ‘Sent’ column which shows to how many people the notice has been sent.

Why on publish, Admin Notices always get the ‘Private’ status?

This is a built-in feature. At current state, KJM Admin Notices always set the status of a Notice to ‘Private’ on publish. It is to make sure only logged-in users can see notices and them comments, if ‘Allow Comments’ option is enabled. Future releases will have more options about it.

How to use shortcodes?

There are currently 3 different shortcodes available in KJM Admin Notices.

  1. [kjm_website_domain] will be replaced with the base website domain name. Eg. ‘’. Can be used in title and content.
  2. [kjm_display_name] will be replaced with the user Display Name. Eg. ‘John Doe’. Can be used in title and content.
  3. [kjm_admin_login] will be replaced with the login URL to your website. Eg. ‘’. Can be used in content only.
Are there some future improvements planned?
  • Display notices on the frontend to public visitors : Coming in the next major release!
  • Custom notices background color : Coming in the next major release!
  • Add readmore management with JS in notices display. Eg : “Show More” toggle.
  • Add an AJAX notes system on notices (different plugin?).


4 december 2018
This plugin truly deserves 5 out of 5 stars. You know those update notifications that plugins and wordpress serves on the admin panel? This plugin allows you to create your own! Perfect for an intranet or membership site. You can choose different colors, and also show different notifications by user role. Definitely a plugin I always hoped and dreamed for!
29 augustus 2017
Just what I needed. I used this to embed a 'project color guide' at the top of admin pages for a client who likes to use off the wall clashing colors.
17 oktober 2016
It does the job, it works as it should according to the description. If you're looking to send notices to other users on your site, this plugin will help you do exactly that.
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Verified compatibility with WP 5.0.

  • Tested plugin with WordPress 5.0 intallation;
  • Fixed wrong action name preventing a link to the settings page to display on the plugins list page;
  • Changed a constant name.


Two bugs fixes, one styling issue and one bug on checkboxes introduced in version 1.0.7.

  • Improved custom fields save and update handling.
  • Fixed post meta new value was not taken in account when un-checked checkboxes.
  • Fixed some plugin styles that was not properly isolated.


Bug fixes for notice email sending and notice admin display.

  • Fixed Notice duplicate ID causing display error in some cases.
  • Fixed Send Email behavior, emails are now sent on the first save.
  • Fixed Send Email on planned publication.

*** Thanks to @koullis for pointing us the issues! ***


New EN and FR translations, bug fixes for auto-publish WP feature and email metabox display.

  • Fixed planned Notices was not displaying on auto-publish.
  • Fixed email metabox should not appear if send email plugin option is off.
  • Added English (US and CA) translations.
  • Added French (CA) translations.
  • Updated French translations.

*** Thanks to @koullis for pointing us the planned publication issue! ***


Improvements and bug fixes. Verified compatibility with WP 4.9

  • Added ability to define users roles or capability who are allowed to send notices.
  • Added a “Debug” metabox for debugging purposes.
  • Implement local-settings file loading.
  • Fixed Global Param “Child Theme” value.


Many small changes, improvements and bug fixes and verified compatibility with WP 4.7

  • Compatibility check test with WP 4.7.
  • Updated languages files. Replaced “Modify Notice” by “Edit Notice” in translation strings.
  • Only call save_metaboxes() method on kjm_notice CTP. Thanks to “Cesar” for reporting this bug 🙂
  • Prevent a PHP Strict Standards message to display.


  • Corrected typos in README.txt file.
  • Moved away extra code not intended for this plugin in an external file.
  • Versionned admin base class to prevent conflits between plugins.
  • Removed unused files and deactivated some unused code.


  • Added an alternate updater to update from custom servers instead of WP.
  • Removed local settings data.


Added possibility to customize display of notices, hardened security, and a lot of new features.

  • Only display notices to those in the targeted roles.
  • Allow hiding title, metas and dismiss link.
  • Updated languages strings. Added language strings to .pot file. Added FR traduction.
  • Only send notice to selected user roles.
  • Added option to allow Comments system on Notices CPT.
  • Added metabox to display global application params : WP version, active plugins, themes.
  • Added checkbox on CPT to allow sending a copy to admin email.
  • Added “Manage KJM Admin Notices” in the plugin options page.
  • Force Notice CPT to be in Private mode (for comments to be private too).
  • Added metaboxes and function to manage roles to send / display notices.
  • Enhancement of the get_items() admin base method.
  • Added filter “kjm_plugin_admin_base_get_items” to allow external modification.
  • Cleaning in class-kjm-plugin-admin-base.php
  • Do not display “Manage KJM Admin Notices” if CPT isn’t activated.
  • Js for “show to all / none” toggling in admin edit CPT screen.
  • Corrected bugs in send_email_notice() function.
  • Reinitialize variables $to, $subject and $body to prevent reuse of data.
  • Added role “none” to exclude from emailing notices.
  • Added nonces to securize requests. Done on options page and AJAX calls.
  • Added an upgrade version automatic detection and process.


  • Fix : Dont send email notice to some users roles (subscriber, contributor, customer).


  • Initial release of kjm-admin-notices.
  • Refactorized to WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0.