Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer


Deze plugin laat je makkelijk de templates van de standaard transactie-e-mails van WooCommerce aanpassen. Bewerk de ontwerpen via de eigen WordPress customizer voor directe visuele aanpassingen. Pas de tekst aan, inclusief de e-mail body, of ieder aparte template in WooCommerce, zonder dat je code hoeft aan te passen.

Functies omvatten

  • Bekijk je WooCommerce e-mails live in je scherm.
  • Importeer voorgebouwde e-mail ontwerpen om snel te beginnen.
  • Ontwerp je e-mails zodat ze bij je merk passen.
  • Pas de koppen, ondertitel en body tekst aan.
  • Stuur test e-mails, zodat je het werkelijke resultaat in je inbox krijgt.
  • Exporteer en importeer je instellingen zonder probleem.

Stuur geen flauwe e-mails

Maak indruk op je klanten en creëer zichtbaarheid van je merk door je WooCommerce e-mails een facelift te geven, zowel qua vorm als qua inhoud, met Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer.

Full Video Walkthrough

Watch video walkthrough here.


We doen ons best om je te helpen met je vragen. Gebruik daarvoor alsjeblieft de ondersteuning forums!


Met dank aan RightPress hebben we een groot deel van de code en structuur gehaald uit Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer by RightPress.
Met dank aan The Beaver Builder Team hebben we onze importeer/exporteer-functionaliteit uit Customizer Export/Import
Dankzij cristian-ungureanu kunnen we meer met de voettekst en social media via Customizer Repeater
Dankzij soderlind hebben we de bereikcontrolefunctionaliteit gehaald uit WordPress Customizer Range Value Control
Ook dankzij soderlind hebben we onze toggle functionaliteit gehaald uit WordPress Customizer Toggle Control


  • Overzicht van de beschikbare opties

  • Pas kleuren, lettertypes, achtergronden enzovoorts aan

  • Pas de tekst aan zodat het bij je merk past


Installeer de plugin in de /wp-content/plugins/ map en activeer de plugin.


What emails can I customize?

The Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer plugin allows you to customize the style and text of all core WooCommerce emails. This plugin hooks into the main woocommerce email function to style emails and setup templates to allow you to customize the design and text. Some WooCommerce extensions add new emails to woocommerce core. Generally these emails will adapt the style (header, footer, colors, etc) you set up with the plugin but they will not be available to preview and there text will not be editable through our plugin.

We have added support for some WooCommerce extensions like WooCommerce Subscriptions, Germanized for WooCommerce, Woocommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway.

If you are a plugin author and wish to collaborate to add support for your plugin please contact us.

My body text is not changing, what can I do?

In your admin navigate to WooCommerce > Status and scroll down to template overrides. If you are override email templates then that is your issue and you need to remove those overrides if you want the Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer plugin to control the templates.

My emails are not translated?

WooCommerce core has a large group of translators that generously translate the plugin into many languages. The Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer plugin does not have translations for many of these languages so you will need to translate some strings yourself. The easiest way to do this is through the Loco Translate plugin. You can install this plugin and translate parts of the emails like Price, Product, Quantity, etc into your language.

After you create your translations make sure to clear your server cache from any caching plugins. Also go to woocommerce > status > tools and clear your template cache.


17 mei 2023
This plugin is by far the most complete of Woocommerce, it allows you to customize practically every aspect of the email. In addition, the developers offer extremely agile support. The only issue that left something to be desired was the translation into Brazilian Portuguese, which despite being completed (almost a year ago), for some reason it has not yet been applied to the plugin.
26 februari 2023 1 reactie
This plugin is very useful and well coded. Thanks for it!
24 februari 2023 1 reactie
Never had an issue, always fast, seems well coded, always worked like I wanted it to, touched it once or twice and never had to tinker with it again. 5 stars.
11 februari 2023 1 reactie
I've tried a few plugins that accomplish the same thing, and this one is currently the most effective for me. Been using it for 3+ years, and support is excellent! please keep up the good work and thank you for this time saving plugin.
17 december 2022 1 reactie
Would leave 0 stars if I could. No matter what I tried, the images included in the email will not display. Do not install this, it is a waste of time.
7 oktober 2022 3 reacties
The plugin didn't work with Oxygen Builder and was overloading my server. The real serious problem emerged when I wanted to delete the plugin and restore the original woocommerce email templates. It wasn't possible, so I had to restore my latest backup to get the website running again.
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  • Fix: Issue with subtitle translation for WPML.
  • Fix: Issue with disabling mobile notice.


  • Fix: style issue in customizer since 6.2


  • Update: Tweak getting order meta for HPOS support.


  • Add: Option to Disable additional content.
  • Add: Option to disable mobile messaging.
  • Update: Declare HPOS support.
  • Update: Template file version numbers.
  • Fix: Typo in settings.


  • Fix: Possible issue with admin+ PHP objection injection in settings importer.


  • Fix: Prevent email mockup url from direct access.


  • Fix: Possible bug with placeholders and WPML


  • Fix: Possible bug with get_id for WPML filter.


  • Update: Add some filters for body content and subtitle WPML support.


  • Update: Template version numbers to prevent confusion.
  • Update: Small tweek for outlook styles.


  • Update: Prevent an error if using old woocommerce.


  • Update: Add in Shipping Phone.
  • Update: Pot file.


  • Update: Support WC 6.0 email template changes


  • Fix: home url in email header.
  • Fix: html error in email header.


  • Update: Better image support for outlook email client.
  • Update: Make the email selection translatable.
  • Fix: issue with heading text resetting when you type in certain areas.


  • Fix: Possible issue with billing address format.


  • Fix: Button Text color not changing.
  • Fix: Import/Export support for special characters.


  • Update: Make email address a link so it can be styled.
  • Update: RTL improvement with light order table style.


  • Update: Show support for WC 4.8 and WP 5.6


  • Update: Tweak address css.
  • Update: Show WC 4.3.0 support.
  • Add: {site_address} placeholder.
  • Add: Image size option for product images.


  • Update: Tweak some email styling for better consistency.
  • Update: Prevent an error when previewing invoice emails with Germanized


  • Update: Tweak some email styling for better consistency.
  • Add: Alt to footer social image.


  • Update: Link header image to site.
  • Update: Show WC 4.0 support.


  • Update: Fix multilingual bug.


  • Update: Fix possible bug in mac mail app.
  • Update: Add change_locale action for polylang.


  • Fix: Classes to order totals table so it’s possible to style specifically.
  • Fix: Additional Information in customer retry payment email.


  • Update: Add Classes to order totals table so it’s possible to style specifically.
  • Update: Add Classes to email body so you can add styles that only effect certain emails.
  • Add: Option to Customer Payment Retry email to make payment link a button.
  • Add: Option to Customer Payment Retry email to use {invoice_pay_link} placeholder in content.
  • Add: Option to edit Store manager Payment Retry email.
  • Update: Add {customer_email} placeholder.
  • Update: get_product to wc_get_product – thanks @dustinpitcher


  • Update: Tweak android style.


  • Update: Prevent some third-party issues with filter arguments.


  • Update: Fix bug in plan text email.
  • Update: Add $email default to prevent some fatal errors with plugins using non standard email templates.


  • Update: Fix bug in Gmail mobile app causing footer to not fill the space.


  • Update: Translation issue with account email.
  • Fix: Header image styling bug.
  • Fix: Better placeholder fall back for names in account emails.
  • Update: Check for order object for email preview.


  • Update: Translation issue with subscriptions email.
  • Add: Preview Support for Stripe emails
  • Fix: Tweak how languages are set in emails for better support.


  • Update: Woo Waiting Update
  • Fix: Translation String.
  • Update: Check if $email isset.


  • Remove: Retry Payment Preview Generate until more testing can be done or consulting with the plugin authors. Currently will only preview with orders that are actively in the Retrying payment phase.


  • Fix: Language string for account button.
  • Add: Option to remove account link in welcome email.
  • Add: More placeholders for Additional Content.
  • Add: Customer Payment Retry Email Type.


  • Add: Formal German po.
  • Update: Language files.


  • ADD: Fluid/Responsive Setting
  • ADD: Inner Max width Setting
  • ADD: Additional Content
  • ADD: Address Padding
  • ADD: Button Styles ( Plus options for some links to be buttons ).
  • UPDATE: All tempaltes updated for WC 3.7
  • Update: Table Padding now has left and right seperate from top and bottom padding.
  • Update: Container border has top, right, bottom, left width options.


  • Update: Prevent errors from breaking emails when 3rd party plugins are doing it wrong.
  • Update: Woocommerce subscriptions template translation string.
  • Add: hungarian files.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Subscriptions Switch preview email.
  • Fix: Font family selection not working issue.


  • Change: Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce support.
  • Fix: Issue with emails missing style.
  • Update: Polish Translation.
  • Update: Plugin Icon.
  • Add: option to turn off social section.


  • Add: Polish Translation. Thanks Łukasz
  • Add: Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce support.


  • Update: Show WC 3.6 support.


  • Update: WC Membership Support.


  • Fix: PHP error.


  • Add: Username placeholder for some emails.
  • Add: Flatsome Support.


  • Fix: placeholder for account emails.
  • Add: Whatsapp and Pinterest Images.


  • Fix: Padding issue with order details.
  • Fix: Subscription Cancelled email preview.


  • Fix: Issue with WP Multilang.
  • Add: {year} for use in the footer.
  • Fix: Force image to refreash email loaded so settings work.


  • Fix: Issue with WooCommerce Order Status Manager.
  • Update: Better fallback if Order is Deleted.


  • Fix: Divi theme issue in email customizer.
  • Fix: Issue with Themeisle theme.


  • Fix: PHP undefined notices
  • Fix: Some emails not showing image when image turned on.
  • Add: Danish translation.


  • Fix: Container Border
  • Update: WPML Config


  • Add: Warning about Box Shadow not being well supported by email clients.
  • Update: Better Outlook Inbox support.


  • Add: Romania and Catalan Translation.
  • Update: Preview url for better support.
  • Add: Waitlist Support.


  • Fix: Partial refund text.
  • Add: New option for product photo in email.
  • Fix: Outlook issue.
  • Update: Woo 3.5 currently not adding the footer text to templates. May consider adding later and making editable.


  • Add Translations: Finnish.
  • Update: Translations, remove some fuzzy.


  • Add Translations: Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (BR), Russian.


  • Bug Fix: Notices in customzier.


  • Bug Fix: PHP 5.2.4 probleem


  • Bug fix: achter de scheidingslijn (separator) kan er geen absolute positionering verkregen worden


  • Eerste release