Jupiter X Core


Jupiter X Core plugin provides the necessary core functionality for Jupiter X theme. All Jupiter X users need to install and activate this plugin to use the full feature of the theme.

  • Advanced Control Panel to handle template and plugin installation, manage settings, and more.
  • Advanced Customizer to customize different parts of the website.
  • Header, footer, single, archive builders.
  • New Elementor widgets.
  • New Elementor Dynamic tags.
  • and more.

It’s worth mentioning that, some of the features are disabled for the Jupiter X Lite theme.


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


1 juni 2022
2.0.9 broke my site Missing file /wp-content/plugins/jupiterx-core/includes/customizer/settings/layout/popup.php Even the folder /wp-content/plugins/jupiterx-core/includes/customizer/settings/layout/ is not there Can't find a link to 2.0.8
7 april 2022
I was enjoying Jupiter X Core a lot when my organization first purchased it. However, after some recent updates, it has ruined my website. First, any time I was logged into my WordPress dashboard and I tried to click on the Jupiter X dashboard, I would immediately get an error message that a critical error occurred on my website and it had essentially "crashed". It appeared to only crash that particular page on the Wordpress admin side, but the public side of my website still functioned, so I just ignored it and hoped for an update. Well, an update came, unfortunately, it made the issue worse... I updated Jupiter X Core to the latest version and it broke my site. Critical error again, except this time my site was completely down. I did all the usual troubleshooting and the only thing that brought my site back was rolling back the plugin. I recommend WP Rollback plugin by GiveWP.com for this. It worked like a charm. I've looked on some of the Artbees forums (Artbees created Jupiter X) and they seem to mention removing Raven, however, they DON'T give any kind of step-by-step instructions. It seems like you have to pay for support and then they will do it for you once you give them your login details. That is just absolutely ridiculous and one of the reasons I'm giving this plugin 1 star. I hope they fix this issue, but what really annoys me is that they didn't contact me or its users to tell them about this huge error and they did not give detailed instructions on how to fix it. I would not recommend ever using any Jupiter X or Artbees products for this reason. Good customer service is the OG of UX research, and these developers seem to not care about either...
12 maart 2022
I'm using Jupiter X as the theme for my website and I'm unable to open the 'personalise' panel when this plugin is active. It works when disabled, but the theme requires this plugin to make changes to the website.
14 februari 2022
Customizer doesn't work any more after updating this plugin. I've just installed the pervious version and now it works. So the problem is caused by the new update (or a compatibility with the theme Jupiter X Lite) I would appreciate the correction of the bug in the update and a notification from you.
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  • Fixed security issues
  • Improved control panel
  • Improved customizer


  • Initial release