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IgniteUp - Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Create your Coming Soon, Under Constructions or Maintenance Mode page with few clicks. More than 7 templates to choose from.

How to enable maintanance / coming soon mode?

Navigate to plugin's options page (IgniteUp > Options) and tick Enable / Disable checkbox. That's all!

How to switch templates?

Navigate to templates page (IgniteUp > Templates) and click on the Activate button in the appropriate template you want to activate. Active template is shown in the first place.

How to customize template options?

Navigate to IgniteUp > Options and click the tab Template Options. There you can find all the options for the activated template.

Why can't I see IgniteUp page?

Make sure the plugin is activated. And also you should enable the option Enable/Disable in the IgniteUp Options (Ignite > Options) page. Note: IgniteUp page won't be seen by users who are logged in and belongs to the user roles ticked on Skip Page For option.

How to skip the coming soon page for logged-in administrators?

You have options to skip the page for administrator, editor and subscriber roles from the Skip Page For option in the IgniteUp > Options page.

Why is the WordPress customizer is showing coming soon page

You have to skip the page for your user role. It will fix the problem. Please read the above question to read how to do it.

Why does my coming soon page looks different from announced demos?

It's because your WordPress theme or other plugin made conflicts with IgniteUp CSS styles. IgniteUp dequeuing all enqueued stylesheets from any other source to avoid any conflicts. But in some themes, they are using on-page or in-line styles that will not be removed. In those cases those can be caused for some conflicts or may completely ruin IgniteUp templates.

Try activating a WordPress default theme to clarify. If the issue still exists try deactivating active plugins to find out which one caused it.

Let us know by emailing us if you experienced any conflict with other theme or a plugin (with the name and the URL to find the theme or plugin caused the conflict). Your email will help us to improve IgniteUp to minimize conflicts as much as possible. Please find our email address in the last question at the bottom of the page.

How can I reach IgniteUp developers for help?

You can post your question / suggestion in the IgniteUp forums. We will reach you as soon as possible. You can also email us via support[at]ceylonsystems[dot]com for any support requests.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Laatst bijgewerkt: 6 maanden ago
Actieve installaties: 20,000+


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