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iFlyChat is a real time chat plugin best suited for community and social networking websites. It helps in increasing user engagement of your WordPress site by enabling users to chat with each other privately (one to one private conversation), group chat or in chat rooms. Also, it is useful for forums, blogs, dating sites etc. It can also be configured to provide online support for products/services. It logs the user conversations so that they can be later viewed using shortcode. You can try it out live here.

iFlyChat API Key: Get your API key here – https://v2.iflychat.com/user/register (after installing chat plugin).

Chat Features

  • One on one (private) chat: Attractive Pop Up Chat. Interact with users and customers online using public and private rooms. Users can browse and chat simultaneously.

  • Embedded Chat Room: Make different chat rooms into separate pages. Fully customisable CSS. Check out the features here.

  • Group Chat: Group chat enables users to chat in groups. Users can chat with specific set of people simultaneously. (Premium feature)

  • Anonymous Users: Anonymous or unregistered users can be allowed to participate in the chat. Such users are assigned random names or numbers (configurable option).

  • Cloud based chat: Blazing fast response time. Sub second latency. All chat related processing for your website is handled by our cloud servers. There won’t be any chat related load on your website server.

  • Chat Moderation: Control swearing in public or private chat rooms. Spamming of URLs can also be stopped by setting up chat moderation at settings page.

  • Delete Chat Messages: Chat Moderator or Administrator can delete a message or clear entire history of any chat conversation. This feature can also be switched off.

  • User Moderation: Chat Moderator or Administrator can kick or ban (even IP based ban) users who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the chat.

  • Theme Customisation: Customize look and feel of the chat to match your website. Color and font of the text can also be changed. Labels like chat and Public Chatroom can also be customized in any language.

  • Chat Content Engagement: Engage users of chat by sharing pictures, videos, and URLs from across the web. Users can also express emotions using our customisable Emoticons set.

  • Share Files: Attach files in chat. Users can upload and share files with others in private chat as well as in chat rooms.

  • Video Calling: One to one video chat with other users.

  • SSL Support: We provide automatic encryption for SSL based sites.

  • Single Sign-on: No separate login to chat. If a user is logged-in to your website, then chat automatically logs him/her in.

  • Translation: All strings in the chat plugin are translatable.

  • Browser based Mobile Chat App: We provide standalone browser based mobile chat application. Users can access both pop and embed chat in mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

  • Chat Logging: Retrieve logs of your chat rooms using our custom shortcode.

BuddyPress integratie

This chat plugin supports automatic integration with BuddyPress plugin.

  • BuddyPress user avatars in chat
  • BuddyPress user profile link in chat
  • Integration with BuddyPress friend list

Avatar/Profile Plugin Integration

Our chat plugin automatically detects if you have a specific avatar or profile plugin installed. We support integration with following avatar/profile plugins:

  • Gravatar (WordPress default)
  • User Avatar
  • WP User Avatar
  • Simple Local Avatars
  • UserPro
  • Ultimate Member

WordPress MultiSite Integration

The chat plugin supports WordPress MultiSite feature. You can install chat globally across a WordPress Network.

Our lifetime free plan supports upto 10 online users in chat at a time. It includes all standard features.
For advanced features (such as embed chat, group chat, etc) and scalability, we offer paid plans – https://www.iflychat.com/pricing.

PS: You’ll need an iFlyChat.com API key to use chat.


  • Popup Format - Open multiple chat windows (both rooms and one-to-one) next to each other and chat simultaneously. This screenshot shows a website with 600+ concurrent users.
  • Embed Format - Make your chat (room) larger and roomier by embedding it into a page. Fully customizable CSS.
  • Group Chat - Group chat enables users to chat in groups. Users can chat with specific set of people simultaneously.
  • Theme Customisation - Customise look and feel of the chat to match your website.
  • Chat Sound Notification - You can control chat sound notification. If you are busy, just turn it off.
  • Tab Synchronisation - Chat history is retained in between page navigation. Also, chat is in sync across multiple browsers/devices for the same user.
  • Chat Content Moderation - Control abuse in public or private chat rooms. Spamming of URLs can also be stopped by setting up chat moderation at settings page.
  • Delete Chat Messages - Chat Moderator or Admin can delete a single message or clear entire chat history of any conversation.
  • User Moderation - Chat admins can kick or ban (including IP based ban) users who do not abide by the rules and regulation of the chat.
  • File Attachment - Share files, images and documents of formats like pdf, docx, png etc with other chat users privately or in a public chat room.
  • Chat Content Engagement - Auto render images and YouTube videos inline in chat.
  • Support Chat or Live Chat - Support version allows support staff to chat with site visitors.



Is it free to use?

We offer lifetime free plan for upto 10 simultaneous users in chat. It includes all standard features.
For advanced features (such as embed chat, group chat, etc) and scalability, we offer paid plans – https://www.iflychat.com/pricing.

Do I have to install any software on my website server for this to work?

This is a cloud based chat. You don’t need to install anything apart from iFlyChat plugin.

How do you provide support?

Please open a support ticket if have any query or need assistance – https://www.iflychat.com/contact.

Do you have any knowledge base where I can see some documentation?

Yes, you may view our knowledge base here – https://www.iflychat.com/help.

Does iFlyChat work on mobile and tablet?

Yes, our chat works across all mobile platforms.

Does iFlyChat require Java or Flash client?

No, our chat works by utilizing HTML, JS and CSS.

How to show or hide chat on certain pages?

We provide a URL based filter on iFlyChat settings page to show/hide chat on/from specific pages of your WordPress website. More information here – https://www.iflychat.com/help/integration/wordpress/show-hide-popup-chat-on-specific-pages.


21 februari 2019
I have tried many times to get in contact and get answers from the Arthur. Support tickets are not answered, and if you get hold of the team thru chat they go quiet when you have problems. The Video part of the plugin or product does not work at all, and there is no help on that part. There website says they have 10-thousands of clients.. one of them are CocaCola, i doubt that is true!
11 december 2018
i have never reviewed any plug till now....but this one i couldn't resist myself...it provides exactly what i was imagining and searching for...even more than that...thank you developer...you are a real genious...i must say....even i am also android developer...thank u
24 maart 2019
I've tried many chat plugins over the past 8 years. This one is the first that was not only easy to use and manage but the support is actually "available" to help when needed. Also, people that are questioning or complaining about "support"... It's generally not needed as plugin simply works. There is really nothing to troubleshoot. And yes, if you need it support is in fact very responsive. My wait time has been under 24 hrs. Weekends may be a bit more. But trust me, these guys know what they are doing...
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14/05/2019: iFlyChat new backend update.


14/05/2019: Fix theme conflict.


10/05/2019: Support WordPress 5.2.


16/03/2019: Support WordPress 5.0.


17/11/2018: Bug fix – Support older versions of PHP.


15/11/2018: Always open App dashboard over SSL.


11/08/2018: Add support for ChatCamp backend (beta).


12/18/2017: New feature – Add video calling between users (beta).


07/10/2017: Bug fix – Chat Path Visibility filter doesn’t work properly if no path is mentioned


05/21/2017: Bug fix – declare global variables


03/31/2017: Migration fix


02/05/2017: Ability to override hostnames


11/23/2016: Add WordPress filters and debug section


10/27/2016: Restore avatar


10/19/2016: Restore avatar


10/18/2016: Session caching & avatar issue


09/20/2016: Fix avatar issue



  • Add WP users as chat moderators or administrators
  • Option to turn on/off chat session caching


07/23/2016: Add WP users as chat moderators


07/23/2016: Support earlier versions of WordPress


07/22/2016: Fix for embed chat rooms



  • Single Web App for all the devices
  • Refreshing new UI of Popup and Embed formats
  • Improved workflow of various functionalities such as group chat, user moderation, content moderation, etc
  • User Profile Card
  • Tooltips and Overlays for better user experience
  • New Emojis
  • Virtually no load on your website server via token caching
  • Handle guest sessions over cloud
  • Support for 30+ languagues


03/03/2016: Display error when embed shortcode is used without iFlyChat engine.


02/27/2016: Rename filter for WordPress user avatar in chat.


02/01/2016: New admin chat dashboard.


12/10/2015: Fix send message option.


10/21/2015: Fix error codes.


10/21/2015: Toggle users in the chat list and read only access for guests.


10/21/2015: Fix minor bug in mobile chat.


10/21/2015: Minor change to backend.


09/30/2015: Integrate with UserPro and Ulimate Member plugins.


09/30/2015: Revert – Fix default avatar bug.


09/30/2015: Fix default avatar bug.


09/24/2015: Add native mobile sdk integration option.


08/22/2015: Process bad words in chat.


06/29/2015: Set header in mobile chat.


06/28/2015: Avatar fix in chat when BuddyPress and WP User Avatar are used together.


06/04/2015: Load iFlyChat init JS file via CDN.


05/26/2015: Make chat room id numeric (shortcode changed). New notification sound.


05/18/2015: Add filter for creating custom user roles or friends in chat.


03/28/2015: User list filtering based on custom user groups.


03/10/2015: Minor improvement in backend related code.


Allow chat rooms to be created on basis of WordPress user roles.


Allow user list to be filtered in chat based on user groups.


Fix fetch avatar url function in chat.


Render avatar from login plugin(s) in the chat.


Update README.


Minor backend update.


Add option to display name or username in chat. Translation for French and Italian.


Add filters to allow other plugins to set current user’s profile URL and avatar URL in chat.


Add filter to allow other plugins to determine if the current user can access chat.


Allow unregistered users or guests to set their name in chat without logging into your website.


Use iFlyChat CDN for faster delivery. Added some translation strings.


Compress and add all JS files of the chat plugin into one for faster loading


Add iflychat_embed shortcode for embedding chat into a page


User avatar plugin doesn’t return default picture when no picture is present. Load default picture in chat automatically in this case.


Handle WP error


File attachment in chat.
Standalone browser based mobile chat application.


Important fix to save chat settings correctly.


Optimize save settings process.


Fix random name generation in chat when allow_url_fopen is off.


Support WordPress MultiSite feature.
Improve Caching.


Fix loading issue


Fix user avatar issue


Integration with BuddyPress friends.
Show only friends in the online user list.
Create rooms based on WordPress user roles correctly.




Ability to change notification sound.


Initial code for mobile version.


Add shortcode so that site-admins can view logs by using it.


Disable aggressive caching.


Fix 404 profile link error if BuddyPress is not present. Update README file.


Fix 404 profile link error if BuddyPress is not present.


Update README file.


Update README file.


Stop Word List Filter update – very important.


Chat Admin Fix.


Update README file.


Integration with User Avatar.


Update README file.


Integration with WP User Avatar. Improve Caching.


Fix compatibility


Toggle on/off search bar and render images inline


Make plugin translatable


Add WP users as chat moderators


Add WP users as chat moderators


PHP mb_* fix


PHP mb_* fix


iFlyChat Improved Caching.


iFlyChat Sync Release.


iFlyChat Support Chat released. New emoticons added. Added Screenshots.