ICS Calendar


Using a simple shortcode, you can turn any iCalendar subscription (ICS) feed (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Office 365, macOS/iOS Calendar and many more) into a seamlessly integrated, auto-updating, zero-maintenance WordPress experience.

Continue to manage your events in the calendar software you’re already using! You’ll automatically have an up-to-date calendar in your WordPress website with no extra work.

Display your calendar in month, list or week view. Many additional customization options are available. See our User Guide for full details.

No API keys required!

Works with ANY calendar software that generates a public iCalendar subscription link.

Live Preview

You can preview your own calendar in any ICS Calendar view at our website: icscalendar.com/preview

Timezone Support

If your event times are off by an hour after Daylight Saving Time begins: Please check your WordPress timezone setting (Settings > General > Timezone) and make sure it is set to a city name, not a UTC offset. See FAQ for additional details.

As of version 6, customized timezone adjustments are supported. Events will default to displaying in the timezone of your site’s general settings. Use the tz setting and specify a region/city named timezone, as such: tz="America/Chicago"

Language Support

All date strings (days of the week, months, etc.) are automatically translated into your site’s configured language (under Settings > General > Language) and date/time formats using core WordPress functionality. All text content for the calendar itself is displayed as-is from the feed.

The small amount of additional front-end displayed text generated by the plugin defaults to U.S. English, but also supports the following translations: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Please contact us if you would like us to add support for your language!

ClassicPress Compatible

ICS Calendar uses some functionality introduced in WordPress 5.x, but those functions are replicated, as needed, in the compatibility.php file, allowing ICS Calendar to function with WordPress 4.9 and ClassicPress.

This plugin includes the PHP ICS Parser library by Jonathan Goode, John Grogg and Martin Thoma (MIT license).


Once the plugin is installed and activated, use the shortcode below to insert a calendar into your pages. See FAQ for details.

[ics_calendar url="YOUR_ICAL_FEED_URL"]

Be sure you are using the subscribe URL (i.e. for importing into a calendar program), not the URL for viewing a calendar in a web browser.


How do I find my calendar’s ICS feed URL?

Different calendar systems have different ways to obtain the feed URL. You may need to consult your calendar software’s documentation for assistance. You will also need to make sure that your calendar is public. Private calendars cannot be accessed by this plugin.

Documentation quick links:

How do I insert a calendar into my page?

Use this shortcode:

[ics_calendar url="YOUR_ICAL_FEED_URL"]

Be sure you are using the subscribe URL (i.e. for importing into a calendar program), not the URL for viewing a calendar in a web browser.

Additional customization options and usage documentation can be found under the ICS Calendar link in the WordPress admin sidebar.

If you are using the Classic Editor, you can also use the Add ICS Calendar button to build the customized shortcode automatically from a set of options.

Can I combine multiple calendars?

Yes! You can combine multiple calendars by including more than one feed URL in the url parameter. Separate the calendar URLs with one space. Do not include any other delimiter characters, as they will be interpreted as part of the URL.

Why isn’t my calendar loading?

This may be due to your server’s configuration. This plugin requires either the PHP cURL extensions, or the allow_url_fopen PHP setting to be turned on. Check your PHP configuration or your server administrator if you think this may be the issue.

Why isn’t my calendar updating?

For performance, this plugin uses WordPress transients to store retrieved calendar data for one hour between requests to the calendar source server. If you have updated events that are not showing up in your page, you can force the plugin to reload the ICS feed every time by adding reload="1" to the shortcode. Be sure to remove this when you no longer need to force reload.

Why are event times an hour off after Daylight Saving Time begins?

PHP has two different ways of defining timezones: as a number of hours offset from GMT/UTC (e.g. “UTC-5”), or as a continent/city combination (e.g. “America/Chicago”). Timezones using UTC offsets do not handle Daylight Saving Time correctly (as noted in the PHP documentation). Please check your WordPress timezone settings (Settings > General > Timezone). If it is set to a UTC offset, change it to the city closest to your location, in the same timezone. As of version 6.0 you can also set the timezone within the shortcode using the tz parameter. (Again, be sure to use a named region/city timezone, not a UTC offset.)

Feature requests and such…

The paid ICS Calendar Pro add-on includes additional layout options, tools for customizing the calendar’s appearance more easily than directly editing CSS, an improved insertion tool, and more. We are also constantly adding new features and refinements to both the free and paid versions. If you have suggestions for features you’d like to see or any other additional input, please let us know by following the support link on the admin page or in the WordPress support forums! The base plugin will always be free to use.


25 oktober 2021
Simply the best calendar plugin with Google Calendar integration. Fast, light, contains important functionalities such as filters, list view and the active author is continuously adding valuable improvements. Highly recommended!
27 mei 2021
I've been using an embedded Google calendar for my website events page for years but now I am noticing the people with Apple devices are having trouble viewing the embedded calendar - it is just blank. The reason is that they have "prevent cross site tracking" enabled in their iPhone or Mac privacy settings. So I set out to find an events plugin that would work with my Google calendar but import the data into my WordPress Site. Most of what I found online was too expensive or bloated with photos and scripts that made the calendar slow to load. And most of them were so feature heavy with photos, popups, accordion menus etc. that they were really confusing, distracting and hard to use. ICS Calendar was perfect for me. It grabs the data from my Google calendar and produces a handsome, simple and readable calendar page that is FAST to load.This is exactly what I was looking for. I am baffled why this plugin isn't more popular but I suspect it has to do with the generic sounding name that is really difficult to find in a Google search. I bet if he just renamed the product, sales would go up by 50%.
26 mei 2021
This is a developer I'm happy to support. Very responsive! Scott figured out a problem I was having and published an update to fix the problem in hours. The tool itself is dead simple, and very customizable too.
22 februari 2021
I've started working on a site that uses CalendarWiz to track events. Previously, all they were doing was linking to the entire CalendarWiz calendar, then manually entering information about the events into lists on the WordPress site, PLUS someone else was entering the data into Constant Contact newsletters each week. The people who are doing this are not techy at all (and 2 of them are volunteers, pressed into service due to staffing cutbacks). I started poking around in CalendarWiz and discovered that it offers some options for displaying calendar events on a WordPress site, but I wasn't impressed with the lack of ability to customize the displays at all. And then I found ICS Calendar! I've been extremely impressed with the flexibility it offers. I encountered a minor glitch, which I reported and it was fixed within a couple days. That's better support than I've gotten from some purchased plugins and themes, and I'm still just using the free version.
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Changelog – 2021.12.04

  • Fixed syntax error introduced in 8.10.1 that may have caused a PHP fatal error on some views.

8.10.1 – 2021.12.04

  • Modified jQuery behavior on month view. If the current month contains a .no_events or .no_additional_events element, and the next month does not contain a .no_events element, the mobile/list formatting will skip to next month, rather than displaying the “no additional events” message. This switch is triggered both on the initial page load and on window resize (for situations where the user resizes a browser window from the desktop to mobile breakpoint).
  • Changed logic for displayed date ranges in month view, to include all dates within displayed months, rather than cutting off mid-month based on exact pastdays and limitdays values.
  • Created r34ics_first_day_of() and r34ics_last_day_of() functions to replace r34ics_first_day_of_current() and r34ics_last_day_of_current(); adds $dt_str as a second input parameter, allowing the function to be used with arbitrary dates instead of just the current date. r34ics_first_day_of_current() and r34ics_last_day_of_current() remain as aliases.
  • Refactored code that sets outer date parsing range boundaries to avoid possibly excluding dates that should be considered in-range; note that this change may slow calendar parsing slightly, with a greater impact on calendars with a very large number of recurring events.

8.10.0 – 2021.11.28

  • Added support for location="maplinks" to make event locations automatically convert into a clickable Google Maps link, unless the feed’s LOCATION field data already contains HTML or a URL. location="true" is still supported for displaying locations without adding a Google Maps link. IMPORTANT: This feature performs a Google Maps search on the exact text of your events’ LOCATION fields. It does not have a way to verify that the value is a real address, so incomplete locations (e.g. conference room names within your office) may yield nonsensical map results.

8.9.0 – 2021.11.22

  • Added workaround for an apparent Block Editor (Gutenberg) bug where shortcodes inside paragraph blocks can contain clickable links. In some cases this results in the url attribute of the ICS Calendar shortcode containing HTML tags, which was preventing proper parsing of the feed URL.
  • Additional filtering in r34ics_url_get_contents() function to handle invalid feed URLs.
  • i18n: Minor translation updates.

8.8.1 – 2021.11.18

  • Minor CSS adjustments.
  • Bumped tested up to version to 5.8.2.

8.8.0 – 2021.10.27

  • Added support for toggle="lightbox" to make event descriptions load in a lightbox instead of toggling in place. toggle="true" is still supported for toggle-in-place. This is currently an experimental feature, and we are looking for feedback, especially regarding the visual display of the lightbox.
  • Refactored code handling the deprecated currentweek option. Currently this option will still function, although it is now triggering a PHP notice. It will be removed entirely in a future update. Please switch your shortcodes to using view="week" instead.
  • Added dtstart_date to parsed event array.
  • Miscellaneous minor code formatting cleanup and comment updates.

8.7.0 – 2021.10.27

  • Added compact option. Set compact="true" to activate a more compact display of whichever view you are currently using. The exact layout changes will vary by view; not all views are affected. It is recommended that you also use toggle="true" on list view for maximum effect. This is currently an experimental feature, and we are looking for feedback. In this version, the changes are that all text is reduced slightly in size, and the list view is collapsed into a new layout with the times left-aligned next to the event titles.
  • Added nomonthheaders option. Use nomonthheaders="true" on list or month view to prevent month headers from displaying on the page. (Has no effect on week view since there are no month headers in that view anyway.)
  • Changed mouse cursor on titles for events with descriptions to be less confusing: now the default cursor is used instead of the “help” cursor (a question mark in most browsers), except when toggle is set, then the standard link “pointer” (hand) cursor is used.
  • Removed all HTML whitespace between <dt> and <dl> tags to allow tighter formatting due to browsers continuing to do something that should have been resolved years ago. This was necessary for the new compact list view to display properly.
  • Coded list view to remove event times from HTML, rather than just hiding them with CSS, when hidetimes="true" is set. This is mostly relevant for the new compact view.

8.6.0 – 2021.10.26

  • Adjusted size and position of event detail hover blocks in month table, and added max-height and internal scrolling to keep hover blocks a manageable size and (mostly) contained within the area of the table when the event description is very long. Prevents potential issues with the hover block running off the end of the page or outside of a container with overflow: hidden. – 2021.10.22

  • Fixed jQuery selector in r34ics_show_hide_headers() function to resolve issue with month headers disappearing in list view on window resize.

8.5.5 – 2021.10.12

  • Changed reload parameter to support integers greater than 1. Now reload="true" or reload="1" will function as before, telling the plugin to reload the source feed on every page load. Setting reload to any integer greater than 1 will override the default 1-hour (3600-second) expiration of the cached calendar data (transient). The value is in seconds, e.g. reload="14400" for 4 hours (14,400 seconds).

8.5.4 – 2021.10.11

  • Added ‘on’ and ‘off’ as possible values to check in r34ics_boolean_check() function.
  • i18n: Corrections in German translations based on user feedback.

8.5.3 – 2021.10.08

  • Modified jQuery selector for event description toggles to handle dynamically-inserted elements. (This is mainly relevant for some ICS Calendar Pro views.)

8.5.2 – 2021.10.01

  • Modified R34ICS::parse_attach_array() method to properly handle events with multiple attachments.
  • Modified event description toggle jQuery to prevent closing the toggle when the user clicks a link inside it.

8.5.1 – 2021.09.30

  • Fixed a potential issue caused by expiration of the X3 root certificate used by Let’s Encrypt on September 30, 2021. Removed SSL peer verification on both cURL and fopen methods, to bypass errors that may occur if the source calendar server is running an outdated version of OpenSSL. This fix only applies to situations where the expired root certificate is on the source calendar server. It does not resolve any general issues with your site’s SSL certificate or users’ devices running older OSes that are affected by the root certificate expiration.

Note: If your calendars were affected by this issue, you may need to use the Purge Cached Calendar Data utility on the ICS Calendar admin page after applying this update.

More information about the Let’s Encrypt X3 root certificate expiration and how it may affect clients and servers is available on Scott Helme’s blog.

8.5.0 – 2021.09.28

  • Changed namespace used for the embedded version of the ics-parser library, to avoid a conflict on sites that also have another calendar plugin installed that includes an older version of the library.
  • Hotfix: Changed Author URI in main plugin file from https://room34.com to https://icscalendar.com.

8.4.1 – 2021.09.24

  • JavaScript and CSS fixes for multiple issues around showing/hiding month and date headers in month view (mobile or Pro with table/list toggle) when using the multi-feed toggle buttons and the show/hide past events link. Some of these issues specifically affect the Pro version but need to be included in the free version’s JavaScript due to event trigger/timing issues. The corresponding update to Pro (3.4.1) should also be applied for any sites using Pro.

8.4.0 – 2021.09.24

  • Changed default table cell background color for current and future dates from transparent to white, and added tablebg option to allow setting a custom color. Note: If you wish to retain the old transparent background on table cells, add tablebg="transparent" to your shortcode.
  • Added conditional to prevent unnecessary output of inline CSS code when custom colors are not being used.
  • Added r34ics_color_hex_sanitize() function to sanitize color input (specifically for tablebg but may also be used for other settings in the future).
  • Alphabetized out-of-order functions in functions.php file.
  • Renamed debugging functions with leading underscore to indicate they are for internal use within the plugin only. Retained old function names as deprecated aliases.
  • Minor CSS color adjustments.
  • Minor refactoring.

8.3.1 – 2021.09.23

  • CSS fixes:
    • Added (restored) position: relative; on .ics-calendar-month-grid th:hover, .ics-calendar-month-grid td:hover selector in CSS (was removed from the non :hover selector in version 8.1.1) because lacking it causes event description hover boxes to be obscured behind adjacent table cells. Including it only on the hover state seems to avoid the issue in Firefox that 8.1.1 was attempting to resolve.
    • Removed opacity: 0.75; on past events to prevent legibility issues on pages with dark or patterned backgrounds.

8.3.0 – 2021.09.21

  • Added r34ics_is_phone() JavaScript function.
  • Added r34ics_show_hide_headers() JavaScript function.
  • Added jQuery(window).on('resize') for handling switches between breakpoints.
  • Changed HTML tag and related CSS (.ics-calendar-past-events-toggle) for Show Past Events toggle for cleaner appearance.
  • Fixed ‘Undefined index: status’ notice that may appear with version 8.2.0.

8.2.0 – 2021.09.17

  • Added handling for STATUS:CANCELLED on events (all views).
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.8.1.

8.1.2 – 2021.09.09

  • CSS refinements: reduced minimum height of month table cells on tablet/phone breakpoints; adjusted vertical position of month dropdown to better align with adjacent elements.

8.1.1 – 2021.09.07

  • Removed position: relative; on .ics-calendar-month-grid th, .ics-calendar-month-grid td selector in CSS (which appears to have been unnecessary anyway), to resolve issue of missing cell borders in Firefox.
  • Minor CSS fixes and tweaks. – 2021.09.07

  • Fixed bug introduced in version 7.9 that caused calendars with multiple feeds not to properly sort individual days’ events correctly by time. – 2021.09.06

  • Fixed recently introduced CSS bug that would cause redundant display of day name headers (and possibly some other elements) on mobile breakpoint.

8.1.0 – 2021.09.05

  • Modified CSS for improved list-style display of month/week views on mobile.
  • Added r34ics_calendar_classes filter to all views.
  • Added jQuery logic to hide “Show Past Events” link on month/week views when there are no past events in the current month.
  • Miscellaneous CSS refinements.

8.0.1 – 2021.09.02

  • Added “No events” message to mobile breakpoint in “week” view when there are no returned events, to avoid a blank display.
  • Fixed a minor CSS issue that may have caused “hidden” elements to display erroneously on the mobile breakpoint.

8.0.0 – 2021.09.01

  • ICS Calendar has a new look! New logo and branding assets were added to this update. Your calendar templates are unchanged. This version is fully compatible with the version 7.x series.

7.9.0 – 2021.08.30

  • Moved JavaScript loading to footer.
  • Added logic to fix redundant “default” instances of recurring events on dates where the recurrence has an exception in the feed. (Note: This is targeted at the recurrence exception handling in Office 365; other calendar sources may require additional fixes, to be added later.)
  • Refactored event array sorting to consolidate multiple loops through the data array.
  • Cleaned up formatting of changelog notes for version 7.8.0.

7.8.1 – 2021.08.25

  • Added “No events” and “No additional events this month” messages on month view mobile layout, to prevent the appearance of a “missing” calendar when there are no events to display in the collapsed mobile list. – 2021.08.16

  • Added missing CSS to hide .time-inline class in list view when hidetimes is used. – 2021.08.10

  • Changed new id parameter to guid to avoid conflict with existing id parameter in ICS Calendar Pro.

7.8.0 – 2021.08.10


  • Added id parameter to allow assignment of an arbitrary id attribute to a given calendar instead of the plugin’s auto-generated GUID.
  • Added missing $ym variable definition in calendar-week.php template.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.8.
    NOTES on id parameter:
    (1) The WordPress sanitize_title() function is automatically applied to the string.
    (2) As is standard for all HTML, the id value must be unique on the page! – 2021.06.24

  • Modified Google Drive image handling to be a link rather than nothing; minor refactoring of other attachment link handling.

7.7.2 – 2021.06.23

  • Added logic to prevent rendering of invalid <img> tags containing a src value that is a link to a Google Drive file. Images attached to events on Google Calendar are treated as Google Drive file links rather than direct images and are not accessible without logging into a Google account that is authorized to view the image. We are looking for a workaround, but in the meantime this will prevent these types of broken images from appearing in rendered calendars. – 2021.06.13

  • Fixed broken “Show past events” link in week view (mobile breakpoint). – 2021.06.10

  • Fixed “Undefined variable: d” PHP notice that was appearing on week view since a11y changes added in version 7.6.0.
  • Note: Stable tag for version 7.7.1 was inadvertently not updated, so updating to this version will also make the version 7.7.1 changes available, which may not have been previously.

7.7.1 – 2021.06.07

  • Restructured r34ics_maybe_make_clickable() to support link formatting common in Microsoft Teams (Office 365) meetings, and improved use of r34ics_is_html() in determining whether or not to add HTML line breaks.

7.7.0 – 2021.06.07

  • Refactored R34ICS::display_calendar() method: moved date range calculation and array sorting out of foreach() loop to improve performance on calendars with multiple feeds, and to avoid PHP warnings that may have occurred in edge cases where no feed was loaded. Please note: These changes have eliminated timezone overrides for date range calculations, which could result in some calendars starting or ending one day off from the intended dates, especially if your feed timezone is different from your site’s default timezone. Please report any issues in the WordPress support forums.

7.6.0 – 2021.06.01

  • a11y: Added aria-labelledby attributes to calendar containers to improve screen reader user experience.
  • Added conditional to omit empty <ul> elements on dates with no events.
  • Minor CSS adjustments related to the above changes.
  • Added r34ics_day_classes() function for assembling CSS classes for table cells.
  • Changed handling of showendtimes parameter on event description hover boxes. Previously, end times would only display if showendtimes="true" was set in the shortcode. Now they will always display in the event description hover box. (The intended functionality of this feature is for what is displayed in the default calendar grid only.)

7.5.3 – 2021.06.01

  • Added rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" to dynamically inserted offsite links (which already contained target="_blank") in event descriptions.
  • Fixed conditionals that were inverting the logic of r34ics_domain_match() in creating offsite links.
  • Modified attachment links to download any URL that is not a “text/” MIME type as a download. (Previously this applied only to PDFs.)

7.5.2 – 2021.06.01

  • Fixed date format bug in list view on mobile breakpoint.

7.5.1 – 2021.05.28

  • Added r34ics_is_empty_array() function to restore proper display of “No events found” message on list view, which stopped working when we added empty nodes to the events array to accommodate blank grids (when necessary) in month and week views. Removed conditional logic for “No events found” message in week and month views, since the current functionality should never allow it to display. – 2021.05.26

  • Cleaned up admin menu setup; removed useless “User Guide” subpage, now that the User Guide is online.

7.5.0 – 2021.05.26

  • Added r34ics_purge_calendar_transients() function to automatically purge cached calendar data (transients) if the WordPress timezone setting is changed. Only clears cached data from this plugin; does not affect any WP core or other plugins’ transients. (Can also be used in the future if other WP options are identified that warrant purging the cache after changes.)
  • Added Utilities section to admin page, and added a tool to manually call r34ics_purge_calendar_transients().
  • Refactored admin page, moving User Guide block to sidebar and eliminated unnecessary conditional logic for Pro version, since this page is never loaded in the Pro version.
  • i18n: Added Polish, updated existing translations.

7.4.2 – 2021.05.25

  • Added bypass of system timezone check in System Report on Windows servers, since the code relies on a Linux shell command.
  • Added Server Software to System Report.

7.4.1 – 2021.05.21

  • Fixed bug that was causing single-day events that end at midnight to be handled as multi-day events. (The main observable issue was that end times were not being included for these events.)
  • Fixed bug that would return a PHP notice in the System Report if the system (OS) timezone can’t be retrieved.
  • Fixed error in debug code if $ics_events variable is undefined. Now displays ‘NO DATA’ for feeds that do not have this variable set.

7.4.0 – 2021.05.20

  • i18n: Added translations into Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. Added non-country-specific translation files for Finnish and Greek to resolve an issue where the translations may not have been loading. Updated translations (in all languages) of a few admin messages that were changed in a recent update. Please note: These are mostly machine translations. If you notice any errors, please let us know and we will make corrections promptly!
  • Added missing release dates to version numbers in changelog from 7.2.0 to 7.4.0. – 2021.05.19

  • Added ClassicPress compatibility note.

7.3.4 – 2021.05.13

  • Print CSS improvements: removed display of event descriptions and form inputs (e.g. legend checkboxes, month dropdowns) on month and week views. This is a stopgap measure to improve the plugin’s printer output from “atrocious” to “borderline.” More print improvements to come!
  • Fixed PHP “Undefined index: INTERVAL” notice.

7.3.3 – 2021.05.13

  • Deprecated legendinline option. (For now, if it is present and legendstyle is not also set, it will set legendstyle to inline.) Fixed associated logic.
  • Changed logic for displaying legend so it will display for calendars with multiple feeds, even if no colors are set, unless legendstyle is set to none. The original conditional logic was built around the legend being a color key only. With the addition of checkboxes to toggle the display of each individual calendar, the legend should be present regardless of the color setting.
  • Removed 50% max-width on legend.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.7.1. – 2021.05.06

  • Removed persistent 7.0 upgrade admin notice.

7.3.2 – 2021.04.27

  • Added logic for appending .available and .has_events CSS classes to table cells in month and week views.

7.3.1 – 2021.04.26

  • Modified r34ics_display_calendar_filter_ics_data to pass $args as a second input parameter.
  • Added support for ‘filler’ boolean on events to bypass maskinfo check.

7.3.0 – 2021.04.26

  • Changed instruction text accompanying the Basic Shortcode Example on the admin page.
  • Moved base64-encoded admin icon SVG into a class property.
  • Modified the refactored r34ics_space_pipe_explode() function to return a string when applicable, instead of 1-item array, to mimic previous functionality. This change was breaking hiderecurrence="true", and possibly other issues.

7.2.0 – 2021.04.02

  • Bumped ICS Parser library to v. 2.2.2.
  • Refactored r34ics_space_pipe_explode() function to accept any combination of spaces and pipes as delimiters. (Allows for situations where, for example, the url parameter is delimited by space-pipe-space.
  • Added debug level 3 (debug="3") and moved full dump of raw ICS feed into level 3. Level 1 is the basic debugger; level 2 adds Peak memory usage, ICS Parser data and cURL info; level 3 adds full dump of URL contents retrieved (levels 1 and 2 show total bytes retrieved only).

7.1.1 – 2021.04.01

  • Removed title="DISPLAY_TITLE" description="DISPLAY_DESCRIPTION" from the basic shortcode example on the admin page, as this seems to have been a source of some confusion.
  • Added “Loaded from transient” to debugger.
  • Modified reload to be true if debug is set to 2, so the extended debugger always reloads from the source server.
  • Modified logic for displaying “No events found” message on list and week views for consistent handling across all views.

7.1.0 – 2021.03.27

  • Added hiderecurrence parameter to suppress all recurrence indicators in event descriptions. Note this is different from skiprecurrence in that skiprecurrence skips calculating recurrences. The new hiderecurrence option will still show the recurring events, but not indicate that they are recurring; skiprecurrence will not show the recurring events at all. The default behavior, omitting both of these options, is to calculate and display all recurring events, including the indicator showing their recurrence frequency. The hiderecurrence parameter accepts one or more pipe-delimited frequency values, e.g. hiderecurrence="yearly|monthly" or hiderecurrence="true" to hide all recurrence indicators.
  • Restored previous functionality in week view that collapses the display to a list on mobile, with CSS enhancements. Use the nomobile="true" parameter to force week view to remain in grid layout for mobile breakpoints.
  • Added “Show all events” to week view on mobile breakpoint and fixed a general jQuery issue with this feature if multiple calendars are on one page.
  • Logic change to force start date to “today” on week view if startdate is empty and limitdays is less than or equal to 7. (This eliminates the previous/current/next week dropdown, and “Show past events” on mobile view.
  • Removed an unnecessary block of code in week view that was causing calendar grid to stop on first day of next month in some situations.
  • Removed special background color on all-day events; text formatting is the same as before, but now their background color matches timed events.
  • Removed error handling that would bail out before displaying an empty calendar in cases where the calendar was valid, just without any events within the selected range. Now a calendar will display, with no events shown.
  • Fixed issue with parsed date range that may have omitted multi-day events that started out of range. (Multi-day events still must start within one month of the first displayed date.)
  • Refactored R34ICS::event_description_html() method to check for presence of any substantive output before generating the .descloc DOM element.

7.0.1 – 2021.03.24

  • i18n: Updated German translations for recurrence-related text strings.
  • Rolled back WordPress version requirement to 4.9, as the compatibility.php file should provide the necessary support for versions before 5.3, and having the version requirement officially set at 5.3 may have prevented some installations from allowing updates. – 2021.03.24

  • i18n: Fixed translations of date strings that broke in version 7.0.0. (Added localization code from wp_date() into r34ics_date().) – 2021.03.23

  • Fixed critical issue that could cause a PHP Fatal Error: “Uncaught Exception: DateTimeZone::__construct(): Unknown or bad timezone ()” if a site’s timezone is not set.

7.0.0 – 2021.03.23

  • Added r34ics_date() function to consolidate datetime manipulations; replaced all uses of gmmktime(), date(), and most uses of wp_date() functions.
  • Added recurrence information to event data (only displays when eventdesc="true").
  • Removed extraneous code in week view template and changed to display grid on mobile as well as desktop. (Additional CSS refinements for mobile week view forthcoming in a future update.)
  • Wrapped days’ headers and event lists in div tags in list view.
  • Added relevant PHP settings to System Report.
  • Miscellaneous refactoring.

6.11.1 – 2021.03.20

  • Renamed option from r34ics_transient_expiration to r34ics_transient_expiration so it’s not a transient itself. – 2021.03.19

  • Fixed issue with Japanese translations not displaying.
  • Minor HTML changes on admin page.

6.11.0 – 2021.03.19

  • Added System Report diagnostics tool to admin page. Please copy and paste the contents of the System Report into your email when requesting support.

6.10.0 – 2021.03.13

  • CSS enhancements to list view. Added .ics-calendar-date class to previously undifferentiated h4 tags, along with improved styling of dl.event, dt.date and dd.event. IMPORTANT: If you have modified the CSS for list view in your theme, you may need to review the new CSS added to the plugin and adjust your modifications accordingly, as the necessary CSS selectors may have changed.

6.9.2 – 2021.03.11

  • Removed abs() (PHP absolute value function) on pastdays handling, to allow negative values to be used for future days.
  • Modified ‘No events found in ICS feed(s).’ error message to be thrown only when calendar debugging is turned on.

6.9.1 – 2021.03.10

  • Added Persist Admin notice Dismissal library to vendor folder, to support future use of dismissible admin notices within the plugin.
  • Added debugging output when display exits early due to missing ICS data.
  • Fixed bug in logic that creates empty month arrays for months within the range of the calendar that have no events. (Previously it was unnecessarily creating arrays without a leading zero when proper arrays with a leading zero already existed.)

6.9.0 – 2021.03.09

  • Added extendmultiday="true" shortcode parameter. Per iCalendar specifications, multi-day, all-day events should set DTEND equal to the first date after the event ends. However in some usages, it may be desirable to include that date in the displayed range for an event. Including this parameter in your shortcode will cause the date specified by DTEND to be included in the event range. Note: This has no effect on multi-day events that have start/end times specified.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.7.

6.8.0 – 2021.03.05

  • Moved the full User Guide from the plugin admin page to the ICS Calendar website, including full translations into dozens of languages.
  • i18n: Added translations to the plugin admin page and admin notices. – 2021.02.25

  • Added three additional input parameters for r34ics_display_calendar_preprocess_raw_feed filter and moved it from immediately after ICS feed is loaded to immediately before it is handed off to the ICS Parser library. Extra parameters were added to allow for more useful manipulation of the feed data and placement was changed to after these parameters are all defined.

6.7.0 – 2021.02.25

  • Added new documented r34ics_display_calendar_preprocess_raw_feed filter to allow pre-processing of raw ICS feed data, after loading and immediately before sending to ICS Parser library for parsing. Can be used by ICS Calendar Pro, or custom code in theme or external plugins, to modify the contents of the feed prior to parsing, e.g. to strip out HTML tags in event DESCRIPTION fields or to exclude events from parsing. An understanding of proper iCalendar syntax will be helpful in using this filter. See the Developer tab in the plugin’s User Guide (on the ICS Calendar admin page) for usage.

6.6.3 – 2021.02.23

  • Changed admin menu order to prevent ICS Calendar from appearing in the middle of the WooCommerce set, if WooCommerce is installed.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.6.2.

6.6.2 – 2021.02.22

  • Fixed issue with excessive </dl> tags in list view HTML output.


(This version has been removed due to a code error.)

6.6.0 – 2021.02.18

  • Added compatibility.php file containing core WordPress datetime functions introduced in version 5.3. This has been tested to function properly with WordPress core version 4.9, and should allow the plugin to be used with at least WordPress 4.9 through 5.2, provided they are running a sufficiently new version of PHP (7.0 or later). The compatibility file is only loaded if the wp_date() function does not exist in the current WordPress installation, and all functions defined in the file are wrapped in function_exists() conditionals. This will have no impact on sites running WordPress 5.3 or later, and will not cause any issues for sites that upgrade from earlier WordPress versions in the future. Please note: While this has been added as a good faith effort to make ICS Calendar usable on earlier versions of WordPress, these features are provided as-is with no warranty or support. We strongly recommend keeping your WordPress core, and all plugins and themes, up-to-date whenever possible.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.6.1. – 2021.02.17

  • Minor CSS tweaks to prevent list bullets from displaying in month/week view grids. – 2021.02.13

  • Additional adjustments to r34ics_line_break_fix() to account for lines that do not contain spaces but do contain an escaped line break.

6.5.1 – 2021.02.11

  • Fixed repeated date headers on each event in list view. – 2021.02.10

  • Minor adjustments to r34ics_line_break_fix() function to handle DTSTART or DTEND with TZID and also to resolve some edge case issues with URLs crossing the line break in folded DESCRIPTION values. Should also prevent linebreakfix from causing issues with properly formatted ICS feeds. – 2021.02.08

  • Bug fixes to new multi-day list view:
    • Fixed HTML tag nesting issue with date headers.
    • (i18n) Fixed date function issue that was preventing multi-day events’ dates from being translated.

6.5.0 – 2021.02.07

  • Consolidated multi-day events into single entries in list view.
  • Fixed bug that may cause empty month/day headers to display in list view when using skip.
  • Refactored some elements of list view template. – 2021.02.07

  • Refinements to logic of r34ics_line_break_fix() function introduced in v. Rather than inserting an arbitrary replacement string, this new version attempts to more accurately simulate proper line folding, per the iCalendar spec. – 2021.02.06

  • Fixed a CSS error that would prevent event hover description boxes from displaying on the final day of a multi-day event, when the end is at a specific time rather than an all-day event. (Switched adjacent sibling selector + to general sibling selector ~.)
  • Added linebreakfix="true" shortcode parameter to address rare cases where lines in the ICS feed are not properly folded. See 3.1 Content Lines in the iCalendar spec for details. – 2021.02.01

  • Modified r34ics_time_format() to strip currently unsupported time format characters from the format string prior to processing the time format. This is a temporary workaround to allow the rest of the desired time format to display properly rather than reverting to the plugin’s default H:i format. For example: g:i a T will now be interpreted as g:i a and display times like “4:30 pm” rather than “16:30”.

6.4.2 – 2021.01.15

  • Building on the changes in v. 6.4.1, this version introduces the method shortcode attribute, which can be used to force the plugin to only try retrieving the ICS feed via either cURL or fopen. By default, the plugin tries cURL first and then falls back on fopen. In cases where cURL fails, but with a long timeout, you can use method="fopen" in the shortcode to bypass cURL. This can significantly improve page load times for calendars that experience this issue with cURL receiving an HTTP 500 error from the calendar server.

6.4.1 – 2021.01.15

  • Added r34ics_url_get_contents_customize_curl_options filter (accepts one parameter $conn, being the handle for the cURL connection) to allow customization/overrides of plugin’s default settings for the cURL connection used to retrieve the ICS feed with the r34ics_url_get_contents() function.
  • Modified conditions in r34ics_url_get_contents() for fallback to using fopen if cURL fails: failure might return some content, which the function previously interpreted as success. Now any time the HTTP response code is 400 or higher (indicating an error), the function will use fopen functions as a fallback. (This is specifically to address a rare condition where a server might return an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on our cURL requests, but not with an fopen request.) Note: This is a partial fix for this issue; while it seems to resolve the problem of the calendar not loading at all, it still may require the request to timeout on the calendar server, causing the page to take 30 seconds or more to load. It is strongly recommended that you do not use the reload="true" option except for testing purposes.

6.4.0 – 2020.12.26

  • Modified mobile version of month view to only display “Show past events” link on the current month.
  • Minor refactoring of today’s date variables in month and week views.
  • i18n: Added translation files for “Deutsch (Sie)” (German, Germany, formal) and “Deutsch (Schweiz, Du)” (German, Switzerland, informal). – 2020.12.11

  • Made color key 100% width on phone breakpoint.

6.3.2 – 2020.12.11

  • i18n: Refactored R34ICS::days_of_week() method to use WP_Locale “get” methods, instead of retrieving properties directly.
  • i18n: Modified R34ICS::days_of_week() method to always output full day names in Arabic. (We have been informed that WP core translations for WP_Locale::get_weekday_initial() return values are incorrect in Arabic.)
  • Refactored data array for multi-day events, in preparation for a future update that will concatenate multi-day events into a single entry in list view.
  • Fixed minor bug where last day of all-day, multi-day events was being labeled ‘middle’ instead of ‘last’. (May not have actually impacted any noticeable functionality.)
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.6. – 2020.12.06

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the current month from appearing if the first event in a feed is in a future month/year.
  • Switched logic for startdate="today" to using wp_date() function instead of PHP date() function to avoid a potential timezone issue. – 2020.12.05

  • Slight adjustment to jQuery selector for color key toggles. (Fixes issue with grid view in Pro version.)
  • (Hotfix) Updated readme.txt documentation.

6.3.1 – 2020.12.04

  • Introduced r34ics_filter_the_content() function to eliminate our possibly erroneous (and definitely conflicting) use of the_content filter.

6.3.0 – 2020.12.02

  • Fixed missing $first_ts variable in week view under certain conditions.
  • Added r34ics_color_text4bg() to dynamically set a text color that is optimal over a given background color.
  • Updated r34ics_hex2rgba() with new output options (needed for new r34ics_color_text4bg() function).
  • Added r34ics_display_calendar_color_set filter.

6.2.5 – 2020.11.28

  • Coded event links that are on the same domain not to open in a new window/tab. (Off-site links still open in a new window/tab as before.)
  • Minor code cleanup. – 2020.11.10

  • Fixed bug that prevented tz from working properly if only one timezone was set. (Would default to local WordPress timezone setting.)
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.5.3.

6.2.4 – 2020.11.03

  • Added “compact” option for monthnav.

6.2.3 – 2020.10.30

  • Slightly revised color palette to match named HTML colors.
  • Added better error handling if feed URL is invalid or other errors are present in the shortcode that prevent loading the feed.
  • Refactored r34ics_url_get_contents() function. Removed useless stream_get_contents() condition; increased CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS from 3 to 5; other minor adjustments.
  • Added translations of custom PHP error messages.

6.2.2 – 2020.10.28

  • Refactored attachment data handling changes from v. 6.2.1 (moved into R34ICS::parse_attach_array() method and added proper URL filtering with filter_var().
  • Removed R34ICS::carbon_path property as ICS Parser library has become Carbon independent.
  • Updated code comments to reduce wheel reinvention propensities.

6.2.1 – 2020.10.27

  • Added event titles and times into event details hover block on month and week views, added content filtering on event details, and increased default width of hover block.
  • Improved handling of inconsistently formatted organizer data.
  • Improved validation and sanitizing of attachment data, with a basic check to prevent display of any attachments that do not contain a full URL. (We have found some feeds may contain local system/network file paths in the attachment field.)
  • Added implicit use of start date as end date for events that do not explicitly specify an end date. All events in a feed should have DTEND set but we have observed instances where they do not. (Fixes “Undefined property: ICal\Event::$dtend_array in …ics-calendar/class-r34ics.php on line 400/line 411” PHP notices.) – 2020.10.26

  • Minor CSS fix.
  • Updated information in the readme file.
  • New banner image for WordPress plugin directory.

6.2.0 – 2020.10.23

  • Added monthnav attribute with options of select, arrows or both to choose how user navigates through months (month view only).
  • Added “Show past events”/”Hide past events” toggle in month view on mobile breakpoint (month view only).
  • Corrected documentation for default behavior when limitdays is not set.
  • Refactored jQuery interactive elements to better support multiple ICS Calendars on one page.
  • Removed @todo comment regarding refactoring how views iterate through dates. – 2020.10.22

  • Further refinements to tz parameter and timezone handling to avoid fatal errors if site does not have a timezone set and to default to WP timezone string instead of null if tz is not specified. – 2020.10.21

  • Reworked r34ics_get_feed_tz() to prevent thrown exceptions on an invalid timezone string. Added r34ics_is_valid_tz() function for support.
  • Fixed syntax error in r34ics_organizer_format() function.

6.1.2 – 2020.10.21

  • Changed condition for toggle event description excerpts so it can be used in pro and custom templates.
  • Fixed URL-encoded character output that may appear in event organizer names.
  • Changed r34ics_get_feed_tz() to using timezone_open() instead of new DateTimeZone to easily handle exceptions.
  • Updated i18n translation files with additional text strings. Added translations for Danish and Korean. Added localized translation versions for Austria, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland. If you are interested in helping improve the accuracy of these machine translations please email us at support@room34.com.

6.1.1 – 2020.10.21

  • Added data-feed-color attribute to events to make color-based CSS customizations easier.
  • Used data-feed-color to remove unnecessary padding on events without a color background.
  • Added proper handling of empty color settings on multi-feed calendars.
  • Miscellaneous CSS refinements.

6.1.0 – 2020.10.20

  • Added legendstyle parameter with value options of “block” (default), “inline” or “none”. Will eventually replace legendinline parameter, which is functionally equivalent to legendstyle="inline".
  • Added legendposition parameter with value options of “above” (default) or “below”. Determines whether legend is displayed above or below the calendar itself.

6.0.0 – 2020.10.10

  • Refactored parsing of event dates and times to properly adjust for site’s local time zone. (Plugin previously used the feed’s embedded time zone with no adjustments.) IMPORTANT: This change may cause a time zone shift in your existing calendars if your WordPress time zone setting is incorrect or differs from the feed’s time zone. Be sure to check Settings > General > Timezone in your WordPress configuration, or use the new tz parameter (see below).
  • Added new tz parameter to allow overriding the site’s default time zone on an individual calendar. (See admin page for usage instructions.)
  • Bumped ICS Parser library to v. 2.1.20, which removes Carbon library dependency… and its own numerous dependencies. (Reduced this plugin’s overall weight by 82% by removing ICS Parser library’s vendor folder entirely, as ICS Parser’s dependencies are now only required for development on the library itself.) – 2020.10.06

  • Added CSS position and z-index properties to select dropdown and adjacent container to fix issue where select dropdown may be inaccessible due to default z-index stacking order. – 2020.09.25

  • Fixed incorrect variable name in two curl_setopt() calls added in version 5.10.0.

5.10.0 – 2020.09.23

  • Improved handling of 301 and 302 redirects in feed URLs and debugger details around URL retrieval.

5.9.2 – 2020.09.11

  • Added “Show/hide all” toggle checkbox on color key when the calendar is displaying 5 or more feeds.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added version check when enqueuing plugin’s JavaScript file.
  • Bumped “Tested up to” to 5.5.1.

5.9.1 – 2020.08.20

  • Added r3417_event_description_html_filter, r3417_event_label_html_filter and r3417_event_sublabel_html_filter filters to allow modification of event information display on a per-event basis. Used by the new Regular Expressions feature in “Pro” version.
  • Updated admin user guide with Developer documentation for the r34ics_display_calendar_filter_ics_data filter.
  • Updated admin sidebar with new information about the Pro version. – 2020.08.17

  • Modified logic for identifying all-day events to search for T000000 in datetime strings instead of T000000Z. (This change resolves an issue in at least one test case but may require further review. Please submit a support ticket if you are seeing new issues with all-day events.)

5.9.0 – 2020.08.17

  • Added r34ics_display_calendar_filter_ics_data filter to allow external filtering of ICS data prior to display.
  • Added link to live preview in readme.txt.
  • Bumped tested up to version to 5.5.

5.8.1 – 2020.07.15

  • Added r34ics_display_calendar_exclude_event filter to allow custom theme/plugin code to determine whether or not each event should be excluded from display. Note: This filter runs on the loop that parses events. Avoid redundant or processor-heavy logic in uses of the filter. (For example, if a query is being run, execute it outside of the filter and pass its results into the filter as global variable.)
  • Added customoptions attribute to shortcode. This attribute will never be used directly within the core ICS Calendar plugin, but may be used in ICS Calendar Pro or in customizations/add-ons to pass additional data into the shortcode for use within filters. Developers are advised to use the pipe delimiter to separate multiple discrete options within this attribute value, as the plugin will explode this option into an array on the pipe character.
  • Updated documentation. – 2020.07.10

  • Added missing input parameter to current_time() call in R34ICS::first_dow() method to resolve a fatal error that may occur in rare cases.
  • Changed jQuery in week view from using .show() and .hide() methods to using .css('display','table-row') to prevent layout issues with certain themes. – 2020.07.01

  • Added conversions of am/pm into their Greek equivalents in r34ics_time_format() function when site language is set to Greek. – 2020.06.30

  • Added value for CURLOPT_CAINFO in r34ics_url_get_contents() function for sites that are experiencing errors related to verifying peers. See this Stack Overflow post for more details.
  • Extended show/hide logic from v. to month headers in list view. – 2020.06.26

  • Modified jQuery for list view filters to hide day labels when all events scheduled for that day are hidden. – 2020.06.24

  • Fixed bug on week view that would cause the time on filtered-out events to continue displaying when the events themselves were hidden. – 2020.06.24

  • Changed HTML tags for .ics-calendar-VIEW-wrapper elements from div to article to work around glitch affecting at least week view when the color key is displayed. (Issue with use of :first-of-type selector.) – 2020.06.17

  • Added option to use pipes as the delimiter between multiple URLs and colors instead of spaces, to resolve an apparent conflict with the HivePress plugin that was causing the url attribute of the shortcode to be blanked out when used on a HivePress listing. – 2020.06.17

  • Fixed handling of an empty or irretrievable URL. No longer allows one empty URL to cause the entire calendar to fail when multiple URLs are provided.

5.8.0 – 2020.06.11

  • Bumped ICS Parser library to v. 2.1.19. (Core now incorporates my fix in src/ICal/ICal.php, line 1692.)
  • Added “Object moved” to set of values for detecting a URL rewrite. – 2020.05.16

  • Added missing documentation for feedlabel parameter.

5.7.2 – 2020.05.05

  • Added legendinline option to display color key legend as an inline list instead of stacked.
  • Encapsulated dynamic feed color CSS into r34ics_feed_colors_css() function and removed redundant code from each template file. – 2020.04.13

  • Minor CSS fix on color key checkbox alignment.
  • Bumped tested up to version to 5.4. – 2020.03.23

  • Removed unused Block Editor stub code to prevent WordPress plugin directory from falsely indicating Block Editor support. Sites can continue to use the shortcode with the Block Editor.

5.7.1 – 2020.03.22

  • i18n translation updates.
  • Corrected smart quote formatting on User Guide page.
  • Fixed admin page tabbing jQuery to apply to in-page links only. – 2020.03.12

  • Updated admin documentation page. No functionality changes from version 5.7.0.

5.7.0 – 2020.03.10

  • Fully removed all code related to deprecated tzoffset and tzignore parameters.
  • Added .multi-feed CSS class for future customizations of calendar display with multiple feeds.
  • CSS refinements. – 2020.03.10

  • Added necessary $args parameter to R34ICS::color_key_html() method to allow for conditional logic based on shortcode parameters.

5.6.1 – 2020.03.10

  • Added array of URLs to general $ics_data array to allow for easier manipulation.
  • Added r34ics_color_key_html_after_feed_title action to new R34ICS::color_key_html() method.

5.6.0 – 2020.03.09

  • Changed default transient expiration value from 10 minutes to 1 hour for better caching performance.
  • Added skiprecurrence option to omit instances of recurring events. Use of this setting is discouraged in most cases, as it will prevent recurring events from displaying; however it may be useful in cases with extremely large calendars, if recurrences are not needed.
  • Added checkboxes to show/hide events from individual calendars with color code key if present; encapsulated color code key logic/display in R34ICS::color_key_html() method. Moved color code keys above calendar for improved usability.
  • Minor CSS improvements for more consistent display across different themes.

5.5.1 – 2020.03.03

  • Improved support for recursively following feed URLs that may return a 301 or 302 status code (redirect).
  • Improved performance and reduced potential for out-of-memory errors on feeds with a large amount of data, by using ICS Parser library’s date filtering settings.
  • Added some conditional logic (including a modification to the ICS Parser library) to avoid PHP warnings when certain data is missing in the feed, involving recurrence and/or DTEND being formatted differently than DTSTART.
  • Additional debugger output, including ICS Parser date filter values and peak server RAM usage while parsing.
  • Removed some unused (commented-out) code.
  • Changed hardcoded transient expiration value to a stored setting. – 2020.03.01

  • Fixed bad path for sidebar include on admin page.

5.5.0 – 2020.02.28

  • Added new attach parameter to allow handling of attachments independent of eventdesc. Possible values are true, false, image and download. If omitted or blank, attachments will be displayed if eventdesc is true, as before. If set to image, only image attachments will be displayed. If set to download only download-type attachments will be displayed.
  • Modified layout for list view to display attached images right-aligned and reduced in size. This can be further modified to suit your needs by customizing .ics-calendar .event .descloc .attach_float in your CSS.
  • Adjusted margins and line height settings event descriptions for better readability.

5.4.1 – 2020.02.27

  • Added admin notice and documentation regarding incorrect display times after Daylight Saving Time begins. (Be sure WordPress is using a city-based timezone setting, not a UTC offset.)
  • Fixed bug in pastdays calculations in list and month view. – 2020.02.24

  • Rolled back changes to r34ics_boolean_check() until issues with the new logic can be resolved.

5.4.0 – 2020.02.20

  • Refactored r34ics_boolean_check() function to leverage core PHP filter_var() function.
  • Wrote logic (not yet implemented, pending further tests) to automatically replace http:// with https:// in feed URLs.
  • Added r34ics_display_calendar_range_start and r34ics_display_calendar_range_start filters.
  • Bumped ICS Parser library to v. 2.1.17.

5.3.0 – 2020.02.09

  • Added new CSS classes and updated jQuery scope to mitigate possible functionality conflicts when multiple calendars are displayed on one page.
  • Removed extraneous slashes in paths that use plugin_dir_path() function.
  • Added text color to select menus to resolve issue in some browsers when page text color is white.

5.2.9 – 2020.02.03

  • Added error handling for shortcodes with empty/missing URL.
  • Minor CSS adjustments.
  • Improved r34ics_boolean_check() function’s handling of string input.

5.2.8 – 2020.01.22

  • Added experimental skip parameter for use in conjunction with count in list view. (Presently undocumented, as functionality may change.)

5.2.7 – 2020.01.21

  • Added formatmonthyear parameter to customize formatting of month/year headers, dropdown menus, etc. – 2020.01.19

  • Reorganized admin template file structure.

5.2.6 – 2020.01.18

  • Additional hooks for template manipulation in Pro version. – 2020.01.17

  • Fixed bug that was preventing support sidebar from appearing on admin screen. – 2020.01.15

  • Fixed bug that was displaying event start time (from first day) on last day of multi-day events. – 2020.01.13

  • Updated new time format function with support for European-style formats with “h” and “min”/”m”.
  • Changed default fallback time format from “His” to “H:i”.

5.2.5 – 2020.01.12

  • Continued work to resolve persistent time calculation issues for various users by replacing time display formatting that relies on PHP or WordPress functions, all of which apply timezone calculations to a timestamp, with a simple custom function that assumes the time string provided is already the correct time and just formats it for display based on the desired format string. Defaults to WordPress Time Format setting if a custom format is not provided.

We are actively working to resolve these time display issues for all plugin users worldwide. Please contact us at support@room34.com if you are encountering any issues, and we will work with you to find a resolution. – 2020.01.09

  • Replaced all instances of PHP mktime() function with gmmktime() to prevent display date/month label miscalculations due to differences between server timezone and UTC.

Additional background information about this issue and the difficulty in troubleshooting it: If all date-handling functions are not using the same timezone offset, date/month labels might occasionally be “off by one” as a result of the difference between the server’s timezone and UTC. These miscalculations only occur during the hours of the day when the local timezone’s current date is different than the current date in UTC.

The problem occurs for as many hours in the day as local time is offset from UTC. East of UTC, it occurs after midnight, and west of UTC, before midnight. So, for example, in the “Asia/Tokyo” timezone, it happens between midnight and 9 AM. In the “America/Chicago” timezone (where this plugin is developed), it occurs between 7 PM and midnight (during Daylight Saving Time). Because most of the development work on the plugin has been during the day, the problem has not often been observable in troubleshooting.

Recent updates to the plugin have been focused on moving all date calculations into using UTC for consistency, but in several places, mktime() (which uses local server time) was being used in combination with other functions (like the WordPress wp_date() function) that were using UTC. By switching all instances of mktime() to gmmktime(), this issue should now be resolved.

5.2.4 – 2020.01.08

  • Added hidealldayindicator parameter.
  • Updated admin User Guide content.

5.2.3 – 2020.01.07

  • Added r34ics_empty_content() function for checking HTML strings for the presence of actual content. (Tests string by stripping spaces, non-breaking spaces, and all HTML except media tags.)
  • Added r34ics_empty_content() checks on some output methods to avoid rendering empty hover boxes. – 2020.01.06

  • Fixed bug that would prevent event descriptions (eventdesc) from displaying when set to "true".

5.2.2 – 2020.01.04

  • Fixed display of empty hover box on calendar events that have no description content.
  • Fixed logic limiting eventdesc excerpts to list view.
  • Changed handling of event description excerpts in list view from tooltip (which could not contain HTML formatting) to click-to-expand in the main body.
  • Changed positioning of month view event description hover boxes to mitigate issue of being partially hidden if a container element has overflow: hidden set.
  • Fixed a minor CSS issue with list view and color blocks in some themes.
  • Updated admin documentation regarding use of toggle parameter. (Now deprecated in favor of the new eventdesc excerpt handling.

5.2.1 – 2020.01.04

  • Fixed bug with eventdesc not shortening to an excerpt when an integer value is provided.
  • Fixed bug with HTML entities in event titles rendering as code instead of the correct characters.

5.2.0 – 2020.01.03

  • Added new pastdays option to allow previous months’ events to appear.
  • Removed less frequently used options from Add ICS Calendar admin overlay to streamline UX.

5.1.1 – 2020.01.01

  • Standardized base color palette and updated CSS.
  • Fixed version numbering discrepancy.

5.0.2 – 2019.12.31

  • Minor formatting adjustments to Add ICS Calendar insertion overlay.
  • Added feedlabel parameter. (Currently undocumented, as usage may change.)
  • Added shortcode input arguments to debugger output.
  • Fixed issue with default date display format on week view. – 2019.12.31

  • Corrected formatting of day labels using $wp_locale.
  • Refactored elements of admin pages for compatibility with changes in Pro version.

5.0.1 – 2019.12.31

  • Fixes critical issue with 5.0.0 that may cause some date labels to display one day earlier than the correct date.
  • Switched R34ICS::days_of_week() method to using global $wp_locale object instead of manual translations and removed day names from i18n files.

5.0.0 – 2019.12.30

  • Bumped WordPress requirement to 5.3 and PHP requirement to 7.0.0. WordPress requirement is due to the use of the new wp_date() function to replace date_i18n(). PHP requirement is because most actively supported OSes now ship with at least PHP 7.0.
  • Replaced all uses of date_i18n() with wp_date() (if translations are needed for display) or PHP date() function (if dates are being formatted for processing only). Currently also using date() to format time-only display, due to issues on certain servers with redundant timezone offset adjustments when using wp_date().
  • Added r34ics_date_format() and r34ics_hour_format() functions for improved i18n support.
  • Removed tzignore and tzoffset functionality due to unreliable results. These parameters are now ignored. All events are displayed at the time determined by the timezone for the overall feed or the individual event. An arbitrary timezone offset feature will be added back in a future version.
  • Redesigned admin User Guide screen and added a full list of all available shortcode parameters.

4.7.2 – 2019.12.28

  • Switched to local WordPress time zone rather than UTC for events that do not explicitly include a time zone (“float” times).
  • Refactored logic around start/end time calculations, “float” times and manual offsets.
  • Fixed a logic error that would carry over one feed’s tzoffset setting into the next feed, if it didn’t have its own, for shortcodes with multiple feed URLs.
  • Removed time calculation workaround logic that appears redundant with the most recent ICS Parser library update. This may have resulted in a “double calculation” of time offsets relative to UTC if both tzoffset and tzignore were set.
  • Fixed a bug in calculating displayed start and end times that was not reading the event’s year properly.
  • Corrected some minor CSS omissions due to classes present in our default test theme.
  • Updated User Guide page and help messages on Add ICS Calendar insertion overlay.

4.7.1 – 2019.12.19

  • Added columnlabels attribute to allow use of abbreviated day names in column headers on month and week views.
  • Refactored logic around using custom or default calendar titles and descriptions; changed preferred value for suppressing defaults from none to false.
  • Refactored r34ics_boolean_check() function.
  • Updated admin documentation with notes on the use of general WordPress settings for language, date and time formats, and first day of week.

4.7.0 – 2019.12.17

  • Updated ICS Parser library to latest version (2.1.16) which may resolve some fatal errors on certain Google Calendar feeds.
  • Updated some formatting and added ICS Calendar Pro beta sign-up link on ICS Calendar admin user guide page.
  • Modified shortcode output to not execute on admin pages, for performance and to prevent any fatal errors in the output from causing editing screens not to load. (This change may need to be reversed in the future when full Block Editor support is implemented.)
  • Updated “Tested up to” to version 5.3.1.

4.6.2 – 2019.12.12

  • Refactored logic for determining date range to force future empty months to display when limitdays is set and to improve performance.
  • Added missing admin documentation for the color attribute.
  • Added .multiday_first, .multiday_middle and .multiday_last CSS classes to customize appearance of events spanning multiple days.
  • Fixed PHP warning if feed is empty.
  • Changed debug output in footer from a closure to a named function.
  • Updated “Tested up to” to version 5.3.

4.6.1 – 2019.11.25

  • Added CSS box-sizing: border-box on all elements inside .ics-calendar for more consistent layout.
  • Fixed bug that may prevent list view (and possibly the others) from showing the correct range of events, by adjusting scope of dates initially considered by the parser.

4.6.0 – 2019.11.18

  • Added linktitles attribute to make event titles into clickable links if the event contains a URL.
  • Refactored logic for displaying event labels (titles) and sublabels into class methods. – 2019.11.01

  • Modified .no_phone and .phone_only classes to override conflicts in some themes. This is a temporary solution that will be improved upon in a future version.
  • Added aria-hidden="true" attributes to date values that were changed in version 4.4.1 to prevent redundant date descriptions in screen readers.

4.5.0 – 2019.11.01

  • Fixed bug that prevented week view from showing events from the previous month when a new month begins during the current week. (Adjusted date range of initial parser run.)
  • Refactored time zone logic so tzoffset works properly and can be used in conjuction with tzignore to override the feed’s time zone data. (Previously tzoffset only worked if the feed did not contain any time zone data.)
  • Added support for multiple tzoffset values (space-delimited) for calendars that include multiple feed URLs and need to use a different time zone setting for each feed.

4.4.1 – 2019.11.01

  • Added support for the format attribute in the mobile breakpoint only for month and week views. (Already supported in list view.)
  • Updated “Tested up to” to 5.2.4. – 2019.10.07

  • Changed CSS class for toggle attribute to work around third-party plugin conflicts.
  • Fixed PHP notice that may occur if events in feed don’t have an ATTACH array.

4.4.0 – 2019.10.01

  • Added maskinfo option to hide event details (e.g. for vacation rental availability).
  • Updated admin User Guide page with additional resource links and updated information about the upcoming Pro version.

4.3.1 – 2019.09.30

  • Added support for attachments in event descriptions. Images will be displayed inline; PDFs will be download links. For security purposes, other file formats are not supported at this time. (As with URLs, these will be included automatically when eventdesc="true" is set.)
  • Removed commented-out workaround code.

4.3.0 – 2019.09.27

  • Refactored and streamlined ICS event parsing code.
  • Encapsulated event detail HTML in new R34ICS::event_description_html() method for cleaner template code.
  • Added support for URLs in events (included in output when eventdesc="true" is set, rather than as its own parameter).
  • Added jQuery to open offsite links in a new tab. (Can’t be added to the HTML directly because it relies on the core WordPress make_clickable() function.) – 2019.09.25

  • Modified r34ics_url_get_contents() to convert ampersand entities in URL to plain ampersands.

4.2.0 – 2019.09.23

  • Added organizer option to display organizer information if included in the feed.
  • Added support for startdate to all views.
  • Fixed bug preventing description/location/organizer data from displaying in list view when toggle is off.
  • Refactored Add ICS Calendar button/overlay to work with multiple WYSIWYG editors, including those with delayed initialization (e.g. Advanced Custom Fields).
  • Moved debugger CSS to separate file that only loads for site admins.
  • Added hooks to admin Add ICS Calendar overlay.
  • Miscellaneous admin CSS/JS debugging and refactoring.

4.1.4 – 2019.09.23

  • Per multiple support requests, reversed order of location and description in all views.
  • Modified color calculation function to increase opacity of “highlight” color. – 2019.09.22

  • Fixed issue with conditional for color key below calendars, to avoid a PHP warning that was appearing when no colors are set.

4.1.3 – 2019.09.21

  • Corrected code for custom limitdays value to calculate starting from calendar’s first event date rather than the current date and subtracted 1 from calculated value to account for the first date.
  • Broke out r34ics_hex2rgba() as separate function.
  • Included additional fields in parsed event data for display manipulation in Pro version.
  • Updated hooks for Pro version.

4.1.2 – 2019.09.18

  • Added bypassworkaround="true" option to allow users to test bypassing some existing workarounds for time zone calculation errors in ICS Parser that may no longer be needed. If you are finding issues with time calculations, especially around switching into/out of Daylight Saving Time, please add this parameter to your shortcode and let us know in the WordPress support forum if it is helpful.
  • Modified handling of limitdays parameter. When set, it now applies a hard end date for the display range, rather than ending at the date of the last event in the feed.

4.1.1 – 2019.09.18

  • Added missing documentation of the tzoffset feature to the admin page.
  • Fixed broken month layout for months ending on a Sunday when site’s “Week starts on” value is set to a day other than Sunday.

4.1.0 – 2019.09.16

  • Added nomobile option to shortcode to block the standard functionality of displaying month and week views as lists on mobile. This feature should only be used if you will be writing your own CSS to improve the cramped display of the grid on mobile. Basic instructions on how to do this are included on the admin page. Additional notes: 1) This feature involves a CSS change, so you may need to clear your cache before you will see the change on the front end of your site. 2) This is intended as a simple workaround option for the free version of the plugin. Additional views are planned for the upcoming pro version, including an enhanced mobile display option for month and week views.

4.0.2 – 2019.09.15

  • Fixed issue with jQuery on admin page that may have been conflicting with other plugins’ admin pages (e.g. Postie).
  • Skipped version 4.0.1 due to misnumbering error in previous update. – 2019.09.13

  • Fixed issue with data-dow values not resetting to 0 on Sunday on fill cells at end of month view grid if site’s Start of week value is set to a day other than Sunday.
  • Updated “Tested up to” version to 5.2.3.

4.0.0 – 2019.09.12

Updates in this new version are primarily focused on preparing to support the new Pro version currently in development. The Pro version is designed as an add-on to the free version, so the free version will continue to receive ongoing enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Added conditional loading of ICS Parser library dependencies.
  • Added hooks to support Pro add-on.
  • Changed capabilities requirement to view admin page.
  • Reorganized admin navigation with dedicated menu item.

3.3.1 – 2019.09.09

  • Added startdate="today" option.
  • Modified logic for displaying color key, so it only appears if there are multiple calendars in the display.

3.3.0 – 2019.08.12

  • Refactored main ICS Parser call to pass date range restrictions into the parser rather than limiting the range after parsing, for better performance.
  • Updated ICS Parser library to version 2.1.13. This was done mainly to resolve a bug with how the previous version of the library (2.1.9) handled weekly recurrences with an interval greater than 1. (This version of the library reverts to allowing Carbon 1.3.9 or greater as well as 2.0 or greater; we have avoided Carbon version 2.0 due to its very large number of new dependencies causing instability in our builds.) We have not updated any of the dependencies.
  • Overhauled debugger output details and interface elements.
  • Additional notes on the experimental color attribute: You can hide or modify the Key that appears below the calendar using these CSS classes: .ics-calendar-color-key for the outer container; .ics-calendar-color-key-label for the word “Key” (not yet included in the translation files), and .ics-calendar-color-key-item for the color items themselves; use .ics-calendar-color-key-item[data-feed-key="n"] to alter individual items. (Replace “n” with the number of the item in the list, starting with 0.)
  • Added release dates to version number headers in readme.txt.
  • Hotfix: Fixed CSS so month/week grids always fill the container.
  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that would cause the new debugger output to appear on all pages (for site admins only).
  • Hotfix: Changed date formats passed into new ICal::eventsFromRange() call from r to Y/m/d for better international compatibility.

3.2.2 – 2019.08.12

Note: This is a minor “housecleaning” update that does not add any new features or bug fixes.

  • File structure clean-up: split class-r34ics.php and functions.php out from main ics-calendar.php file.
  • Added Additional Resources links on admin page.
  • Swapped in new Room 34 logo. – 2019.08.11

  • Fixed bug that would prevent fixed start dates from working if they are in the past.
  • Fixed minor logic issues with new experimental color attribute that may cause the color key to appear when no colors are set. (Note: The feature still currently supports an unequal number of calendars and colors, meaning some calendars might not have a color, or some colors may appear in the key even though they are not assigned to a calendar.) Also fixed issue that would prevent calendar names from appearing in the key if a color was not assigned to it.

3.2.1 – 2019.08.09

  • Added CSS word hyphenation to prevent long words from running outside day blocks in the calendar grid. This is especially important for text in German. (Previous versions just hid the overflow; we needed to turn on overflow: visible in 3.2.0 to allow the hover blocks that replaced tooltips.
  • Improved debugging messages.
  • Added scope to all properties of the R34ICS object.
  • Added experimental color attribute. This feature is not yet officially documented, but testing and feedback are welcome. Use color="#ffffff" or, if you have multiple URLs, enter multiple values in the color attribute, space-separated, and those colors will be applied in the same order as the URLs. You are setting the base color (the accent on the left edge). The highlight color behind the text is the same color with a 20% alpha transparency applied. (A full-featured color customizer tool is planned for inclusion in the upcoming Pro version.)

3.2.0 – 2019.08.06

  • Added “fixed week” capability (displaying an arbitrary date range up to 7 days) using the startdate and limitdays attributes.
  • Replaced tooltips on event hover with formatted HTML hover block.
  • Added function to apply make_clickable() in descriptions only if they do not already contain HTML. This function also applies html_entity_decode() to all parsed string output, as well as applying nl2br() if make_clickable() is being applied.
  • Changed “currentweek” view to “week” (retained “currentweek” for backwards compatibility).
  • Fixed logic sequence in loop to exclude out-of-range dates, for improved performance.
  • CSS refactoring. IMPORTANT CHANGE NOTE: If you have customized your CSS using the .eventdesc or .location classes, there is now a wrapper on those elements called .descloc; your customizations may need to be applied to that class instead.
  • Updated “Tested up to” to 5.2.2.

3.1.1 – 2019.06.24

  • Fixed issue in Firefox where calendar dropdown menu would not refresh if the page was reloaded.

3.1.0 – 2019.06.24

  • Added limitdays parameter to override default limit of 365 days.

3.0.0 – 2019.06.11

  • Added support for multiple calendars by including more than one URL, space-separated, in the url parameter. Known issue: Because the URLs are passed in together, any rules in other parameters will be applied to all calendars. This may present a problem if, for example, one calendar requires the tzignore parameter and another does not. These types of calendars should be considered “incompatible” at this time, and not combined into one display.
  • Miscellaneous refactoring.

2.3.0 – 2019.06.11

  • Added tzignore option to allow bypass of ICS Parser library’s time zone conversions, which fail in certain instances.
  • Added debugging option. (Requires Administrator role to view.)
  • Updated ICS Parser library to version 2.1.9. (Note: ICS Parser recommends updating the Carbon library as well, but the latest version adds a very large number of additional dependencies that make this plugin unstable.) – 2019.03.17

  • Added workaround to issue where an Outlook ICS URL might return a “Found” HTML link instead of an actual ICS feed.
  • Added code for Block Editor (coming in version 3.0 — not yet functional).

2.2.1 – 2019.03.05

  • Added toggle attribute to allow for event description/location display to be toggled on/off by clicking an event title. – 2019.03.05

  • Removed phone_only class from location information in list view.

2.2.0 – 2019.02.28

  • Modified transients to store parsed data instead of raw data, to improve performance for feeds with a large number of events.

2.1.4 – 2019.02.26

  • Fixed grid layout issues in month view if site’s Week Starts On value is set to a day other than Sunday.

2.1.3 – 2019.02.23

  • Fixed bug introduced in version 2.1.0 that prevented list view from displaying properly.

2.1.2 – 2019.02.22

  • Restructured logic for empty calendars so grid still displays when there are no events in a given period on month and current week views.

2.1.1 – 2019.02.21

  • Added “current week” as option in Add ICS Calendar editor button pop-up (Classic Editor only).
  • Fixed ampersand entities and escape backslashes in readme file.
  • Additional improvements to admin help page.

2.1.0 – 2019.02.21

  • Cleaned up FAQs.
  • Added new URL retrieval function that tries cURL and then falls back on file_get_contents.
  • Added full currentweek template with previous/this/next week selector. Deprecated currentweek option in favor of view="currentweek".
  • Added admin notice if allow_url_fopen is off and cURL is unavailable.
  • Added error handling if no ICS data was retrieved.
  • Improved layout of admin help page.
  • Minor refactoring.

2.0.5 – 2019.02.18

  • Added currentweek option to display just the current calendar week in the month grid style.

2.0.4 – 2019.02.04

(No updates — checked in new version number to correct issue with previous checkin.)

2.0.3 – 2019.02.04

  • Added object property for current plugin version.
  • Added current plugin version variable to enqueue stylesheet.

2.0.2 – 2019.02.04

  • Updated ICS loading to allow URLs using the webcal:// protocol. (Plugin automatically converts to https://.) Also updated instructions page to make it clearer that ICS URLs may not always have the .ics filename extension.
  • Updated CSS to allow any element to use the .phone_only class, not just tags. (Mainly affects the display of event descriptions in month view.)
  • Fixed issues with relative text sizes of various elements in month view.

Note: If your site was relying on the previous functionality, you can override the hidden .phone_only class by adding the following line of code in Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS:

.ics-calendar .phone_only { display: initial; }

2.0.1 – 2019.02.04

  • Fixed issue where events would not appear in the calendar if the ICS feed entry does not contain a DTEND value.

2.0.0 – 2019.01.22

  • Added Add ICS Calendar button to editor with visual tools for inserting shortcode into page. Notes: 1) Currently works only with Classic Editor plugin or in WordPress versions before 5.0. 2) Admin interface not yet translated for internationalization, although the output on the page will be translated as usual.

1.5.8 – 2019.01.21

  • Fixed an issue with some recurring all-day events not displaying as all-day after the initial instance.

1.5.7 – 2019.01.21

  • Added location display option.
  • Refactored some variables.
  • Added support for additional field display on all-day events.

1.5.6 – 2019.01.18

  • Added user_agent string before retrieving the ICS calendar feed, to address an issue where some sites such as Airbnb might return a 403 Forbidden error.

1.5.5 – 2019.01.18

  • i18n: Added Finnish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish translations. (Machine translations; may need some work. Please contact us with suggestions for improvement.)

1.5.4 – 2019.01.18

  • Added description display to month view on phone breakpoint.
  • CSS text formatting adjustments (improved text scaling on phones; removed letter-spacing).

1.5.3 – 2019.01.18

  • i18n: Fixed bug that caused day/date in list view to always display in English.
  • Added showendtimes option to always display the end time instead of only displaying on hover.
  • Added eventdesc option to show event descriptions, with an optional word count limit.

1.5.2 – 2018.12.28

  • i18n: Added Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Greek, Hungarian and Japanese translations.

1.5.1 – 2018.12.28

  • Modified list view to only show events on or after the current date. (Previously showed all events for the current month, including past dates.)

1.5.0 – 2018.12.06

  • Added list view with related options.
  • Added option to hide times.
  • Modified display of non-“all day” events that span across multiple days for clarity.
  • Fixed issue with times displaying in GMT if ICS file is missing time zone offset information.
  • Fixed bug with title=”none” and description=”none” options.
  • Added a workaround for an unresolved issue that may cause All-Day events to appear between 9 AM and 10 AM instead of at beginning of day.
  • Updated transient to cache raw ICS file data instead of processed data; allowing modification of output without needing to force a reload of the ICS file from the server.

1.4.1 – 2018.11.19

  • Fixed translations that were not appearing properly.
  • Fixed bug in translation string format for multi-day events with start and end times.

1.4.0 – 2018.10.31

  • Refactored calendar loop to include months between the first and last month in the feed that do not have any events.
  • Replaced all calls to default PHP date() function with WordPress date_i18n() function to ensure proper formatting.
  • Added WordPress current_time() function to determination of today’s date to avoid time zone issues around midnight.
  • Fixed missing HTML tag when a feed returns no events.
  • Added ability to hide title and/or description with title=”none” or description=”none” in shortcode.
  • Added plugin icon.

1.3.0 – 2018.10.23

  • Added full i18n support.
  • Added these translations: German, English (Australia), English (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French, Portuguese (Brazil). (Note: All languages are machine-translated. Please contact us if you would like to assist in our translation efforts!)

1.2.1 – 2018.10.02

  • Added support for multi-day events. (Thanks to Henry Brink for identifying this issue and proposing a solution.) – 2018.09.20

  • Updated readme file for clarity.

1.2.0 – 2018.09.20

  • Fixed time zone error that was overcompensating for site’s offset from GMT. (The included third-party ICS Parser library apparently double-applies the time zone offset when time zone data is present in individual events.)
  • Added support for WordPress “Week Starts On” setting.
  • Moved events’ end time from direct display into tooltip on hover over start time, for cleaner appearance.
  • Inserted tag after any slashes in event label output, to prevent run-on lines overflowing table cells.
  • Added date limit to avoid memory issues with very large calendars. Currently hardcoded to 365 days, but will be a configurable option in version 2.0.
  • Added partial support for translations. Full language support coming in version 2.0.

1.1.4 – 2018.08.22

  • Added missing CSS class to display day of week in grid on phone layout only.

1.1.3 – 2018.07.27

  • Added support for localized time format.
  • Removed debugging code that would display for administrators in version 1.1.2.

1.1.2 – 2018.07.27

  • Ran composer update to fix missing dependencies in ics-parser library.
  • Removed recurrence handling code that was no longer needed with ics-parser library updates.

1.1.1 – 2018.07.26

  • Added handling for all-day events.
  • Added handling of multiple events with same start date/time.
  • Fixed start/end time bug affecting feeds that don’t include the time zone in every event.
  • CSS improvements.
  • Updated ics-parser library to version 2.1.4.

1.1.0 – 2018.07.26

  • Added explicit cell widths to CSS.
  • Added donation option to admin page.
  • Fixed bug that would cause all event end times to be 12:00am.
  • Removed unnecessary use of .siblings() jQuery method on month select dropdown.

1.0.1 – 2018.05.15

  • Added handling for empty calendars.
  • Updated “Tested up to” version.

1.0.0 – 2017.05.31

  • Initial release version.