IAKPress – Exam Quiz, Form Builder, Page Builder


IAKPress is a Drag-And-Drop form builder and page builder for wordpress.
IAKPress let you create secured and beautiful forms.
You can create contact forms, photo galleries, multi step forms, exam quizzes, showcase pages, ecommerce pages, ec.

IAKPress is and intuitive builder interface that is integrated in the wordpress editor.


You can test the PRO Version features by requesting a trial license key ==>

CSS Styling

With IAKPress you can use any wordpress theme to stylize your posts/forms.
You can also use the Bootstrap, Font Awesome or your own css classes to stylize your forms.

No Coding Need

With IAKPress you will never need to write any line of code to get your form or your page.
You are not also limited in types of content to create.
You can create from simple contact form to the most complex page for example a showcase page (even creating an ecommerce page is made possible by IAKPress).

Live Preview

IAKPress supports live preview.
As you are editing your form/page you can see the rendering.
It’s let you adjust your content quickly.

Actively developed

We are actively developing IAKPress with new features and enhances.
You can follow our github repository (comming soon) to get the last releases notes.

Useful Links

Plugin Website


  • IAKPress Editor
  • Contact Form On Image
  • Photo Gallery


  1. Go to Admin > Plugins -> Add New ->
  2. Search for IAKPress
  3. Install and Activate the plugin
  4. Go to the IAKPress menu
  5. Click on IAKPost, then Add
  6. Insert your form on a page or post using a shortcode [iakpost id=xy], Alternatively use <?php echo do_shortcode('[iakpost id=xy]') ; ?> in your template


31 maart 2020
I just tried the plugin. I confirm the plugin is very easy to use and has many features. I loved the live preview mode. Thanks.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“IAKPress – Exam Quiz, Form Builder, Page Builder” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Load CSS Styles only in Plugin Pages


  • Fix Dashboard CSS


  • Fix Save Form Button sometimes disabled


  • Edit Field Content in Modal Window


  • Clear Cache and Log Dirs on Plugin Update


  • Taxonomy Post Type : Handle your taxonomies with IAKPress


  • IAKPost Block Styling
  • Add new IAKPost Type : Custom Post Type to create wordpress custom post types
  • IAKPost Dashboard Update


  • Added IAKPost Gutenberg Block
  • Fix ChoiceList Edit
  • Fix IAKPost ShortCode Use in Gutenberg Editor
  • Enable LayoutBox for Photo Gallery Post Type


  • IAK Posts Dashboard Update
  • Fix Post Entry Edit in admin interface
  • Enable Entries Import for basic forms


  • Choice list items ordering feature
  • Multi-Step Form : fix get form fields
  • Enable modify of thumbnail image for gallery photos
  • Use per js bundle per post template


  • Bulk Import Options for Multiple-Choice Fields
  • Bulk Import Images for Photo Galleries
  • Autofocus first input field on form loaded
  • Featured Image for Multiple-Choice Fields


  • Optimize front js bundle size
  • Quiz Results Feature


  • Enhance Resource and Content Fields Rendering
  • Multi Step Form : automatic step transition
  • Fix Mail notification sending
  • Upgrade to wordpress 5.4.0


  • Photo Gallery : enable choose of thumbnail image from wp media


  • Fix Builder Refresh after form saved
  • Product Gallery Update


  • Create Product Gallery Forms


  • Enable testing of Advanced Forms and Gallery Photos in free version using a trial license key


  • Initial release