I don't like Spam!


Use the Comment Blocklist feature to protect your contact form.


This plugin is compatible with Ninja Forms and WPForms.


  • Not reinventing the wheel since WordPress already has a Comment Blocklist feature.
  • Privacy by Design by using a local blocklist.
  • No external API.


  • Login to the dashboard and open Settings > Discussion.
  • Scroll down to Disallowed Comment Keys.
  • Enter some bad words, phrases or weblinks that keep bugging you. Choose your blocklist wisely!
  • Contact forms that contain any of these words cannot be submitted anymore and will show an error message.
  • Optional: Modify the error message output in the Theme Customizer.

Fun fact

Spam emails are usually very annoying and affect work – and there is nothing funny about it. But did you know that the term Spam, referring to junk mail, was named after a famous Monty Python sketch?




  1. Upload the Plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add a list of bad words, phrases or weblinks that should prevent form submissions to the Comment Blocklist.


13 december 2022 1 reactie
I was a bit annoyed by continuous spam on a website with important traffic. The plugin is plug and play and use existing features of WP, which is good to avoid a bloated WP install. I don’t know why this plugin isn’t more used, as it works perfectly and easily.
13 juli 2020
My website has been smashed (thousands of submissions) for the last few days with “Canada Pharmacy” SPAM on a ninja form contact us form. Its been an ongoing problem for months and somehow they have gotten around reCaptcha and honey pots and any other thing I can throw in their way. I have spent countless hours deleting emails and stored records. I gave up and just turned off the form. This plugin has saved me! Ninja forms has some security problems, mainly allowing reCaptcha to be bypassed and all form validation is done client side. This plugin is a quick and simple solution to unwanted submissions using the existing WP spam filters.
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  • Tested up to WordPress 6.6
  • The Caldera Forms plugin has been closed by the developers – add a deprecated notice to the code


  • Code quality
  • Documentation


  • Prevent PHP error when checking field values
  • Code quality


  • Code quality


  • The option key changed after WordPress 5.5b3. Use option ‘disallowed_keys’ if WordPress version >=5.5 and implement recommended code snippet for backward compatibility.


  • Use option ‘blocklist_keys’ if WordPress version >=5.5


  • Improve pluginmissing_admin_notice()


  • Compatibility with Caldera Forms


  • “Racially neutral” terminology: Rename blacklist to blocklist where possible


  • Compatibility with WPForms
  • Minor changes to translation strings


  • Initial Release
  • Created a GitHub repository with all development sources