Handsome Testimonials & Reviews [Gutenberg Blocks]


Handsome Testimonials & Reviews lets you easily display attractive and eye catching testimonials on your site that evoke your customer’s trust, made easy with Handsome Testimonials & Reviews. Handsome Testimonials & Reviews gives you, the WordPress user, super-powers with the ability to magically create great looking testimonials right from the get-go. The plugin comes with modern testimonial designs that can be highly customized.

Good News! We just added the following Pro Features to the FREE version of Handsome Testimonials & Reviews

  • Star Ratings
  • Schema.org Rich Snippets support: rating average and summary in search engine results
  • Auto Rotate between Testimonials
  • List on Page in Custom Order (up to 10)
  • List or Rotate by Specific Category
  • Gutenberg support

Why Handsome Testimonials & Reviews? Here’s Why . . .

Don’t like to mess with shortcodes? No problem! Our Testimonial Designer lets you instantly change colors, font sizes, alignment, rounded corners, shadows, alignment, and so much more. Then use Gutenberg (or a shortcode if you really want) to display your testimonials on any page exactly as you like. Get things looking exactly the way you want it by seeing a live preview of your testimonial before inserting into the page.

  • Randomly Rotate between Testimonials with Each New Page Load
  • Easy Testimonial Creator & Customizer with live preview
  • Free Beautiful Designs
  • Easily add Testimonials to Sidebar Widgets using the Apps Widget
  • Change color of title, subtitle, body text
  • Change background color
  • Change font size of any text
  • Change image size and alignment
  • Add and adjust borders of any width and color
  • Add a shadow to a customer image
  • Choose round or square images
  • Choose rounded corners for borders
  • Specify width of testimonials
  • Align left, right, or center
  • Save testimonial settings and retrieve them to use in different area of the site
  • Testimonials Submission Form Pro Version, allowing happy customers to send you their reviews
  • Additional Stellar Designs Pro Version

More Designs Coming Soon!
We just released new designs for our Pro Version and plant to release many more soon!

Customizing Your Testimonials

Our Testimonial Designer will give you the ability to make the following customizations:

  • Design: Choose preset design
  • Image Shadow: Add a drop shadow
  • Image Size: Select image size
  • Image Alignment: Choose between left/right/center
  • Image Location: Display image before or after text in testimonials
  • Title Color: Change color of the title
  • Title Size: Change font size of title
  • Text Color: Change color of body text
  • Font Size: Change size of body text
  • Text Alignment: Choose between left/right/center to align text
  • Subtitle Color: Color of subtitle text
  • Subtitle Size: Font size of subtitle text
  • Subtitle Italics: Choose to make subtitles italic
  • Testimonial Border: Choose whether to have a border
  • Border Width: Set the thicknesses of the border if border is enabled
  • Border Color: Color of border
  • Background Color: Color of the background
  • Round Corners: Choose to enable round corners
  • Testimonial Width: Set the width
  • Testimonial Height: Set the height
  • Testimonial alignment: Choose between left/right/center to align blocks
  • Testimonial ID: Set the specific ID of the testimonials you’d like to display

Testimonials Are Crucial to Your Success

Social Proof is one of six principles of Influence. People are particularly susceptible to it when they’re feeling uncertain about a company or brand. When a potential customer lands on your site, how will they feel about your brand? Most website visitors don’t immediately trust a new brand. Hence the power of a great testimonial.

Good Looking Testimonials equal Good Looking Sales Reports.
Sorry, but it’s true! Having a positive testimonial that looks ugly or out of date can end up resulting in a net gain of zero! This is why we’ve worked hard to give you the ability to create beautiful testimonials in an instant.

A beautifully written and attractive looking testimonial from past happy customers reassures the potential customer that purchasing from your company is the right decision to make.

Why We Made Handsome Testimonials & Reviews.
Thoughtfully designed testimonials, that look good from the get-go and were easy to create, have been a struggle for many WordPress users. Until now. Handsome Testimonials & Reviews designs are modern, sheik and very customizable, right out of the box.

Support That Cares!

We get you want a great product backed by dedicated support team that cares. We are here to help you with any issues you encounter and help you display beautiful testimonials on your site you can feel proud of.

Need help? We’re a click away!


  • Easy Interface to Create Beautiful Testimonials with Live Preview (Admin Area)
  • Adding testimonials to a page/post using Gutenberg blocks
  • Customize colors for borders and all testimonial text (Design 1)
  • Choose orientation, portrait or landscape (Design 2)
  • Set width to either maximum or set a specific width (Design 1)
  • Use testimonial shortcodes in sidebar widgets
  • Design 3 - Vertical view (coming soon to free version)
  • Example of schema.org average of testimonial reviews shown on Google search for multiple testimonials listed on any page/post
  • Inserting a block using Gutenberg editor
  • General settings page with Custom CSS box
  • Advanced testimonial design options
  • Testimonial used by the Handsome Testimonials Gutenberg block is live previewed in the editor
  • Design 3 - Horizontal view (coming soon to free version)
  • List of all testimonials in the WP Admin
  • Creating/editing a customer testimonial
  • Schema.org settings page
  • Testimonial submission form (Pro only)
  • Design 4: Wavy (Pro only)
  • Design 5: Double-Quoted (Pro only)


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • Handsome Testimonial


  1. Install either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the Testimonials menu of your WordPress Administration area and add new testimonials
  4. Go to the Designs menu under Testimonial and customize the look of your testimonial(s). When finished, give the design a name and click Save Design button below the preview.
  5. In a page or post, insert a Handsome Testimonial block (with Gutenberg) and select your Saved Design from the dropdown. If using the Classic WordPress editor, click the Insert Testimonial button above, then select the Saved Design.


How do I change the displayed image size of the testimonial?

Go to Designs, Retrieve your Saved Design (bottom right), then go to Advanced Options on the left and change the setting: “Image Size” to an option that you prefer, or select “Specify(advanced)” to specify a specific size in pixels.

What if there’s something about how my testimonial that I want to change that’s beyond the settings provided?

Perhaps you want to make the text of your testimonial italic or bold or you want to change the margins of your testimonial. Simply find the specific CSS id tag of the testimonial on your page you wish to make changes to and add these CSS changes to Custom CSS box under General Settings. The easiest way to find the specific css id selector for the testimonial you want to change is by using the “developer” function of your browser or a browser extension such as Firebug.


28 maart 2021
Can't use standard built-in color palette The Style Designer has settings in a single narrow column, so you have to scroll down a lot to update the settings, then scroll back up to see the preview Therefore, this is simply very difficult to fine-tune. Can work well for those who just want to use the default style.
19 december 2016
For our (huge) WishListMember-powered site, GravityMember is the perfect solution. Ease of use gives peace of mind. Thanks for the great work!
3 september 2016
I've been searching for an awesome testimonial plugin for ages and came across Handsome apps by pure luck. The free version of the testimonial plugin is very easy to use and works very well with my theme version even though it isn't tested with this version. About to upgrade to the pro version.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Handsome Testimonials & Reviews [Gutenberg Blocks]” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added a new design: Design 3
  • Improved interface of Design settings page
  • Updated directory name


  • Fixed bugs related to displaying of template 2 in Design area as well as frontend
  • Enhanced testimonial Design page by ensuring that testimonial preview remains in place while settings are scrolled

2.1.0 – 2.1.5

  • Implemented security enhancements


  • Added maximum testimonials height option


  • Design page updated and italic subtitle feature fixed


  • Fixed issue preventing listing more than 10 testimonials on 1 page


  • Improved Gutenberg block insert user experience for WP 5.5 (less confusing)
  • Made cropping featured image default (vs. compressing proportionally which – previously default)
  • Improvements to Getting Started screen and updated FAQs


  • Fixed – CSS Settings Box Issue
  • Improved Guternberg Block instructions


  • Fixed PHP Warning: Division by zero in /includes/tst_shortcode.php on line 403


  • Added Schema.org support: Star ratings displayed in search engine results
  • Added Gutenberg support: insert saved testimonial design in any post type
  • Pro to Free Feature: List on Page in Custom Order
  • Pro to Free Feature: List or Rotate by Specific Category
  • Pro to Free Feature: Add Star Ratings


  • Disabled ability for testimonials to show up either in WordPress or search engine searches


  • Added ability to crop testimonial images instead of compression them according to equal proportions


  • Set single testimonial pages (custom post type) to noindex to prevent them from coming up in search engines. Testimonials are intended to be embedded in indexed pages/posts either directly or in widgets, not designed to be viewed as a single page.


  • Hid image width box when custom image width not selected for featured testimonial image


  • Fixed bug which displayed thumbnail image size instead of large images when large image selected
  • Adjusted shortcode generator layout slightly


  • Updated Admin messages
  • Bug fixes in general settings area


  • Updated Settings: replaced Feedback tab with Support tab
  • Changed email optin code
  • Replaced feedback tab with knowledge base feed in Settings


  • Updates to readme and directory listing


  • Improved Design Page
  • Clarified Language
  • Changed Plugin Name
  • Updated links from handsomeapps.io to ristrettoapps.com
  • Bug fixes


  • New Design menu page
  • Make the preview dialogue fixed when user scroll down
  • Update interface structure testimonial tab
  • Dialog col 2 “preview div” position fixed (centred)
  • Update Save Widget to Save Designs


  • New feature : Single Random testimonial


  • Fixed incompatibility issue with PHP 5.3 servers in settings page


  • CSS custom box added to the settings page
  • Yoast compatibility Fixed


  • Improved save and retrieve functionality for Widget Instances of testimonial settings
  • Updated Insert Testimonial Generator functionality and layout
  • Added admin area survey to get better feedback to improve plugin
  • Improved responsiveness of testimonials on mobile


  • Fixed bug which caused text widgets to display no content or to throw errors


  • Added Handsome Testimonial Widget for WP widget areas
  • Improved How to Use instruction page in Getting Started area


  • Added new free design
  • Added support for subtitle italics
  • Shortcode widget support
  • Added landscape mode
  • Added ability to float image to right or left
  • Fixed bug which prevented rich text in testimonial text


  • Added text alignment option
  • Added round/square testimonial image option
  • Updated default testimonial settings


  • Updated Help with typo fixes and separate FAQs


  • Fixed bug which through undefined variable when debug turned on


  • Added Insert Testimonial Shortcode user interface with live preview on page/post edit admin screens
  • Added Drag & Drop ordering to All Testimonials management screen in admin
  • Added Getting Started admin area with ability to send feedback and instructions for how to use plugin
  • Added screenshots + banner for WP Directory


  • Initial release. Includes testimonial manager and ability to display testimonials using shortcodes and arguments